What Is The Best Ecommerce Platform For Food Delivery?

The modern pace of life is very fast. Every day you have to solve dozens of tasks. Therefore, there is not always time to prepare tasty and healthy meals for the whole family. And sometimes, after a busy working day, there is neither the strength nor the desire to cook. But no one canceled the food. Where to find the time and energy to buy groceries? Everyone is helped by a universal service –- food delivery.

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That is why many food preparation businesses have increasingly begun to think about how to create a food delivery website that would help attract new customers, organize work more conveniently and open up new prospects for the business. And the first and also the most responsible step is always the choice of the eCommerce solution you will use. If you are not a specialist and are not sure that you can handle it on your own, then be sure to contact the professionals from IT Delight, who will provide all the necessary services not only with the choice of an eCommerce platform but also with the implementation of the best solution.

Well, let’s not delay too much — it’s time to start figuring out how to create a food delivery website, and we’ll start with existing models.

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What Are the Food Delivery Models?

Which model you choose before developing a website will directly affect its entire architecture. There are three following models:

  • The client is a restaurant. This is the most common option when your site is an intermediary between the client and the restaurant. In this case, the restaurant organizes the delivery on its own. In this case, most likely, you will receive from 7 to 15% of the income;
  • Customer — Restaurant — Courier. In this case, you will not only process orders but also deliver. This is beneficial for restaurants with a high volume of orders, as there is no need to hire a large number of couriers. And in this case, you get an additional opportunity to earn money, since the delivery price may be higher than the actual cost of services to the courier;
  • All in one place. This is the case when your business includes food preparation, food ordering services, and courier deliveries. This is the most independent type of food delivery business, but also the most expensive. It goes without saying that in this case, special equipment is simply needed: refrigerators, thermal bags, containers, etc., not to mention food delivery vehicles.
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Now that you are already familiar with food delivery models and have decided on the right one for your business, the next step is to choose the perfect eCommerce platform. This can be trickier than picking a food delivery model, but we’re here to help you figure it out.

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Choose a top platform for your food delivery website


It is a versatile digital platform designed specifically for your restaurant. With it, you can create any design for your website, create the best user experience for each customer using information from a centralized database, and turn ordinary visitors into loyal customers with built-in marketing tools, and scalable platform capabilities that will grow with your business.

You can design an online ordering storefront, attract and convert more customers with fast, hassle-free checkout, collect guest data and increase revenue with automated email campaigns and loyalty programs.

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Next on our list is an e-commerce platform that will help you organize your online food delivery. With it you will be able to:

  • First, create a new source of income through restaurant e-commerce (get a full online presence, expand your business and customer base);
  • Second: make an impression with an attractive and user-friendly design of your website (showcase your menu online and update the menu according to the season);
  • Increase the number of customers than ever before, adapting to a changing world and deliver food to customers wherever they dine (attract them with discounts and promotions, increase the delivery area, use Lightspeed reporting tools);
  • Last but not least, get the support you want.
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Flavor Plate

The next way on our list to create a user-friendly online food delivery website is with a smart, easy-to-use, low-cost website builder that makes it easy to create and manage a restaurant website.

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With it, you will get more income through online orders, attractive and thoughtful design from a professional team, ease of use regardless of your level of technical knowledge, many website templates optimized for mobile devices, and dedicated customer support.


It won’t be news to you if we say that Shopify is an impressive online platform. With its help, you can quickly create a menu that will look like it would be convenient for customers. They will be able to choose to buy with pickup or local delivery and even add a tip to the order.

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In addition to this, you can integrate your food delivery website with social networks, payment portals, etc.


Next on our list is an all-in-one platform for building an online food delivery website from your restaurant. With it, you can add a menu to your restaurant website and instantly start taking orders, selling gift cards, and more. You’ll have everything you need to manage inventory, process orders, and send emails. Impressive marketing is also provided: connect with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. SEO is built so search engines can find your site. Use real-time analytics to learn more about your customers.


And finally, our list is completed by an impressive e-commerce platform, with which many small restaurants and world leaders have been able to achieve considerable success. Let’s start with the fact that Magento is a mobile platform, which means you can easily create a mobile website with it. The platform also introduced the creation of progressive web applications, which makes Magento even more attractive.

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In addition, you can integrate various business systems into your site, with which you can simplify your workflow. This includes enterprise resource planning, point of sales, information management, customer relationship management, and much more.

Needless to say how important it is to rank at the top of the SERPs, which is why Magento provides many built-in SEO features to optimize titles, meta tags, and alt tags. Also, you don’t have to worry about design, because here you will find free and paid themes with which you can create an attractive design for your food delivery website.

Final Thoughts

The situation in the modern world is conducive to the creation of online food delivery platforms. Everyday routine, office or work at home, as well as the recent quarantine – many people have begun to order food at home very often because they do not have the desire and time to go out. And in such a world, a food delivery website is a necessary and sought-after thing. So if you are wondering if your business needs it, the answer is yes!

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