What trail was used during the Gold Rush?

Who was the richest miner in the California Gold Rush? During the 1850s and 1860s Brannan was known as the richest man in California. The chaos of the gold rush had played to his personality and business instincts, but he plunged into some schemes with the care of a gambler. Who was the first person … Read more

What beetles are bad for plants?

Do beetles destroy crops? Beetles. Beetles present several levels of threat to garden plants, since larvae as well as adults feed on vegetables and fruits. Doing only minor damage physically, the striped cucumber beetles decimate cucurbits by transmitting diseases that stunt or kill the host crops. What animal is eating my plants at night? Wildlife … Read more

Where did the game of water polo first take place?

Where is water polo played? Water polo is now popular in many countries around the world, notably Europe (particularly in Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Spain), Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Who are the gold medal winners in water polo? Ten athletes won three … Read more

What is a traditional Christmas in Australia?

Is there a history of Santa Claus and Father Christmas? Welcome to The History of Santa Claus and Father Christmas. This website offers a guide to resources available online that deal with the origins, evolution and lore of Santa Claus and Father Christmas. The main part of this guide consists of links to other sites, … Read more

Why did Germans migrate to Australia in the 1800s?

How many Australians have German ancestry? German Australians (German: Deutsch-Australier) are Australian citizens of ethnic German ancestry. The German community constitutes one of the largest ethnic groups in Australia, numbering 982,266 or 3.8 percent of respondents in the 2016 Census. Why did Germans migrate to Australia in the 1800s? The group was composed of Lutheran … Read more

Which European ship came to Australia first?

Which three European countries raced to explore Australia from the 1600s? The first Europeans to visit Australia were the Dutch. Willem Janszoon mapped part of the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1606 and was the first European to set foot on Australia soil. Janszoon was followed by Dirk Hartog in 1616 and Abel Tasman in 1642 … Read more

What is the capital of caifornia?

When did Sacramento become the capital of California? Sacramento became California’s capital in 1850, a status which triggered the city’s prosperity. What is the capital of caifornia? Sacramento is the capital of California State. The City of Sacramento is seat of Sacramento County, and is located in the northern part of California’s vast Central Valley, … Read more