Why does eharmony terminate matches

Ever since eharmony first came on the scene, they’ve been known as a leading provider of dating services. But recently, they’ve been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

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First, it was reported that eharmony had terminated matches with over 30,000 people because they were deemed “incompatible”. Then, it was revealed that eharmony employees have been selling access to their database of users for profit.

In light of these revelations, it’s important to ask yourself: is eharmony really the best option for online dating?

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Why do my matches disappear on eHarmony?

If your matches disappear from eHarmony, it’s likely because you’ve reached the limit of how many matches you can keep in your account. However, there are a few other reasons why your matches might have disappeared.

One possibility is that you’ve deleted some of your matches. If you’ve deleted any of your matches, we’ll remove them from our system and they’ll no longer be searchable or visible to others.

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Another possibility is that you’re inactive on eHarmony. If you haven’t communicated with any of your matches in a while, they might have decided to move on and get matched elsewhere. Inactivity can also lead to matches disappearing if no one else messages or chats with them.

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Why would someone get kicked off eHarmony?

If someone is kicked off eHarmony, it can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, people get kicked off eHarmony for violating the site’s terms of service, or for being too aggressive in their matching process. Other times, people get kicked off for moving too often, or for not being interested in any of the matches they’ve made on the site. In any case, if you think you may have been booted from eHarmony unfairly, be sure to reach out to customer service to discuss your situation.

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Can you rematch with someone on eHarmony?

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with your match on eHarmony, you may be able to rematch them. Here’s how: Log into your account and click on the My Matches link in the top menu. From here, click on the Rematch button. You’ll then be asked to provide your date of birth and email address. After doing so, eHarmony will contact the other person and ask them to complete a new questionnaire, which will help us better understand why their match didn’t work out. If they agree to a rematch, eHarmony will send them all of the relevant information again.

What does the Popsicle on eHarmony mean?

The popsicle on eHarmony is a symbol for terminating a match. It is found on the “My Matches” page, near the bottom of the screen.

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What is the highest compatibility score on eharmony?

According to eharmony, the highest compatibility score is a 8.0. This means that the two people are very compatible and would be able to have a successful relationship.

How long should you wait to respond on eharmony?

If you’re the unfortunate one who has been matched with someone on eHarmony, there’s a good chance you’ve been waiting for a response from them. In fact, according to eHarmony, most matches take anywhere from 72 hours to 10 days to respond. So, how long should you wait before sending that first message? According to eHarmony, it all depends on the kind of match you’re looking for.

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If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, then it might be best to wait at least a week. However, if you’re just looking for a fling or some casual fun, then you can probably send your first message within an hour or two of getting matched. Just remember that eHarmony is more interested in building a relationship than just hooking up so don’t be too pushy or rude in your messages.

What does the black star mean on eharmony?

When you see the “Black Star” on eHarmony, it means that your account has been terminated. This occurs when eHarmony determines that it’s no longer able to provide the level of service that they promised their members.

How can you tell if someone is active on eharmony?

If someone is not communicating with you, they may not be active on eharmony. Here are some signs that someone might be inactive:
-You haven’t received a message from them in over a week.
-They haven’t sent you any matches in over a month.
-Their profile doesn’t have any recent activity.

Can a match ban you?

eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating sites. It has over 50 million users, making it one of the most popular dating websites in the world. eHarmony is also one of the most popular matching websites available today.

However, because eHarmony is such a popular site and because it matches so many people, there are occasionally complaints about eHarmony match outcomes. One complaint that has arisen time and time again is that eHarmony often terminates matches before they have a chance to develop into a relationship.

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Why does eHarmony do this? There are many theories circulating around the internet as to why eHarmony may terminate matches before they have a chance to develop into a relationship. However, no one really knows for sure why eHarmony does this.

One theory suggests that eHarmony may terminate matches to avoid dealing with difficult relationships. This is because eHarmony believes that it can provide better Matchmaking services to its users by only putting them in relationships with people who are a good fit for them. This theory could be true, but it’s also possible that eHarm


In conclusion, eharmony terminates matches for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is when one party no longer wants to be matched with the other.

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