which country dialing code is 00261

00261 is the international country dialing code for Montenegro. If you’re calling from outside Montenegro, you’ll need to dial the country code, plus the regional dialing code for Montenegro (0).

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Which country is 00261 code?

The 00261 dialing code is for the country of Tunisia.

Why did I get a call from Madagascar?

If you received a call from Madagascar, you may have been confused about which country’s dialing code to use. The dialing code for Madagascar is +261.

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Most people in the United States use the country code for the United States, which is 1. However, some people in other countries use different country codes. For example, people in Malaysia use 3. So if you’re not sure which country you’re calling from, use the dialing code for Madagascar.

What is Calling code of Canada?

The country dialing code of Canada is 1. The calling code for Canada is +1. The 1 in the dialing code corresponds to the first digit in the telephone number.

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What country is this number?

This number is located in a country that uses the international dialing code +1. To determine which country this number is located in, you would need to dial the number and then look up the country’s dialing code.

How do I find out who phoned me for free?

If you want to find out who phoned you for free, you can use the international dialing code. To do this, you first need to know your country’s dialing code. You can find out your country’s dialing code by looking it up on the internet or by calling your phone company. Once you have your country’s dialing code, you can use it to track down who phoned you for free.

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How do I find international phone numbers?

If you want to call a number in a different country, you will first need to know the dialing code for that country. The dialing code is a set of numbers that must be inputted before any phone call can be made.

To find the dialing code for a particular country, you can use a website like Skype or Google Maps. Once you have found the map, click on the phone icon next to the country’s name. This will open up a window with the dialing code list for that country. You can copy and paste the dialing code into your phone’s dialer, or simply enter it using your phone’s keypad.

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Is Canada in USA?

There are a few different dialing codes in use in Canada. The country code for Canada is 1, and the area code for Toronto is 416.

If you are calling from the United States, you would need to dial 1 + area code + telephone number. For example, if you were calling from Los Angeles, you would dial 1 + (1) + (818) xxx-xxxx.

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If you’re looking to call another country from the United States, you will need to dial their country code followed by the 261 area code. For example, if you wanted to call Spain from the US, you would dial 00261-34-88-78.

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