What do the colored dots mean in outlook email

If you’re like most people, you use Outlook for your email – it’s fast, reliable, and easy to use. However, if you’re like most people who also suffer from color blindness, Outlook can be a bit confusing! In this article, we’ll explain what the different colored dots mean in outlook email messages, and how you can use them to help you better understand what’s being said.

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What do the different color dots mean on Outlook?

The different colors on Outlook indicate different levels of importance for that particular message.

The color red indicates a critical message, while yellow indicates a warning or caution. Green means the message is informational, and blue indicates a normal or non-urgent message.

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What does the orange dot on Outlook mean?

The orange dot in Outlook signifies a message has been flagged for follow-up. When you flag a message, Outlook will send you an email notification indicating that the message needs your attention.

What do colored dots mean?

One way to help you manage your email is to use colored dots to flag important messages. Outlook includes a variety of colors that you can use to help you quickly identify the type of message it is.

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Blue dots mean an email has been sent.

Green dots mean an email has been received.

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Red dots mean an email requires your attention right away.

Yellow dots mean an email is waiting for you to reply.

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Do dots matter in Outlook?

When you open an email in Outlook, the program displays a variety of icons near the top of the screen. One of these icons is a colored dot. The colored dot in question is used to indicate different types of messages.

Generally, the colored dot in an email indicates that the message is a message from a friend, flagged as important, or has some type of attachment. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, if you receive an email that doesn’t have a colored dot, it’s likely that it’s just an email from Outlook itself and there are no attachments.

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What do the colored circles mean in Outlook contacts?

If you open Outlook and view your contacts, you’ll see colored circles next to each contact. The colors indicate the relative importance of the contact: blue for top priority, green for medium priority, yellow for low priority, and red for not applicable.

Each color has a specific meaning: blue is for people in your executive team; green is for people in your salesforce; yellow is for people who are important to your business but not part of your executive team or salesforce; and red is for everyone else.

The colors can help you prioritize your work. If you have a lot of low-priority contacts, for example, you might want to add them to a delegated task list so that you can delegate more important tasks to other members of your team.

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What do the symbols mean on Outlook email?

The colored dots on Outlook email represent different types of messages. Blue dots signify that the email is an email message, while yellow and orange dots signify that the email is a contact or calendar item, respectively.

What is the yellow dot on my email?

What does the yellow dot mean in Outlook email? The yellow dot indicates that an email is being flagged for follow-up. This could be because it is a new email, it has important information, or it is a reminder. Follow-up actions may include forwarding the email to another person or organization, responding to the email, or adding it to your to-do list.

Why is there a blue dot next to my email?

When you first sign in to Outlook, it assigns each email message a color: red for incoming messages, yellow for those that have been read, green for those that are being worked on, and blue for those that have been sent. The blue dot next to an email indicates that it’s currently being worked on.

How do I get rid of the green dot in Outlook?

If you are seeing a green dot in your Outlook email, it might be indicating that your mailbox is full. To remove the green dot, simply open your mailbox and delete any messages that are no longer needed.


If you’re having trouble understanding what the colored dots in your Outlook email mean, don’t worry – we have a helpful article that explains everything. In short, the colored dots show which folders and messages are being sent as attachments. This can be useful if you want to mark certain messages as important so that you don’t miss their importance when you’re scanning through your inbox.

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