what country has area code 902

Are you curious about which country has the area code 902? In this article, we will answer that question and more! We’ll explore what area code 902 is and where it’s located, as well as list some interesting facts about this particular country. So read on to learn all you could possibly want to know about area code 902!

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Where is area code 902 located in the US?

Area code 902 is located in the state of New Hampshire.

What standard time is Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is in Eastern Standard Time.
2. What country has area code 902?

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One of the countries that has an area code with the prefix 902 is Canada. Canada is a country located in North America.

What time would it be in Nova Scotia right now?

It is currently 10:32 PM in Nova Scotia. The time in other Canadian provinces and U.S. states will be different, but it will be around the same time.

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2. What country has area code 902?

Nova Scotia does not have an area code with the 902 prefix. This means that calls to Nova Scotia from other parts of Canada or the United States will use the same area code as their originating phone number, 902.

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Is Nova Scotia on Eastern Standard Time?

Nova Scotia is in Atlantic Standard Time, which is one hour behind Eastern Time.

2. How many area codes does Nova Scotia have?

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There are five area codes in Nova Scotia: 902, 903, 904, 905, and 613.

What is Eastern Time Zone in Canada?

Eastern Time Zone is one of the time zones in North America. It covers most of the Eastern seaboard of the United States, including all of New England, most of New York State, and parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It also includes parts of Ontario and Quebec.

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In Canada, Eastern Time Zone is divided into two time zones: Eastern and Central. The eastern part of the zone is in Canada’s Atlantic provinces, while the central part is in the prairie provinces. This means that people in eastern Canada are two hours behind those in central Canada.

What are the 6 time zones in Canada?

There are six time zones in Canada: Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Atlantic, and Newfoundland. Each zone has its own unique time.

Eastern Time Zone: UTC-5 Hours
Central Time Zone: UTC-6 Hours
Mountain Time Zone: UTC-7 Hours
Pacific Time Zone: UTC-8 Hours
Atlantic Time Zone: UTC-5 Hours30 Minutes
Newfoundland Time Zone: UTC-4 Hour 30 Minutes

What time zone is Nova Scotia in GMT?

Nova Scotia is in the Canadian Eastern Time Zone, which is GMT-4. This means that Nova Scotia’s area code is 902.


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