Top 3 Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Content Quality through AI

The repetition of a particular idea can lead to plagiarism, which ultimately affects the quality of your writing. It is difficult to create a unique set of words each time for the same topic, even if you know what to write.

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It may be helpful to leverage a paraphrasing tool in this case. Paraphrasing tools can come in handy for content writers. Using these tools, you can present your idea to your audience in a unique way while maintaining the intent of the content.

As you can see, we have provided you with three paraphrasing tools that can help you improve your writing skills. You can use these tools to ensure that your content is plagiarism-free, regardless of whether you’re writing a college research paper, web content, or guidelines articles. But before we discuss the tools, we need to know what paraphrasing is?

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How AI Paraphrasing Tools Improve Content Quality?

It is a well-known fact that paraphrasing refers to rewriting content in a different way while maintaining its original meaning. Paraphrasing can be done without any error by using artificial intelligence.  

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When you use AI to paraphrase existing articles, you can get better alternatives to improve your content quality. It doesn’t simply restructures or rewords, it basically focuses on modifying the choice of words, perfecting the tone and style of the writing. 

Always remember that an AI-powered paraphrases your content without making any informational, contextual, or semantic errors. The purpose of paraphrasing tools is essential to reword your sentence and discover new ways to express your content while focusing on uniqueness.

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You can use a paraphrasing tool if you are uncertain about your writing ability or don’t know how to change your content’s structure while maintaining its meaning. Most importantly, AI paraphrasing tools are of greatest benefit to people who are unable to think quickly or type quickly.

1. Editpad

Editpad offers an efficient paraphrasing tool with a user interface that is simple to use. Using the tool, you can easily rephrase your textual content. The tool will paraphrase your text without changing the context of your content after you enter your text from the source. 

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Moreover, this paraphrasing tool uses advanced algorithms and techniques to rewrite the content and employs synonyms and sentence changers to distinguish your content from the original text. Anyone, whether a student, webmaster, professional, or freelancer, can use the editpad to improve content quality.

Using the tool, you can upload a text or PDF file without any restrictions and receive rewritten content within seconds. This tool also allows you to copy and paste directly from the web; it will paraphrase your content without affecting keyword structure.

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In addition to plagiarism checkers, paraphrasers, and grammar checkers, Editpad has many other useful tools. A word counter is also included to check your content’s length and character count.

2. Word AI 

Word AI is a top-notch tool that lets you improve the quality of your content in a matter of seconds. Using this AI tool, you can create multiple versions of a sentence, each with unique synonyms and sentence structures. This tool will automate content creation as it offers a long list of features.

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Most importantly, it makes sure to correct grammar errors and enhances the vocabulary to improve content quality by all necessary means. 

With different paraphrasing styles available, this AI paraphraser allows you to improve the quality of the content without any issues. Using different paraphrasing styles, the same content can be reshaped into unique and varied sentences. With each option, you have a different writing style and tone of delivery that creates unique content every time you use it.

You can use Word AI without any limits once you get a premium plan. You can paraphrase around 1000 words in one attempt. It will also show you how much the paraphrased content is unique and improved. 

3. Quillbot

QuillBot is another powerful AI tool to help you paraphrase or rewrite paragraphs to improve the quality of the content. There is also summarize and paraphrase in the tool, but the paraphrasing tool is most popular with millions of people who use it to rewrite and improve paragraphs, sentences, or articles using AI.

A full-sentence thesaurus was the first use of QuillBot – it allowed students and professionals to write quickly and confidently. Using this tool, however, has enabled the creation of legal emails, the preparation of doctoral theses, and the translation of documents, among other things.

There is no charge for using the tool online, and you don’t have to edit the paraphrased work much afterwards. It includes Quill Modes that can be used for creating new text, such as:

  • Standard: This mode ensures that your content sounds natural while it balances any change it makes to it with maintaining its meaning.
  • Fluency: Using this AI mode, your text appears grammatically correct while making the least amount of changes to its content without losing meaning.
  • Creative: This mode allows you to make changes to the text as much as possible. There is a possibility that this may change the overall coherence and meaning of the results.
  • Creative+: The AI in Creative+ is more intuitive and understands things like common phrases and sayings in the language.
  • Formal: By using this mode, you can adjust your content to make it more appropriate for formal audiences. It is particularly useful for academic papers and business reports.
  • Shorten: This mode procedure shortens your content but keeps its meaning; it is perfect for reducing the size or number of words.
  • Expand: This makes your text longer by adding as many words as possible. It is ideal for increasing your word count overall.
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Writing needs creativity and determination, but paraphrasing tools make the process easier while making the content stand out. There is widespread praise for these tools among students, bloggers, and even digital marketers. 

Keep in mind that an AI-powered paraphrasing tool’s goal is not only to make the content unique, but also to improve the readability score. In order to provide well-written and well-optimized content, paraphrasing tools are constantly upgrading.

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