How to watch itunes movies on tv from iphone

If you’re an iPhone user, you know that there are just a few ways to enjoy your favorite iTunes movies and TV shows on your big screen. But what if you want to watch something on your television that you’ve downloaded onto your iPhone? You can’t do it with the built-in apps – they only work with devices running iOS 11 or later. But don’t worry, there’s a workaround.

In this article, we’ll show you how to watch iTunes movies and TV shows on your television using an Apple TV device, or any other streaming device that supports the AirPlay protocol.

How can I stream my iTunes movies on my TV?

There are a few ways to watch your movies on TV using your iPhone or iPad. The first way is to use AirPlay Mirroring. This will allow you to stream your movie files from your computer or iOS device to your TV.

Another way is to use iTunes Movies on TV. This app allows you to browse and purchase movies from the iTunes Store, play them directly from the app, and access features like parental controls and chapter tracking.

How can I play iTunes from iPhone to TV?

If you’re a big fan of movies and TV shows, then you’ll love the iTunes Store. You can purchase and rent movies and TV shows to watch on your computer or devices, including your iPhone or iPad. But what if you want to watch a movie or TV show on your big screen? Here’s how to do it!

First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV using an HDMI cable. Then open iTunes and select the movie or TV show you want to watch. You’ll see the same content as if you were watching it on your computer. To pause, play, or change the volume, just use the buttons on your remote.

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If you want to watch iTunes movies and TV shows offline, you can do that too. Just download the movie or show to your device before connecting it to your TV. Then just launch iTunes and select the movie or show. It’ll be ready to watch without an internet connection.

So there you have it! How to watch iTunes movies and TV shows on your TV from your iPhone or iPad.

Can you AirPlay Movies from iTunes?

Yes, you can AirPlay movies from iTunes on your iPhone or iPad. Just open the movie in iTunes and click the AirPlay button on the toolbar. You can also use the share button to share the movie with other devices.

How do I pair my phone with my TV?

If you have an Apple TV or a newer model of Roku, you can easily watch your movies and TV shows from iTunes on your big screen. Here’s how:

1. Connect your iPhone to the TV.

2. Open iTunes on your computer and sign in to your account.

3. Select your movie or TV show in iTunes and click “Share.”

4. In the “Share Options” dialog box, click “AirPlay.”

5. On the “AirPlay Devices” tab, select the Apple TV or Roku from the list of devices. (If you have more than one AirPlay-enabled device, make sure you select the correct one.)

6. Click “Start Streaming.” The movie or TV show should start playing on the TV.

How do I mirror my phone to my TV?

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can easily mirror your device’s screen to your TV. To do so:

1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
2. Tap Display & Brightness.
3. Tap Screen Mirroring.
4. If necessary, enter the passcode to unlock your device.
5. Tap the Mirror Your Screen button to start mirroring your device’s screen to your TV.
6. To stop mirroring, tap the Off button.

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How do I screen mirror to my TV?

If you have an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, you can use a feature called AirPlay to mirror your device’s screen onto your television. This is useful if you want to watch iTunes movies on your television without having to connect the device to a computer.

To start, make sure that AirPlay is enabled on your Apple device. On the home screen of your device, tap the AirPlay icon (). Next, select the “AirPlay Mirroring” option from the list of available devices.

Now, select the television or monitor that you want to use as your display and choose the “Output” option. You will now be able to see a preview of what your device will look like on the television.

To start playback, just press the play button on your Apple device or select the appropriate option from the remote control.

How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV without a smart TV?

If you have an iPhone and a TV, you’re probably wondering how to watch iTunes movies on your TV. There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to use AirPlay Mirroring. Here’s how it works:

1) On your iPhone, open the App Store and search for AirPlay Mirroring.
2) Install the app and open it.
3) In the main screen, tap the three lines in the upper-left corner (the ones with an “A” inside a circle).
4) In the “Mirroring Options” section, tap the green plus sign next to “On This Device.”
5) Select your TV from the list that appears, and then tap OK.
6) In the “Mirroring Settings” screen, make sure that “Show onscreen controls” is enabled (it should be by default), and then tap OK again.
7) Tap the blue line in the top-right corner of the mirroring screen to return to normal viewing.

That’s it! You’re now watching iTunes movies on your TV using AirPlay Mirroring.

How can I share my phone screen to my TV wirelessly?

There are a number of ways to watch iTunes movies on your TV from your iPhone or iPad. Some apps allow you to cast your screen to the TV, while others require connecting your device to the TV with a cable. Here’s how to do it each way:

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Casting Your Screen with an App

Some apps, like Hulu and Netflix, allow you to cast your screen wirelessly. Just open the app and sign in. On the home screen, select the gear icon (three lines in a box) and select “Cast Screen.” Choose your device from the list and hit OK.

Connecting Your Device to the TV with a Cable

If you don’t want to use an app, you can connect your device to your TV using a cable. To do this, first turn on your TV and make sure that it’s connected to the internet. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to the TV using an HDMI cable. You may need to sign in for some apps if they require it. Once you’re signed in, navigate to the app’s menu and select “Cast.” Select your device from the list and hit OK.


If you’re looking to watch your favorite movies or tv shows on your big screen TV, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of downloading them first and then trying to figure out how to watch them on your television, there is a workaround. You can use an app called AirPlay Mirroring from Apple TV to wirelessly stream itunes movies and tv shows from your iPhone or iPad straight to your television. This means that not only can you watch them on your big screen TV, but you also don’t have to worry about storage space – everything will be stored locally on your device.

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