How to delete pokemon conquest save

If you’re feeling frustrated with your progress in Pokemon Conquest, there may be a way to speed things up – by deleting your save file. This guide will show you how to do this, and ensure that you never have to worry about losing your progress again.

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How do you delete your save data in Pokemon?

If you are playing Pokemon Conquest on your Nintendo 3DS, there is a way to delete your save data. This is useful if you want to start over and play through the game with different characters or if you just want to reclaim some storage space on your 3DS.

To delete your save data, first make sure you have the game installed and open it up. Then, select “Options” from the main menu. From here, you will be able to select “Save Data.” On this screen, you will have the option to delete your current save data or keep it. If you want to delete your current save data, simply hit the button labelled “Delete.” If you want to keep your save data, hit the button labelled “Keep.”

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Is there a Pokemon Conquest 2?

If you’re looking to delete your Pokemon Conquest save file, there is no straightforward way to do so. You’ll need to delete the save file itself as well as any associated data files. If you’re playing on a device that can’t be deleted, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

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How do you delete a saved game on Pokemon DS?

There are a few ways to delete a saved game on the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Conquest.

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The first way is to go to the main menu and select “Save.” From here, you can select which save you want to delete. The second way is to enter the “Options” screen in-game and select “Game Data.” From here, you can select which save you want to delete.

How do you delete saved progress on Pokemon shield?

If you’re looking to delete your Pokemon Conquest save file, there are a few different ways to go about it.

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The first way is to simply close the app and then delete the saved data folder on your device. This will remove all of your progress and saved games.

If you’re having trouble closing the app or if you don’t have access to your device’s data folder, you can also try deleting the associated APK file. You can find this file by going to the App Manager on your device and tapping on the “PokeCo” entry. From here, tap on the “Delete” button next to the “Pokemon Conquest” app. This will delete both the application and its data files.

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Finally, if all else fails, you can try restoring your previous backup. This will restore your progress and saved games to their original state so that you can start over from scratch.

How do you restart a Pokemon game?

If you have a save file from the original Pokemon Conquest game, you can delete it and start over. This is especially useful if you’re stuck and need to try a different strategy.
First, make sure your game is closed. Next, go to the “My Games” folder on your computer. You’ll see a folder called “Pokemon Conquest.” Inside that folder, there’s a file called “save.” Double-click it to open it. (If you don’t have a save file from the original game, you can create one by copying the files from your old save file and pasting them into this new one.)
To delete it, select all of the text in the save file and hit Delete on your keyboard. (You can also choose to just delete the file itself.)After deleting the save file, you’ll need to start your game from scratch and collect all of the badges again.

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How do you restart a pokemon game on switch?

If you’re experiencing issues with your game, such as losing progress or not being able to move on from certain areas, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. This includes restarting the game if possible, but if that doesn’t work then you can always delete your save file.

How many copies did Pokemon Conquest sell?

According to the official Nintendo website, Pokemon Conquest has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide since its release in late 2013.

How long is Pokemon Conquest?

If you’re looking to delete your Pokémon Conquest save file, it’s a little bit longer than you might expect. Deleting your save file will delete all of your progress in the game, including any badges or medals you’ve earned. So be sure to make a backup of your save file before deleting it!


If you’ve been playing pokemon conquest and your save file is getting pretty big, there’s a simple solution: delete it! Not only will this free up some space on your phone, but it will also eliminate any accidental progress you might have made. If you’re still not sure what to do, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments below; we would be more than happy to help.

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