How to cancel the zoom subscription?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that you can use to meet the person virtually. You can attend your meetings, webinars or meet your close ones through zoom easily. You might have heard from the people that let’s connect on zoom meetings, what is that? Zoom meeting leads to a video conferencing meeting which can be hosted by anyone using zoom. You can join the meetings on your phones or laptops easily. The host of the meeting will send you the link and with a click, you will reach your destination.

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What is Zoom?

During the coronavirus pandemic, you might have heard of zoom. Zoom created a boom in the past years and extended its growth so fast as everyone was working from home during the lockdown. By using the services of zoom, it was possible to connect with your close ones, with your colleagues, with your family outside, or with anyone so easily. 

Zoom is a video communication platform that is easy to get started with and the app is lightweight and provides you various characteristics within.

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What are the features of Zoom?

Zoom provides you with various features such as:

  • Group video conferences- If you are having a free plan, then you can host a meeting up to 40 minutes only and an addition of 100 participants only. If you have purchased the plan, it allows 1000 participants.
  • One-on-one meetings- You can host the meetings one after another without even having any plan.
  • Screen recording- It provides you with the screen and video recording option so that you can record your meetings and events for any future use.
  • Screen sharing- You can share your screen during the meetings and events for a better understanding of the concept and proper visualization.
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 How to download the zoom app?

You have to follow the below steps for downloading the zoom app on android:

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  • Step 1- open the play store and tap on the Apps icon.
  • Step 2- Tap on the search icon placed at the top right side of the play store screen.
  • Step 3- enter zoom cloud meetings in the area given there for search.
  • Step 4- select the zoom cloud meetings, tap on it and click on install.
  • Step 5- accept all the conditions and then open the application.
  • Step 6- App will be opened now sign in with your Google account, SSO, Facebook account.
  • Step 7- after signing in, log in to your account, and you can now access your account easily and host any meeting 

What is the difference between Zoom Basic and Pro?

There are various things or you can say features that zoom basic doesn’t provide you but zoom pro does. Do you want to know what is the difference between zoom basic and zoom pro and why there is a need for some individuals to upgrade to zoom pro?

  • Zoom basic provides you a meeting of 40 minutes only, you cannot extend that limit. But zoom pro does provide you unlimited group meetings. You need not worry about the time and for another meeting to start.
  • In zoom pro, you can get more services of zoom like zoom room, zoom webinars, and even access to the zoom’s API which zoom basic doesn’t provide you.
  • You can see the reports of the ongoing meetings, number of meetings, number of participants if you are the owner of that account of the zoom pro. You don’t have this right in zoom basic.
  • Zoom pro lets us record your meetings and even in the cloud as each pro license comes with 1 GB of cloud recording space and doesn’t charge anything for that.
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How to cancel the zoom subscription?

Following are the steps to know for the cancellation of zoom pro subscription:

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  1. Sign in to zoom web portal on your device.
  1. Go on Account Management and then tap on Billing.
  1. Find out the plan that you want to cancel under the current plans tab.
  2. Click on Cancel subscription to stop your subscription’s renewal.
  1. Now, confirm your request to cancel it by clicking on  cancel subscription.
  1. Choose any option behind the reason for the cancellation of the subscription.
  1. After completing it, tap on the submit and your subscription will be canceled and the status of your plan will be updated to cancel.
  1. If you want to renew in the future you have to click on reactivate plan under the current plans page.

Let us find out how to cancel the zoom Add-on subscription:

  1. Sign in to zoom web portal on your device.
  2. Likewise, tap on Account Management.
  3. Click on Billing from there.
  4.  Now, On the Current Plans tab, click on  Cancel Subscription next to the add-on you would like to stop auto-renewal for. 
  5. Your subscription will remain active for the remainder of your subscription term. 

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