How to calibrate thrustmaster t80 ps4

Thrustmaster has released a new firmware update for their T80 PS4 controller, which includes support for the PlayStation 4 Pro. This firmware update allows users to calibrate their controllers using the PlayStation App and improves overall responsiveness and performance. If you have not yet upgraded your Thrustmaster T80 PS4 controller, now is the time to do so!

How do you change the steering sensitivity on a Thrustmaster T80 ps4?

If you’re looking to improve your steering in your Thrustmaster T80 ps4, there are a few different ways to do so. You can adjust the steering sensitivity on the fly, or you can calibrate the controller for the best results.

To adjust the steering sensitivity on the fly, simply press and hold the left trigger button and move the control stick in the desired direction. Be sure to keep your finger close to the trigger button so that you don’t accidentally change the sensitivity too much.

To calibrate your Thrustmaster T80 ps4, first make sure that you have installed the Thrustmaster T80 calibration software. Once it’s installed, open up the software and click on “Calibrate Device.” From there, you’ll be able to adjust various parameters like steering sensitivity and pedal power.

How do you set up a Thrustmaster T80 ps4?

Thrustmaster T80 ps4 is a racing simulator that allows you to race in various motorsports competitions. To get the best experience, you need to calibrate the thrustmaster tps. Here is how you can do it:

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How do you adjust a Thrustmaster wheel?

To adjust a Thrustmaster wheel, you first need to find the adjustment knob on the base of the wheel. Once you have located it, turn it until each of the four dials on the front of the wheel are in the correct position. You can then use the throttle to adjust your driving experience.

Does the Thrustmaster T80 work on ps4?

The Thrustmaster T80 is a racing simulator that is compatible with the PlayStation 4. The Thrustmaster T80 allows you to control your car using the analog stick and buttons on the controller. This makes it a great choice for racing fans who want to experience realistic driving dynamics.

To calibrate the Thrustmaster T80, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Turn on the Thrustmaster T80
2. Place the car in drive mode (or whichever mode you will be using it in)
3. Press and hold down both SHIFT and R2 (or whatever button corresponds to your driving force) while simultaneously pressing up on the Analog Stick until you reach 0% throttle
4. Release all buttons, then press and hold down SHIFT and R2 again until you reach 100% throttle

How do I reset my Thrustmaster T80 PS4?

If you are having trouble calibrating your Thrustmaster T80 PS4 joystick, you may need to reset it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Turn on your console and navigate to “Settings” on the main menu.
2. Select “System Settings.”
3. Under “Controller & Accessories,” select “Thrustmaster T80.”
4. On the calibration page, make sure that the “Calibration Mode” is set to “User.” If it’s not, click on the gear icon next to it and select “Calibrate Now.”
5. Under “Thrustmaster T80 TPS Calibration Options,” make sure that the “Thrustmaster T80 PS4 Dual Shifter Calibration” checkbox is selected.
6. Click on the blue start button to begin calibration. The process may take a few minutes, so be patient! Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to use your Thrustmaster T80 PS4 joystick with confidence!

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What is the mode button on a Thrustmaster T80?

Thrustmaster T80 gamepad has a mode button on the top right corner. This button allows users to switch between three modes: Normal, Race, and Practice.

Normal mode is used for gaming and requires no action from the user. Race mode allows players to race with other drivers on tracks or in races, while Practice mode is used for learning and practicing maneuvers.

Is the Thrustmaster T80 worth it?

Thrustmaster t ps is a popular racing wheel that is used by many professional drivers and gamers. This wheel is often compared to the Thrustmaster T300RS because they both have a realistic feel and are popular with gamers.

However, there are some differences between the two wheels that you should be aware of before making a purchase. Here are five tips that will help you to decide if the Thrustmaster T80 is worth your money:

1. The T80 has a slimmer design than the T300RS. This may make it more comfortable for people who have smaller hands or who typically have less space in their cockpit for peripherals.

2. The T80 features a Downloadable Driver Suite which allows you to customize the wheel’s settings and improve its performance. The T300RS does not have this feature.

3. The T80 has 8 buttons on the wheel, while the T300RS has 10 buttons. This may make it easier for people who want to use more functions with their wheel.

4. The wheel’s inertia resistance is higher on the T80 than on the T300RS. This means that it will require less effort to start moving the car in Race Mode or Simulation Mode.

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Does the T80 Thrustmaster have force feedback?

Thrustmaster has announced the T80 HOTAS, their newest joystick controller for PC and console gaming. The T80 features force feedback support for a realistic experience when gaming.

Thrustmaster has released a video demonstrating how to calibrate the T80 for force feedback support. This video is also available in English and French.

To use force feedback with your Thrustmaster joystick, you will first need to calibrate it. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Turn on the T80 and ensure that it is connected to your computer.
2) Launch the Thrustmaster calibration software.
3) Select your game platform and click on Next.
4) Click on Calibrate to start the calibration process.
5) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the calibration process.
6) Once the calibration is finished, you can start playing your game with force feedback support!


Thrustmaster has released a new tool for the Thrustmaster T80 PS4 that makes it easier to calibrate your controller. The T80 thrustmaster calibration tool is available on their website and can be downloaded as a .ZIP file. After downloading and installing the software, follow the instructions to calibrate your Thrustmaster T80 PS4 controller. If you have any questions or problems while using the calibration tool, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

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