How do i retrieve my marriott rewards number

If you have a Marriott rewards number, there are a few things you can do to retrieve it. First, you can call Marriott customer service and ask for your rewards number. If that doesn’t work, you can also go to Marriott’s website and enter your name and Rewards number. Finally, if neither of those methods work, you can try calling the number from your phone.

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Is my Marriott Rewards number the same as Bonvoy?

If you are wondering how to retrieve your Marriott Rewards number, it’s likely that the number is the same as Bonvoy. However, there are a few variations that you should be aware of.

Different Marriott Rewards programs have different name and logo designs, so it’s important to know which program you’re in in order to get the right information.

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You can find your Marriott Rewards account number on the Rewards Summary invoices that you receive each year. If you’re not able to find your account number or if you want to change it, please visit and follow the instructions on how to change your account information.

How do I access my Marriott Bonvoy account?

If you are a Marriott Rewards member, you can access your account information through Marriott’s website. You will need your login name and password, as well as your membership number. You can also find this information on your Rewards card statement.

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How long are Marriott Bonvoy numbers?

If you have a Marriott Bonvoy number, you can use it to access your account and redeem rewards at participating Marriott properties. The length of a Marriott Bonvoy number is typically six or twelve months.

Do Marriott points ever expire?

Marriott rewards numbers are unique identifiers that identify accounts with Marriott hotel properties. Rewards points never expire, but they can be redeemed for rewards at Marriott properties around the world.

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Can someone else use my Marriott Rewards number?

If you have lost your Marriott Rewards number, there are a few ways to retrieve it. Marriott Rewards can provide a new number if you register for a new account, or they can allow you to use your old number if you have had it for at least six months and have never been suspended or cancelled from the program. You can also contact Marriott Rewards customer service to see if they can help you retrieve your number.

Can my wife use my Marriott Rewards number?

If you have registered your account with your wife, she can use the same account number and login information to access and manage her Marriott Rewards account. However, be sure to tell her which rewards nights you would like her to book and which credit card you would like her to use to make those reservations.

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Can I give my Marriott free night for someone else?

If you have registered your Marriott account with someone else, you may be able to give them a free night in your name. When signing up for Marriott rewards, you will need their name and email address. From there, simply go to MyMarriott Rewards and enter the person’s information into the registration form. You will then be able to select a free night for them in your account.

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Can I send my Marriott points to someone else?

You can send your Marriott points to someone else if they are registered with Marriott Rewards. Points will be credited to their account within two weeks.

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Can I add a family member to my Marriott Bonvoy account?

Marriott Rewards members can add a family member to their account by visiting the Marriott Bonvoy website and filling out the account form. Once the family member is added, they will be able to use their Marriott Rewards number to access rewards points and make reservations.


If you have misplaced your Marriott rewards number, you can retrieve it by following these steps:

-Go to and sign in.
-Click on My Account at the top of the screen.
-Under Account Details, click on Rewards.
-Enter your Marriott rewards number into the box and click on Retrieve.
-You will be prompted to enter your security code. Once you have entered this information, your rewards number will be displayed on the screen.

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