how do i reopen my depop account

If you’ve ever had a depop account, then you know that it can be a bit of a pain to reopen it if you need to cancel your subscription. In this article, we’ll show you how to reopen your depop account in just a few simple steps.

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What happens when you delete your Depop account?

Depop is an online marketplace for selling and buying secondhand goods. You can delete your account if you want, but there are a few things that will happen first:

1. Any items you’ve listed will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
2. If you have any pending transactions, they will be cancelled.
3. Your account will be permanently disabled.

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Can I make a new Depop account with the same number?

If you have your Depop account number, you can easily make a new account. Just go to and sign in with your email address and password. Then select the “Create New Account” button on the home page. Enter your Depop account number and click the “Create Account” button.

Why did Depop delete my account?

If you’ve been having trouble logging into your Depop account, there’s a good chance it’s because the account has been deleted. Here’s how to reopen it:

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1. Log in to your Depop account and click on the “Your Account” tab.
2. On the “Your Account” page, under the “My Profile” section, click on the “I’m not sure why my account was deleted” link.
3. In the “What happened?” section, you’ll be able to read about why your account was deleted and find out how to get it back. If you’re still having trouble logging in, please reach out to Depop support for help.

How do I get unbanned from Depop?

If you’re having trouble logging in or are just curious how to reopen your Depop account, this guide can help.

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Why can’t I log into Depop?

Depop is one of the most popular and well-known app stores on the planet. Millions of people use it to buy and sell products and services. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, logging into Depop is a pain in the neck. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Your password may have changed or been forgotten.
2. You may not be located in the correct country.
3. The Depop website may be down for maintenance.
4. You may not have enough privileges to log in.
5. You may have entered your login information incorrectly.
6. The Depop app on your device might not be up to date.
7. You might not have sufficient storage space on your device to store the Depop app and all of its related data files.

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Why does Depop say my number is invalid?

Depop is a marketplace that allows users to sell and buy products from each other. When you open an account, Depop asks for your phone number. However, sometimes people’s phones get lost or stolen, and their numbers become invalid. In this case, Depop says your number is invalid and you cannot sell or buy products on the site. You can try to solve the issue by contacting Depop support, but it may not be possible to reopen your account.

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Can you delete Depop reviews?

If you’re looking to remove Depop reviews from your account, there is no clear answer; it largely depends on the review policy of the platform. Some Depop reviewers have reported that they were able to remove reviews by emailing customer support, while others say that deleting reviews only removed them from public view but did not delete them from the account entirely. It can be tough to determine which method will work for you, but it’s worth trying to get reviews deleted if you don’t want them to affect your rating or visibility on Depop.

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How much does Depop take from a sale?

Depop is a popular e-commerce platform that allows users to sell their used items. Depop takes a commission from each sale made on the platform. The commission rates vary depending on the item and the seller’s location.


If you have Depop account and want to reopen it, then the best way is to contact Depop customer service. They will be able to help you with the process and resolve any issues that might arise.

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