Does need for speed underground 2 work on xbox one

Do you remember the 1997 racing video game Need for Speed Underground 2? If you do, then you’ll probably be interested to know that a remastered version of the game was released on Xbox One in February 2019. However, is the game still playable on the Xbox One?

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Yes, the game is still playable on Xbox One. However, if you want to get the best experience, we recommend playing it on an older gaming console like an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Older consoles tend to run games faster because they have less hardware requirements.

Can U Get Need For Speed Underground 2 on Xbox One?

Does Need for Speed Underground work on Xbox One?

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Yes, you can get Need for Speed Underground 2 on Xbox One. This game is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and to test your racing skills.

This game is available in both digital and physical formats. You can buy the digital or physical version of the game, or you can download it for free from the Xbox Live Games Store.

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Need for Speed Underground 2 is a great way to stay entertained while you are waiting for your next race. The game is full of action and excitement, and it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Does Need for Speed Underground work on Xbox One?

Yes, Need for Speed Underground work on Xbox One. You can race through the city streets and underground tunnels in this game just as you would on a real racing machine. All of the physics and challenges are there, and you’ll have to stay ahead of the police in order to win.

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Will Need for Speed Underground 2 for Xbox work on Xbox 360?

People have been asking if the game, “Need for Speed Underground 2” will work on their Xbox 360. The answer is that it depends on the version of the game that you have. If you have the original “Need for Speed Underground” game, then your game will not work on your Xbox 360. However, if you have the “Need for Speed Underground 2” game, then it should work just fine.

Can Need For Speed be played on Xbox One?

Yes, Need for Speed can be played on Xbox One. The game is compatible with both the original Xbox One controller and the Xbox One Elite controller. It is also possible to play the game using a keyboard and mouse.

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Need for Speed is a racing game that features high-speed chases and intense action. It is one of the most popular games on Xbox One. It can be played on both console and PC platforms.

What can you play Need for Speed Underground 2 on?

Need for Speed Underground 2 is now available on Xbox One! You can play the game as either a male or female racer, and you can choose between two different cars – the Pagani Zonda Cinque and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

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You can also challenge your friends in online multiplayer mode, or try out the new Drag Racing mode. Need for Speed Underground 2 is a great game to play if you are a fan of the Need for Speed series.

Has NFS Underground 2 been remastered?

NFS Underground 2 was released on the Xbox One back in 2015, and although it looked good at the time, many people have since called for a remaster. A remaster would not only improve the graphics, but it would also add new features and improve the overall gameplay.

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Although there is no confirmation yet, it seems as though NFS Underground 2 may be getting a remaster. The game has been spotted on the Xbox One Game Previews dashboard, which suggests that a remaster is in the works.

If you are a fan of NFS games, then you will definitely want to keep an eye on this matter. We cannot wait to see how the remaster turns out!

Is NFS Underground 2 on ps4?

NFS Underground 2 is a racing game that is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Is NFS Underground 2 coming to PS4? This question has been burning in our minds ever since the announcement of the game. Many people are eager to find out if NFS Underground 2 will be making its way to their PlayStation 4 consoles.

At this time, there is no confirmation that NFS Underground 2 will be coming to PS4. However, it is possible that the game could be released on PS4 in the future. If NFS Underground 2 did come to PS4, it would be an excellent addition to the console’s library.

Currently, the Xbox One version of NFS Underground 2 is the only version available. If you are interested in playing the game, you will need to purchase it from Microsoft’s online store. While the PlayStation 4 version of NFS Underground 2 has not been announced yet, it is possible that it may also be released in the future.

How do I get backwards compatibility on Xbox One?

Yes, you can play Need for Speed Underground on Xbox One using the backwards compatibility feature. Here’s how to get started:

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1) First, make sure your Xbox One is connected to the internet.

2) Next, select “Backwards Compatibility” from the main menu.

3) On the “Backwards Compatibility” page, select “Need for Speed Underground.”

4) On the game selection screen, select “Yes, I want to play this game.”

5) After the game has been downloaded, select it and start playing!


In conclusion, it can be said that the need for speed underground does work on Xbox one. The graphics are good and the game play is fun. There are a few downsides though. One is that the races can be pretty long, which can get tiring. Another downside is that there are not many drivers available at any given time, which makes it difficult to compete with others.

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