Can you cancel green dot visa card

If you’re like most people, you probably own a few pieces of plastic that all have different benefits – your driver’s license, your credit card, your passport. But what if those plastic cards could be taken away from you at any time? That’s the situation some people in the United States and other countries find themselves in thanks to a little-known credit card company called Green Dot.

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can you cancel green dot visa card

If you have a Green Dot Visa card, there is a good chance that you can cancel it. The good news is that this process is relatively straightforward and not difficult to complete. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Contact Green Dot customer service and ask to be cancelled. Make sure that you provide your full name, mailing address, and phone number so that they can properly process your request.

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2. Once you have contacted Green Dot customer service, they will send you a cancellation form to complete. This form will ask for your full name, mailing address, and phone number again in order to keep track of your request.

3. Once you have completed the cancellation form, mail it back to Green Dot along with the appropriate payment information. Make sure to include a note explaining why you are cancelling the card and whether you would like a refund or an extension on your credit limit.

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If you follow these simple steps, then there is a high likelihood that you will be able to cancel your Green Dot Visa card without any issues.

Can I return Green Dot card?

If you want to cancel your Green Dot card, it is possible to do so. You can call or visit a Green Dot location to request the cancellation. However, there are some restrictions that apply to this process. For example, if you have used your card for purchases in the past six months, you will need to wait until those transactions have been processed before requesting the cancellation. Additionally, if you have an active subscription plan with Green Dot, you will need to cancel that plan before requesting the cancellation.

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Does a Green Dot card affect credit?

When you apply for a Green Dot card, you may be wondering if it will affect your credit score. The answer is that the card itself won’t have a significant impact on your credit score, but the use of the card could lead to an increase in your credit utilization. This is because the card allows you to borrow more money than you would be able to borrow using other methods, such as a traditional loan from a bank.

Can you close a Green Dot account?

If you’re looking to close your Green Dot account, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure you’ve used all of the funds in your account. If you’re not sure whether or not you have used all of your funds, you can check your account balance online by visiting green or by calling our customer service team at 1-855-GDO-GOOD (1-855-463-4636). Second, be sure to cancel your card and any associated subscriptions before you close your account. Canceling your card will cancel any pending payments and will also prevent future charges from being processed. Finally, make sure to notify Green Dot of your intent to close your account by contacting us at green We’ll help you process the closing process and ensure that all of your financial obligations are taken care of.

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How much is Green Dot monthly fee?

If you have a Green Dot Visa card, there is a monthly fee of $10. This fee is waived if you maintain a certain spending limit.

How do I cancel my Walmart Green Dot card?

Canceling a Green Dot Visa card is easy. You can cancel your card by calling 1-800-922-9779, going to and clicking the “Cancel My Card” link, or by writing to Green Dot Corporation, P.O. Box 159, White Plains, NY 10601.

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Can a Visa gift card be Cancelled?

If you have a Green Dot Visa gift card, there is no way to cancel it. The card is not a bank card and cannot be used to withdraw money or make purchases.

How do I speak to a live person at Green Dot?

If you need to speak with a live person at Green Dot, you can call their customer service line at 1-800-746-9778.

How do I cancel my lost debit card?

If you’ve lost your debit card, there are a few things you can do to try and cancel the card. First, try calling the bank where the card is registered. If that doesn’t work, try calling the number on the back of the card. Finally, if those options don’t work, you can go to a branch or ATM and ask to close the account.


In conclusion, the answer to whether or not you can cancel a Green Dot Visa card depends on the card issuer. Some issuers allow you to cancel your card with no penalty, while others may charge a fee. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question.

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