Best 8 Islamic Apps for Android

If you are someone looking for some good Islamic Apps to get to know more about Islam and connect with Islam then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed the Best 8 Islamic Apps for Android users which will definitely provide you the best features and more knowledge to gain. The apps will be your reminder for your prayers, will help you learn the Surah, Hadith, Ayah, Duas and so much more. Not only that but with the help of the apps given below you will be able to share the Muslim facts and knowledge with your friends, family, and community. Discover some of the best Islamic apps in the list below!

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1. Mindful Muslim

The Mindful Muslim app is a highly rated app among the Islamic apps and it is one of the best apps that a Muslim, who is looking for such apps, must have on their device. With the help of this app, one can improve their emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • Alleviate depression, anxiety, etc with numerous guided Islamic stories
  • Create a playlist of Dua
  • Gentle guided audio talk-downs of Islamic stories
  • Listen and relax
  • In-app purchases available

2. Islam 360

The app Islam 360 – Prayer Times, Quran, Azan, and Qibla is one of the best apps among the Islam apps and it is rated 4.8 stars by users around the world. The app provides you with the whole Quran and Hadith with various language translations available including English, Urdu, Hindi, etc.

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  • Add notes along with each Ayah
  • Save Bookmarks
  • Find any surah of the Quran
  • Share with your friends and family
  • Listen to audio
  • Read books of Ahadith Collections
  • Provides you the authentic Duas
  • Tasbeeh
  • Share greeting
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchases available

3. Athan App

The Athan: Prayer Times, Azan Al Quran & Qibla Finder is developed by and is rated 4.6 stars by users all over the world. The app is one of the best apps for Muslims which will keep you updated about everything as the name of the app suggests!

  • Get accurate prayer times
  • Connect with the Muslim community
  • Find Mosques near your area
  • Track Islamic event with the Islamic calendar
  • Get accurate Qibla directions
  • Read Quran in 45+ languages
  • Step-by-step guide to Umrah and Hajj Dua
  • Get a personalized prayer book
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchases available

4. Islamic Knowledge

The Islamic Knowledge app is one of the best apps that will enhance your knowledge about Islam more profoundly. The app allows you to even share the text messages and pictures from Quran and Hadith with your friends and family so that the information is shared not only with you but others too!

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  • Daily Islamic messages
  • Share the knowledge through the social media platform
  • The app works offline also
  • The app is free
  • Contains ads

5. Hadith Collection

The app Hadith collection – Sahih Bukhari, Muslim and More is a 4.7 star rated app and is very useful in case you want to learn about Hadith and get access to the ultimate collection of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.

  • Translations available
  • Adjust the font size according to you
  • Unlimited Bookmarks
  • Supports portrait and landscape mode
  • Share Hadith with everyone
  • The app is free

6. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran, and Qibla app is one of the most popular Muslim apps and is highly rated as well. The app has a lot of amazing features such as locating Qibla direction accurately, full Quran with Arabic script, translations, audios, etc.

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  • Accurate prayer times
  • Audio Recitation
  • Fasting times during Ramadan
  • Tasbih
  • Discover the community
  • Islamic greeting cards available
  • You can upgrade to the premium version
  • 40+ translations available
  • Read Quran offline
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

7. Everything Islam

The Everything Islam app is also known as ‘The Mega Islam App’. This amazing app is not only for Muslims but also for Non-Muslims who are interested in knowing the religion. If you know anyone who wants to know more about Islam or if it is you then this app is something you should surely check out.

  • Read articles related to Islam
  • Download surah offline
  • Listen to Live Quran radio
  • Watch movies related to Islam
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Learn to read Quran
  • The app is free

8. Islamic App

The Islamic App – Prayer Time, Qibla Finder, and Quran is developed by Muslim Dev and is a multi-functional Islam prayer app. If you are looking for an app that reminds you about your prayer then do check out this app.

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  • Automatic alarm reminder
  • Read or listen Quran
  • Find nearest mosques
  • Islamic calendar
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains Ads
Download Islamic App

These were the best Islamic app that will connect you to Islam in a much better way. Hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for visiting the page!

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