8 Best Football Manager Apps for Android

Football is one of the most popular games among game lovers. It feels so fun and exciting. In this article, there are 8 Best Football Manager Apps for Android that you can check out if you are someone who wants to make and lead your football team instead of just being a player. The game apps given below are the ones that make you the manager of your football team and provides you to experience what it takes to manage the entire football team. All the details and features of each app are provided in the lists, respectively. Install the one that suits your gaming needs the best!

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1. Hattrick Football Manager Game

The Hattrick Football Manager game is one of the most engaging and addictive managing games. You get to create your own football teams and manage everything. The app is a 4.4 star rated app. If you are running out of storage on your phone then you can play the same game on the website: https://www.hattrick.org

  • The game is all free
  • Set tactics for the league
  • Train your team players
  • Compete against other managers
  • The game is easy to understand
  • The game is available in 50 language versions
  • Dynamic Dashboard

2. Football Super Manager 2021

The Football Super Manager 2021 is another amazing game to play as a manager. in this app you have to do is built your team, make it the best one and keep winning the tournaments and level up! Check out the features of the app in the list given below

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  • The game can be played offline – No internet connection required
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • 4 Different camera angles
  • Supports 81 languages
  • Football game 3D
  • Good Graphics
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchases available
Install Football Super Manager 2021 Game

3. Football Team Manager

The Football Team Manager is well updated and is 4.4 stars rated app. The app does not charge any money it is free to play. It allows you to control all the areas of your team. Take on the responsibility of your team and manage accordingly. Take a look at the other features in the list given below

  • 9 Countries
  • 2 Division per Countries
  • Plan to win tournaments
  • 3 Database modes
  • Make your players and manage the needs
  • Decide lineup and make your tactics
  • Handle finances
  • The app is free
  • Contains ads

4. Retro Football Management

The Retro Football Management – Be a Football Manager app is developed by Coast Gaming and it is rated 4.2 stars on the google play store. If you are into classic football, then you should check out this app. The game currently includes 20 Seasons from 7 countries across 5 decades

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  • Pick the era you want
  • Manage the players according to you
  • Win point and exchange them in squad enhancement
  • Unlock extra classic season
  • Play 5 different games at a time
  • The game is free to download
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

5. Futuball – Future Football Manager Game

The Futuball – Future Football Manager Game app is developed by Trophy Games – Football Manager Game Makers Sports and it is rated 4.4 stars on the google play store. If you are looking for a unique game then install this app and enter the year 3021! Built the team of dangerous robots and become the smartest football team manager ever.

  • Manage Lineups
  • Negotiate sponsors team
  • Bid on bionic superhumans in auctions
  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Fight your opponent managers in a multiplayer PvP experience
  • Cyborg Squad
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

6. Pro 11 – Football Manager Game

The Pro 11 game app is another 4.4 stars rated app. Become the manager of one of the best teams and help it to become the best. Create line-ups, negotiate sponsorship deals, manage team members, training sessions and so much more! Check out other features given below in the list

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  • Compete against friends and other managers
  • High-quality 3D graphics
  • Train your players in minigames
  • Buy, trade, and sell players
  • Invest to upgrade your stadium
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

7. Top Football Manager 2021

Built the best team in this app and also join around millions of other football managers. The top football manager is 4.3 stars rated app. In this app train your players and be the in-charge of everything. Check out the amazing features of the app in the list given below

  • Bet on matches
  • Excellent 3D Graphics
  • Train you players
  • Manage your team
  • Multi-player game
  • Gain rewards
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

8. Football Management Ultra 2021 – Manager Game

Play the Football Management Ultra 2021 – manager game and know what it takes to become the best online football manager. Win the championships using your smart tactics and show the world whose the best manager! Check out the cool features of the app in the list given below!

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  • Interactive Multi-player game
  • Best manager league game
  • Train your player and win amazing trophies
  • Trade players
  • Realistic premier league
  • The app is free
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchases available

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These were the 8 best football managing game apps that are highly rated. Hope you find the one that suits your needs the best. Thank you for visiting the page!

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