8 Amazing Fast and Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Everyone is aware of the slow-motion video trend and wants to try it themselves and to be honest, fast and slow motions add a spark to the video especially when the motion sync with the beats of the music. If you are searching for such an app then this is the right place for you. In this article, you will find the 8 Amazing Fast and Slow Motion Video Apps for Android that will help you find the best video editing apps for you. With the help of the apps given below -use your creative powers and create a masterpiece out of your videos.

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1. Slow Motion Editor

The Slow Motion app is an easy to use app. Now no worries if you can’t shoot the video in slow mode with your phone camera because you can capture the video directly from this application. In case, the video is already captured you can edit the video through the app as you like it.

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  • Customize slow fast video
  • Control video speed
  • Reverse the video
  • 100+ filters available
  • Control video frame rate
  • Contains ads

2. Slow and Fast Motion Video Maker

The Slow and Fast Motion Video Maker – Reverse Video app is one of the easy to use app. Change the speed as you desire. With this app you can edit your videos for free. Record the video directly through the app or take from the gallery – your choice!

  • Easy to use interface
  • Trim videos
  • Reverse the video
  • Works offline
  • Quality of the image remains the same
  • Provides effects
  • Contains ads

3. Fast & Slow Motion Video Maker

The Fast & Slow Motion Video Maker app is simple and easy to use. Edit videos with amazing fast and slow motion tools. It is not complicated at all and provides you a quality result without much trouble.

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  • Speed – 10% up to 200%
  • The app is free to download
  • Simple user interface
  • contains ads
  • In-app purchases available

4. Video Speed Changer

Video Speed Changer: Slowmo Fastmo is a 4.7 Stars app rated by users all over the world. With the help of this app you can easily change the speed of the video or if you want you can selectively choose the parts of the video for speed change.

  • Apply multiple fast and slow motion speed
  • Supports different formats of videos
  • Quality remains the same
  • Preview your video before finalizing it
  • Share video on social media
  • Works in background
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchases available

5. Efectum

The app Effectum: Smooth Slow Motion Video and Fast Camera is one of the popular app for video editing and is a 4+ star rated app. The app allows you to change the speed of the video as per your desire then be it fast or slow or both. You can even time-lapse or reverse the video.

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  • Cut and Trim the video accordingly
  • Customized video effects and filters
  • Add music or add your own voice
  • Add text and sticker
  • Change the video ratio
  • Collage features
  • Contains ads
  • In-app purchases available

6. Video Speed

The app Video Speed: Fast video and slow video motion lets you create awesome videos using fast slow motion and share your quality edited videos with people all over the world. There is no hidden cost the app is free to use.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Select videos from gallery
  • Supports almost every video formats
  • Share and delete output files easily
  • Contains Ads
  • In-app purchases available

7. Slow Motion and Fast Motion

The Slow Motion and Fast Motion app is created by Pixelab which lets you record fast motion video or slow motion videos. Record directly from the app, no issues if your phone’s camera does not consist the fast or slow motion recording option when you have this app in your phone.

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  • Take photos while recording
  • Pinch to zoom
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains ads

8. Fast and Slow Motion Video

The Fast and Slow Motion Video app is created by CodeEdifice and allows you to convert video speed easily without any complexity. The app is free for changing the video speed and to trim the videos.

  • Add music to video
  • Trim the video
  • Convert video speed easily
  • Share video on social media platform
  • Save or Delete
  • Contains ads

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