5 Social Media Scheduling Tools to Save You Time 

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Social media is currently at its peak, where most people are active on multiple platforms, wanting to connect with people worldwide and follow current trends. However, it can be challenging to stay connected as platforms have different peak times and active users that we may not be able to reach in time. That is where social media scheduling tools come in handy, as it helps manage your posts, collaborate, and schedule to deliver them at the best time so you can have more engagement.  

These scheduling tools can save time and make your social media content more cohesive, gradually increasing your presence. In addition, you can curate and prepare your content over time, which can then be posted at once or by your scheduled time to multiple platforms. So, here are our social media scheduling tools that we recommend you check out! 

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1. Loomly 

Loomly is a social media scheduling platform that is very useful for managing content for freelancers, content creators and even those in marketing, as it integrates many social media apps that we know and use. There is a master calendar that helps to give you an overview of the contents planned for different platforms all in one place in which you can have a clear idea of what to expect within the week or month.  

Another feature is that you can collaborate with clients and be notified if changes are needed, making your content’s directory clearer and everyone to be on board with the content. There are various writing tools you can use for content; however, Loomly offers many inspirations for your content as they recommend current trends, so there will be no creative blocks heading your way. Plus, you can schedule your posts without worrying about posting the wrong thing, as they will preview your content before hitting the publish button to ensure everything is perfect. 

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2. Hootsuite  

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Hootsuite has been in the social media market for quite some time, and they definitely have the tools to ensure that your content and ideas are organised. They offer a basic social media scheduling tool up until enterprise-level for larger companies in which you can find which package works well for you. In addition, Hootsuite lets you connect with more than 100 apps where you can do possible collaborations and see the insights provided to see what are there to improve and strategize for the future.   

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If you are in a team, you can check your team’s performance and also observe if correction or approval is needed. This will ensure that everyone will know the progress of the content created. Moreover, you can efficiently manage your schedule by using the Hootsuite app on your smartphones for those on the go, which makes it very convenient.   

3. MeetEdgar  

A social media scheduling tool that you can use to keep organised and track your growth is by using MeetEdgar. It is designed for small businesses or someone starting with content creation as it is efficient and easy to use. Suppose there are days when you have no content ahead, then MeetEdgar will repurpose your evergreen content. Hence, your social platforms stay active and alert your audience to your posts.   

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Like all scheduling tools, you can schedule your posts and publish them across various social media platforms and save yourself from being stressed out. You can keep track of the performance of your posts and see which one is doing well, and this help gives you an idea of what content to create next. When you post consistently, MeetEdgar will engage with your audience and attract new ones to help improve your brand, which is always an excellent thing to have. 

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4. NapoleonCat 

NapoleonCat is like a social media toolkit you can use to kickstart your first time using social media scheduling tools. A social inbox in the platform helps you track conversations from different apps all in one place, so you can quickly save time and reply to your customers, leaving a great impression.  

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Moreover, a feature many appreciate is the automation tool that makes interaction and sustaining your brand convenient, which eventually helps with growth. For example, you can schedule your reports with the automation tool and your performance weekly or monthly. The report tracks different categories such as your engagements, interactions, customer service, and your competitor’s move.  

To stay updated, there is also a feature where it tracks your competitor and will get you motivated to reach the success they have as well. So, grab your best laptops and definitely give NapeleonCat a try! 

5. Mavsocial 

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Mavsocial is the perfect tool if you are someone who prefers visualising what content you want to create and publish. The status of your works can be observed by the calendar provided on the platform. In addition, you can put a thumbnail on the posts to help identify what they are referring to. It helps make your post’s organisation more appealing while also seeing the progress of your content.  

Moreover, Mavsocial collects data on your audience’s demographics so you would know what posts to upload, making the audience love the well-curated content. The platform also lets you collaborate and approve posts from contributors to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the content. It allows you to communicate and come to terms with great posts.   

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These social media scheduling tools will boost your productivity in your career as everything is planned out. You can understand the work you created and edit it until it is worth publishing. You can try these platforms for yourself as they also offer a free trial which could eventually be a part of your brand’s success.

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