You to Gift Service – Worth Trying Full Review

There are many ways of publishing the products or brands of a company. The most famous and common way nowadays is to give thousands of Giveaways which are done on the most used social media, Instagram or youtube, every day. But here the question arises of what is the process of choosing the winner of the giveaway from a number of participants, does it really work on choosing the winner based on the comments likes, or subscription? Inside we all know that not all publishing companies follow the main criteria of giving a good giveaway so this article will guide you about how you can use You to Gift service which will help you to host the giveaways on Instagram and you will be able to easily decide the winner based on the comments and likes.

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You to Gift Service

The You to gift service is being organized since 2019 and it is a verified application that has been successful in running around 1750000 giveaways. they do have more than 2000 users who are using you to gift services. 

The following are some features of you to gift service:

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  • Using the You to gift service is totally safe as there is no need to give the Instagram username or password for registering on the site, you just need to provide the link to the giveaway post and need to pick a winner
  • You to gift service does allow the user to pick the winner based on the likes, and comments which include only the unique comments, not the copy-paste and the profile subscriptions. Hence we can say it is a versatile service. 
  • The user will get the list of the number of participants and it will collect 100% of the data. For being fair, You can also share the link on the social media profile so that the subscriber or able to find themselves about the result in the spreadsheets.
  • It is totally free to use the application for the first time to host a giveaway by downloading it from the App Store and Play Store. You just need to pick the winners on Instagram or YouTube and then download the database of the subscribers,  likes, and comments in Excel format and then use the number generator freely.
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  • It also has the feature of screen recording which will record the process of the giveaway and the video will be saved into the device gallery. The user can also post it on a social media profile so that the follower will be satisfied to see that the winners were chosen fairly. 

How to use the You to gift application? 

The following are the steps for using you to gift application or service:

  • Step to pick a winner. 
  • Steps to export the data. 
  • Step for the random generator. 

Steps of picking a winner:

  • Click on the pick a winner button which is available on the main page of the website based on the type of social media you are using such as Instagram or YouTube. 
  • After clicking the pick a winner button inserts the link to the giveaway post and then click on the find option.
  • You do have two sections for choosing the winner:

1. Choosing the winner based on the comments which include the unique comments which are done by each participant from the unique account.

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2. You can choose the winner based on the likes. 

  • After selecting the criteria of the winner determination, select how many winners of the giveaway you want and then click on the pick a winner button. 
  • After following All the above steps you will be redirected to the winner Selection page from there click on the pick a winner button for activating the generation of random winner numbers. 
  • The randomizer is used to generate the winner’s number and display the username, and the profile photo of the winners.
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  • The application will automatically view all the winners’ comments and check if they have liked the post and have followed you. The user can also view the winner’s comment by clicking on the view participant comment button.
  • The last step is to click on the complete giveaway button. 

Steps to export data:

After clicking on the complete giveaway button you will have a link to the give result in the format of an excel and CSV file which will have the data of the participants and the winner’s profile photo which you can easily post on the profile but it does require a few steps. 

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  • Go to the export data and then select the type of data you want to export such as likes, comments, or subscribers after selecting the data which you want to export, insert the link of the file on the post or the profile, and then click on the find button.
  • After selecting the data that you want to export, pick the criteria of data collection such as all the comments, unique comments, or likes only, and then click on the start. 
  • After completing the data list and collection, save it in Excel or CSV format. 

Steps for random generator:

You to gift service offers the user 2 free online random generators such as:

  1. Random number generator. 
  2. Random list generator
  • The random number generator will be able to quickly and easily generate the Random numbers within specified limits and result in the winner of the giveaway or can be used to generate the results of other varieties also. 
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  • The random list generator will be able to select a winner instantly from the giveaway. You just need to enter the list of names, usernames, and mobile numbers in the CSV database and then choose the random winner. 


Hence we can conclude that using the service of You to gift will enable the user to complete the criteria by maintaining the transparency of the process and it will also satisfy the participants by viewing the result file which will be linked to the profile of the user. The user can host the first giveaway totally free. 

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