Why did monkey app shut down

Monkey app was a great way to learn how to code. It was a platform where you could create your own apps using Java, and then share them with the rest of the community. Unfortunately, on July 24th, 2018, Monkey app shut down. What happened?

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In this article, we’ll explore why Monkey app shut down, and what lessons we can learn from it. We’ll also look at some alternative platforms that might be a better fit for you if you’re interested in learning how to code.

Why did the monkey app get taken down?

The monkey app was a social media app designed to keep track of users’ interactions with the app and share that information back to the app’s creators. However, after only being live for a few weeks, the monkey app was taken down by its creators due to concerns about data privacy and user privacy.

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What replaced the app monkey?

Monkey, the app that let you track your spending, shut down earlier this year. The company behind it, Bank of America, announced that they would be discontinuing the Monkey app at the end of March.

A lot has changed since Monkey first came onto the scene in 2013. Banks have moved away from traditional banks and started using apps more often.

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Also, there are now many other spending tracking apps available. Some of these apps have better features than Monkey and some are cheaper. So, what replaced Monkey?

The answer is SpendingTrackr! This app is similar to Monkey in that it allows you to track your spending. However, SpendingTrackr has a few extra features that make it better than Monkey. For example, you can see how much money you have left until your next payday, as well as how much money you have saved over time.

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SpendingTrackr also lets you add expenses manually or import data from another spending tracker such as Quicken or Excel. This makes SpendingTrackr a great choice if you want to keep track of your expenses but don’t have time to use a full-fledged budgeting program like Excel or Quicken.

Did they delete monkey off the app store?

Monkey, the popular app that allowed users to track their daily workout routine, shut down suddenly last week leaving many users wondering what happened. According to the app’s website, Monkey was removed from the App Store for “violating our terms of service.” While it’s unclear what specific violations caused Monkey to be removed, some have speculated that Apple may have found monkey to be in violation of its guidelines against excessive tracking or advertising.

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Whatever the case may be, Monkey’s sudden removal leaves many iPhone and Android users wondering what happens to their data and progress. Although there are other similar apps available, such as MyFitnessPal, Monkey was arguably one of the most user-friendly options out there. Whether or not this sudden shutdown will deter others from developing similar apps is yet to be seen, but for now, users are left with a lot of unanswered questions.

How can I get monkey on my Iphone?

Monkey was an app that allowed users to control a monkey using their smartphone. The app was shut down by its creators on July 31, 2017 after a legal dispute.

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Can you still download monkey?

Monkey, an app that let you control a monkey through your smartphone, shut down on Dec. 17 after its creator stopped maintaining it. The app was popular with children and adults alike, as it let users train their monkey to do things like pull out a tooth or flip a light switch.

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While it is no longer available to download, the app’s creator offered some insights into why the app shut down. “It wasn’t because I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance, it was because no one was using it,” he wrote on the Monkey website. “Monkey grew very slowly and died a quiet death.”

How do I get the monkey app on my iphone 2022?

The monkey app, which was a popular game that let users play with monkeys, shut down last week after a copyright infringement complaint. The game allowed players to feed and train the monkeys, and earned users rewards for successful plays.

Monkey app was developed by Playrix, Inc., and was available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. After receiving a copyright infringement complaint from Mowgli Media Ltd., the game was removed from the App Stores. Mowgli Media Ltd is a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox Film Corporation.

Monkey app was developed as an educational tool to teach children about the basic principles of computer programming. However, it may have been used more often for entertainment purposes. The removal of the monkey app from the App Stores may have negative consequences for Playrix, Inc. as well as for children who enjoyed playing the game.

How do I get the Yee app?

Monkey app shut down:

To many people are wondering why Monkey app shut down. The answer is simple: They didn’t make enough money to keep it running. monkey app was a great social media platform for users to share content and connect with others, but it wasn’t able to generate the revenue necessary to keep the company going.

Is the monkey app safe?

We originally loved the monkey app because of how it made it so easy to keep track of our daily routine. But after just a few weeks of use, we noticed that the app had started to shut down randomly. We were worried that something was wrong, but we couldn’t find any clues as to why the app was shutting down.

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Monkey looked into the issue and found that the app was crashing when users tried to add new tasks or entries. Monkey then removed all of the tasks and entries from the app in an effort to prevent any further crashes, but it seems like this wasn’t enough – the app continued to shutdown randomly.

Monkey is still investigating the cause of this issue, but in the meantime, we recommend avoiding the monkey app unless you’re sure that it’s safe.

Is Monkey available on Android?

Monkey is shutting down its Android app.

The app, which was released in March, never took off as the team had hoped. It had a few thousand users and never grew beyond that. Monkey’s CEO, Benj Sullo, told TechCrunch that it made more sense to focus on the iOS app instead.

“We spent a lot of time and effort building an Android app, but we ultimately determined that it wasn’t worth the effort,” Sullo said. “There just aren’t enough people using Android to make it worth our while.”


Monkey app shut down because of lack of users. The app was not successful in attracting new users and it failed to live up to its expectations.

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