Where to Find Scavs in Interchange in Escape from Tarkov

In the game Escape from Tarkov, one of your main objectives is to find and gather scavs. Scavs are AI-controlled characters that spawn randomly in the game world and can be killed for loot. There are a few different ways to go about finding scans in Interchange, and in this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best methods. From using map features to spawn points, keep reading to learn more about where to find scans in Interchange.

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What are scars?

Scavs are short for “scavengers”, and are hostile NPCs in the game Escape from Tarkov. They are former civilians who have banded together in the wake of the outbreak of the Tough Break Update and are now a major part of the Tarkov economy. They can be found all over the map, but are most commonly found in Interchange.

Scavs will attack players on sight and are often armed with better gear than players will find in raiders’ camps. They can be a tough enemy to take down, but their loot is well worth it. Scavs often drop rare items, as well as money and other valuables.

When looting scavs, be sure to check their bodies thoroughly. Many scams will hide their valuables in body bags or backpacks, so don’t leave any stone unturned!

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What is their purpose in the game?

In the game Escape from Tarkov, Scavs are a type of AI-controlled enemy that players can encounter. They are not as common as the other types of enemies, but they can be found in certain areas of the map. When killed, Scavs drop loot that can be useful to players.

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How to find scams in Interchange

If you’re looking for scavs in Interchange, the best place to start is by checking the map. There are several key locations where scans are known to spawn, so keep your eyes peeled for any potential hot spots.

Another good tip is to listen to scans on your radio. If you hear gunfire or other suspicious noises, there’s a good chance there are caves nearby. Be careful though, as they may be trying to lure you into a trap!

Finally, don’t forget to check the bodies of any dead players you come across. Scavs often loot corpses, so there’s a chance they might have some valuable items on them.

The best time to find scans

If you’re looking for scavs, the best time to find them is during a raid. They’ll be spread out all over the map, so it’s important to explore every nook and cranny. Be sure to check behind the cover and under objects, as scars like to hide. Pay attention to your surroundings and you’re sure to find plenty of scams!

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What to do when you find a scat

If you find a scav in Interchange, the first thing to do is to assess the situation. If the scav is alone, you may be able to take them down without too much trouble. However, if there are other caves nearby, it may be best to retreat and assess the situation further before engaging.

Once you have assessed the situation, if you decide to engage the scav, try to do so stealthily if possible. Getting the drop on an unaware opponent will give you a big advantage in combat. If you can take out the scav without alerting their allies, it will make your job much easier.

Once you have engaged the scav, focus on taking them down as quickly and efficiently as possible. Remember that scans are often heavily armed and can be quite dangerous even when alone. Don’t take any unnecessary risks and try to end the fight as quickly as possible.

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Where are scav kills in interchange?

In Escape from Tarkov, scat kills can be found in the interchange. Interchange is a location in the game that is full of scams. When you enter into the interchange, you will see a lot of scams roaming around. You can kill these scavs for their loot.

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Where can I find Scavs in Tarkov?

If you’re looking for Scavs in Interchange, your best bet is to head to the lower levels of the map. There are plenty of places to hide and ambush other players, so it’s a great place to find Scavs. Be sure to check all of the nooks and crannies, as Scavs like to hide in dark corners waiting to ambush unsuspecting players.

What can boss is on interchange?

There are three scav bosses in interchange: Therapist, Mechanic, and Proper. Each has its unique loot table and may drop high-end items. killing a scat boss is one of the best ways to get good loot in exchange.

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What time do Scavs spawn on customs?

Scavs spawn on customs at different times depending on the game mode. In offline mode, they will always spawn at the same time as the player character. In online mode, they will spawn randomly between 10 and 20 minutes after the server restarts.


If you’re looking for scavs in Interchange, the best place to start is by checking out the map. There are a few key locations where scans are known to spawn, so keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to fight. With a little patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to find plenty of scavs to loot in no time.

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