Where is prefix 255 located?

How do I call a mobile from a landline in Kenya?

To call home (Kenya) : Dial + 254 followed by the desired number, e.g., Safaricom mobile, dial +254 7xxxxxxxx, or Nairobi landline, dial +254 20xxxxxx. To call other countries: Dial + country code, area code, number, e.g., UK + 4477xxxxxxxxx.

Where is prefix 255 located?

The Tanzania country code 255 will allow you to call Tanzania from another country. Tanzania telephone code 255 is dialed after the IDD. Tanzania international dialing 255 is followed by an area code. The Tanzania area code table below shows the various city codes for Tanzania.

What area code is 994 in USA?

For example, to reach the US embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, a caller in the United States would dial 011-994-12-498 0335, while a caller in the UK would dial 00-994-12-498 0335. (The area code for Baku is 12.)

Which is the dialling code for a city?

The areas are generally cities and large towns, rather than local government areas. The codes all start with 01 or 02 – phone numbers that start with anything else are not linked to an area. dialling codes for postcodes.

What are the telephone area codes in Australia?

Telephone country and area codes 1 Area codes. Australia uses eight digit local phone numbers preceded by a two digit STD area code. 2 Country code. The Australian country code is 61. 3 Emergency calls. 4 Free call, toll free and premium rate numbers. 5 Telephone directories. …

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Where can I find the dialling code for a postcode?

The codes all start with 01 or 02 – phone numbers that start with anything else are not linked to an area. The tool cannot give: the location of complete phone numbers (type the prefix only) the location of mobile numbers information relating to international dialling codes dialling codes for postcodes.

Are there any major cities that do not use 10 digit dialing?

Today, 7-digit dialing is broken in most major cities. The few major cities where 10-digit dialing is not required include Detroit, El Paso, Jacksonville, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee and Oklahoma City. Many areas not served by an overlay can still use 7-digit dialing.

What is the calling code of Kenya?

Kenya/Dialing codes
To call Kenya from other countries, subscribers must dial their international access code e.g. 00 for most European countries, and 011 from North America, followed by the country code 254. The international access code for calls from Kenya is 000.

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