What to expect in the February Android update?

Have you ever thought about why is it important for us to update the phone? Is it safe to say that lot of happenings are going on in the world right now? Why OEMs have started moving out the android 12 updates from their devices? Google is simultaneously working on android 13 behind the scenes. The update I coming soon this month only. There is no exact date of the update. We will know more about the reeling list of the google system updates. 

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What is an Android update and why is it important?

An android security update is an update that occurs primarily to gear towards improving securities and also to fix bugs. 

Have you ever wondered why android asks for updates every month? Android apps ask for updates once a month as they work daily on their app and try to improve it and fix the remaining issues.

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Android devices can receive and install over-the-air (OTA) updates to the system and application software. Android notifies the device user that a system update is available and the device user can install the update immediately or later. 

It is important to keep your device up to date for fixing the bugs and solving the problems related to the device. Though these updates are sometimes important they are not essential. Your phone could work fine on the older version too and the developers will support it but it is better to keep it updated to new features and bugs. 

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What about the Android 13 Release date?

With the first developer preview of android 13 in February, the update timeline of android 13 has been shared by Google. Though there is no exact launch date of the android 13 updates, the preview lets us assume the next major Android release.  The first Android 13 beta will arrive in April 2022, which is one month ahead of the usual May release that coincides with the Google I/O event.  

Google aims to reach the platform stability milestone with the third Android 13 beta build, which is molded for a June release. To recall, Android 12 reached platform stability in August 2021, and the stable build was launched in October 2021. Going by the Android 13 release timeline and assuming there are no significant hindrances in the updated timetable, we could expect Google to release the stable version of Android 13 sometime in August or September this year. 

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Which devices are eligible for the Android 13 update?

Are you worried whether your device will get this new update or not? You should be because as always pixel devices would get the first preference when it comes to software updates. A list of pixel phones will be shared below who will get the new update that is android 13:

  • Google Pixel 4
  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • Google Pixel 4a
  • Google Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Google Pixel 5a (5G)
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro

Do You know what’s the most interesting thing about this update is? It is that Google will start to follow the traditions which they used to follow before android 9. They will start naming dessert names as their code names of the android releases. Android 13 will be named Tiramisu. The company itself mentioned “Tiramisu” on the About Phone page. For people who might be wondering that Tiramisu is an Italian coffee-flavored dessert. According to Wikipedia, Tiramisu is usually made of savoiardi, egg yolks, mascarpone, cocoa, and coffee.

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What are the top new features of the Android 13 update [Developer preview 1]?

There will be various features that will be inoculated in android 13. Some hidden features are also there which you will come to know below. Let us know them in detail.

  • Themed icons for third-party applications– As per the last update, themed icons were limited only for some google apps but with the coming of android 13 will introduce colored theme icons which will be available for all the app icons. 
  • Quick tab for a flashlight– Though we were using double tab features moreover google has made an addition to the feature with an option switch flashlight. Moving forward, now you can easily switch on the flashlight by double-tapping on the backside of your phone. This feature is very convenient and useful for people who usually use the flashlight in dark.
  • New photo picker– Earlier we used to give access to every photo we wanted to share but with the coming of android 13, it will be easier for applications to share videos and photos efficiently. This is a new photo picker system which will be loved by all.
  • QR code scanning faster access– QR codes are more everywhere which took the rise in the lockdown because everyone was using digital money. So android 13 will give you the access to scan the QR code just by swiping right from your phone’s lock screen. 
Now, you will be able to easily tap to Transfer Media Playback Between Devices.
There will be new styles for dynamic themes.
Google is working on Redesigning Quick Settings Media Player Controls.
Now the applications will have to request permission from the user before sending notifications.

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In the above guide, it is stated that android 13 is coming soon with the boom by its outstanding features within. Now, you know about the coming features of android 13 witht the help of this guide. Also, there is no exact launch date of the android 13 updates, the preview lets us assume the next major Android release.  The first Android 13 beta will arrive in April 2022, which is one month ahead of the usual May release that coincides with the Google I/O event. So lets wait for the best. This manual would help you for sure.  

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