What is the highest point in Ventura County?

What is the elevation of Mount Pinos California?

2,697 m
Mount Pinos/Elevation

Prominently displayed in this image, Mt. Pinos, at 2,692 meters (8,831 feet) is the highest peak in the Los Padres National Forest. Named for the mantle of pine trees covering its slopes and summit, it offers one of the best stargazing sites in Southern California.

Do you need chains for Frazier Park?

California Highway Patrol is requiring chains in Frazier Park and Pine Mountain Club areas. The California Highway Patrol has required drivers to have chains on several Kern County roadways. Officials announced just before 6:30 a.m. Saturday chains are required on Frazier Mountain Park Rd and Lockwood Valley Rd.

What’s the highest elevation in California by County?

This is a list of highest points in California, in alphabetical order by county. All elevations use the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88), the currently accepted vertical control datum for United States, Canada and Mexico. Elevations are from the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) when available.

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What is the highest point in Ventura County?

Mount Pinos
Mount Pinos in the Los Padres National Forest is the Highest Point in Ventura County. At 8,847 feet in elevation, Mount Pinos is the highest point in Ventura County. It is located in the northernmost tip of Ventura County in the Los Padres National Forest, near the Kern County border.

Are there mountains in Ventura?

The primarily mountain ranges within Ventura County that make up the western Transverse Ranges, from south to north (and west to east) are: Rincon Mountain/Ventura Hills/Santa Paula Mountain; Pine Mountain Ridge/Sewart-Alamo Mountains/Cobblestone Peak; Mount Abel-Sawmill Mountain-Mount Piños/Frazier Mountain; and.

Which is the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada?

Highest Peaks In California. Mount Whitney, the highest peak in California and the entire Sierra Nevada Range, has an alpine climate and ecology. Mount Whitney ranks first among the highest peaks in California.

Does Mount Pinos have snow?

Snow Play areas on the road from Cuddy Valley to Mount Pinos. Frazier Park ‘s Cuddy Valley doesn’t get much snow during the winter and most of the winter the roads are clear. However, the designated parking areas are at Mount Pinos Campground and Chula Vista Campground.

What mountain range is in Ojai?

Topatopa Mountains
About Ojai, California Nordhoff Ridge, the western extension of the Topatopa Mountains, towers over the north side of the town and valley at more than 5,000 feet. Sulphur Mountain creates the southern ranges bounding the Ojai Valley, a little under 3,000 feet in elevation.

Do you need chains for Mt Pinos?

Please carry chains in case they are needed. Pinos is open. Check Kern County Road Closures for the Cuddy Valley/Mt. Pinos Rd up to the top of Mt Pinos and Hudson Ranch Road. Roads are icy and snow covered in some places.

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How tall is Mount Pinos?

Mount Pinos/Elevation

What does Topa mean in Chumash?

“Topa” is a word in the local Chumash Indian dialect meaning “Gopher”. So Topa Topa means gopher gopher. Unfortunately, the explanation ends there. The last Chumash native speaker passed away in 1965, and since the language was passed along orally, it has not survived.

How tall is the tallest mountain in California?

List of highest points in California by county County Name Height feet / m Source Kings Table Mountain 3,476 / 1,060 PB Lake Snow Mountain East 7,055 / 2,150 NGS Lassen Hat Mountain 8,741 / 2,664 PB Los Angeles Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy) 10,068 / 3,069 PB

What does Topa Topa mean in Chumash?

J. P. Harrington of the Smithsonian Institution notes that topa is a Chumash Indian word meaning “reed” or “rush”. Brown in his History of the Los Padres (1945), the word referred to gophers, “and to emphasize the numbers of this burrowing animal existing there, the word was repeated”.

How tall is Hines peak?

Hines Peak is the highest peak of the Topatopa Mountains, in Ventura County, California, at an elevation of 6,716 feet (2,047 m). It is located within the Ventura County section of Los Padres National Forest, several miles northeast of Santa Paula. Snow falls on the mountain during the winter months.

How to find the highest point in California?

Elevations followed by a plus sign (+) were interpolated by the compiler using topographic map contour lines. The true elevation is between that shown and the elevation plus the contour line interval which is forty feet in most instances. Elevations from the NGS are rounded to the nearest whole number. Suttle, Gary. California County Summits.

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