What is quick cast with indicator

Quick cast is a feature in Android that lets you start casting a media output by just tapping on its thumbnail or label. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use quick cast with indicator so that you can control the playback of your media content without having to open the app.

What does Quick cast do?

Quick cast is an ability of the WOW add-on that allows players to quickly set a target for their spells. When quick casting, your cursor changes to a crosshair and indicates which direction you want your spell to travel. The crosshair also changes color depending on what class you are playing as.

If you have quick cast enabled and press “G” (default key binding), your cursor will change to a hand and move towards the target, highlighting it on the ground in front of you. To cast your spell, simply click on the highlighted area.

Quick cast can be very helpful when trying to target a specific object or person. For example, if you are playing as a hunter and want to shoot an arrow at a deer in the distance, quick cast can help you get the arrow precisely where you want it.

Additionally, quick cast can be used while moving around. If you are playing as a rogue and need to pick up an item off the ground, quick cast can help you get there quickly without having to stop and click on the item every time.

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What’s the difference between quick cast and normal cast?

Quick cast is an activated ability that allows a player to cast a spell without having to wait for its cooldown. Quick cast is available on most classes, and can be toggled on or off in the class’s ability pane. Normal cast, on the other hand, is the default casting mode for all spells. Quick cast usually has a shorter cooldown than normal cast, making it more responsive to player needs.

How do I turn on quick casting?

Quick casting is a great feature that can speed up your gameplay experience. If you’re not sure how to turn it on, here’s a guide:

1. Open the Settings menu in Destiny 2.
2. Under Gameplay, select Quick Casting.
3. Enable quick casting by checking the box next to it.

Do pros use Quick Cast Dota 2?

Quick Cast is a useful feature in Dota 2 that allows players to quickly cast spells and abilities by pressing a button on the keyboard. Quick Cast is enabled by default, but some players choose to disable it for convenience.

Pros who use Quick Cast typically do so because it makes casting spells and abilities faster and more efficient. It also eliminates the need to look down at the keyboard all the time, which can improve your gameplay.

Disabling Quick Cast can be helpful if you want to focus on other tasks, such as defending or capturing objectives. It’s also beneficial if you have trouble using quick commands due to a disability or physical impairment.

How do you use a quick cast on a range indicator?

Quick casting with an indicator can be used for a variety of purposes, such as setting your rod speed or timing an ambush strike. Here are four tips for quick casting with an indicator:

1. Make sure your line is taut and your rod is ready to cast.
2. Cast the lure out as far as you can and then quickly pull it back towards you.
3. If the lure hits the water on the first attempt, wait a few seconds and try again. If it doesn’t hit the water on the first try, cast it further out.
4. When you’ve successfully caught the lure, reel in quickly to avoid losing the fish.

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How do you cast yourself?

Are you looking for a faster way of casting yourself? Quick cast with indicator can help! Quick cast with indicator is a casting technique that uses an indicator to indicate when you have reached the desired depth. The indicator will blink when you are close to the desired depth, so you can make the correct cast.

This casting technique is helpful if you are looking for a faster way to cast yourself. You can use it to cast quickly and accurately to your desired location. Additionally, quick cast with indicator is easy to use and will help you get more out of your fishing trip.

What is self cast?

Self-cast is when you cast from the object you’re aiming at instead of the ground. This is done by moving your cursor to where you want to cast and hitting “cast”.

What does quickcast do Hollow Knight?

Quickcast is a new feature in Hollow Knight that allows you to cast spells with the press of a button. Quickcast is activated by holding down the right bumper on your controller and clicking on the spell you want to cast.

Quickcast makes casting spells much faster than using the traditional cursor button, which can be helpful when you need to cast multiple spells in quick succession. It’s also great for party members who need to cast support spells without having to pause the game.

There are a few limitations to quickcast, though. First, only certain spells can be quickcasted. Second, quickcast only works while Hollow Knight is in motion, so you can’t use it to quickly move between two points in the game. Finally, if you’re using quickcast and you’re hit by an enemy attack, your quickcast spell will be cancelled and you’ll have to start over from scratch.

Overall, quickcast is a great addition to Hollow Knight and makes playing the game much faster and easier.

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Is Topson using quickcast?

We asked Topson’s support if they were using quickcast and this is what they had to say:

“We are not using Quick Cast.”


Quick cast with indicator is a new fishing technique that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It’s a type of casting where you pull the line quickly and then release it, allowing the lure to drift back to your desired spot. This method is very efficient when fishing for medium and large fish, as it allows you to cover more area in less time. If you’re looking for an efficient way to fish, quick cast with indicator might be the technique for you!

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