What Canadian stamps are worth money?

What is the most valuable stamp in Canada?

12d Black Queen Victoria
1. 12d Black Queen Victoria: The most expensive stamp of Canada in recent years has been the 12d Black from 1851. A “very fine mint” example with full gum is listed in the Unitrade Specialized Stamp Catalogue (UCS) at $300,000.

How to buy and sell stamps in Canada?

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What Canadian stamps are worth money?

Most valuable Canadian stamps

  • $225,000. 12d black Canada stamp, 1851.
  • $215,000. 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper stamp, 1868.
  • $120,000. 3d vermillion stamp, 1851.
  • $100,000. London to London Flight stamp, 1927.
  • $45,000. 60 cent Air Mail overprint, 1927.
  • $45,000. 1-shilling scarlet vermilion stamp, 1857.
  • $42,500.
  • $30,000.

Are Canadian stamp collections worth anything?

Stamp collections only rarely contain extremely rare and valuable stamps. The classic stamps of some countries continue to increase in value. For example, Canadian stamps of the 1930’s are highly regarded for their design and production quality. Generally, the value of stamps mainly depends upon rarity and condition.

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Is my old stamp collection worth anything?

You might find that the stamps in your collection of significant catalog value are worth much less than you believed. “Buy the best you can afford,” isn’t just a casually tossed-off phrase, but words to live by in stamp collecting. Inferior quality stamps are, in fact, nearly worthless.

How do I know if my stamp collection is valuable?

The condition of your stamp is one of the most important factors when determining stamp collection value. Expert collectors understand that perforations missing, faded colors, paper flacks, and other imperfections greatly diminish stamp value.

What are the rarest stamps in Canada?

The rarest Canadian stamps include the 1868 2-cent large Queen on laid paper stamp, the 8-cent Registration sheet of 50 stamps, and the 1927 London to London flight stamp. There are only two known copies of the 2-cent large Queen stamp in existence. There is only a single known copy of the 8-cent registration sheet.

How much is a queen on laid stamp worth?

The Unitrade Canadian Stamp Catalogue estimates that the large Queen on laid would now be worth at least $250,000. However, Canadian stamp collector and business man Ron Brigham, who is selling his stamp collection this fall and who owns one example of the rare stamp, announced earlier this year it is valued at $1 million.

What old stamps are worth money?

The Four Main Elements of a Stamp

Stamp Year Price
The Inverted Jenny 1918 $1.35 Million
1c Benjamin Franklin Z Grill 1868 $935,000
3c George Washington w/ B Grill 1867 $900,000
Tiflis Stamp 1857 $700,000
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What makes a Canadian stamp worth so much?

The value of a canadian stamp depends on several factors such as quality and wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and more. Values in the section are based on the market, trends, auctions and recognized books, publications and catalogs.

How much are Canadian Christmas stamps?

The three cent denomination is the stamp used for unsealed Christmas greeting cards, and the five cent value is the usual rate for first class or sealed letters. Both stamps will be the regular or small size, similar to general issue postage stamps.

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