What area code is 01299 in uk

If you’re looking to call someone in the UK from a landline, look for their area code first. If you’re calling someone on a mobile phone, they won’t have an area code and you’ll need to dial the full number, including the ‘ 01 ‘ prefix.

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Where is an 01260 number?

If you need to find an area code for a call or text in the United Kingdom, you can use the 01260 number. This is the area code for the London borough of Camden.

Who called 01297 area code?

Looking to find out who called from 01297? Our free reverse phone lookup can tell you all about the number that called, including the caller’s area code and carrier.

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Where is the dialing code 01405?

The dialing code for the 01405 area code is central London, England.

What Dialling code is 01290?

Looking for the dialling code for 01290? You can use the following table to find the dialling code for any area in the United Kingdom.

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Area Code: 01
Dialling Code: 029

Who called 01405744192?

If you received a call from 01405744192, the area code for that number is in the United Kingdom.

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What area code is 01296?

If you need to find out the area code for a particular location in the United Kingdom, you can use the 211 service. This service will provide you with the area code for the location that you are seeking.

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To use this service, you will first need to input the street name and the postcode into the 211 system. The system will then provide you with the area code for that location.

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What area code is 01298 in UK?

The 01298 area code is located in the UK and is assigned to the London borough of Lambeth. This area code covers parts of south-east London, including Waterloo and Vauxhall.

This area code was first established in 1885 and originally consisted of only nine digits. In 1922, the area code was expanded to include a number of new towns and cities, including Crystal Palace and Brixton. In 1948, the area code was further extended to cover the whole of Greater London.

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Today, the 01298 area code is one of the largest in the UK and covers a population of more than 9 million people. It is also one of the most heavily used area codes in the country.


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Area codes in the UK are 8, 020, 0131, and 0345.

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