Valorant Terms: An Introduction to In-Game Terminology

In the world of video games, there’s one thing that stands above all else: terminology. Terms like “healing prayers,” “crit boosting,” and “item unlocking” are all integral to the gameplay experience. Most gamers are familiar with these terms, but what about the other words used in-game? In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the most common in-game terms and their definitions. From there, you can use these definitions to get a better understanding of the terms being used in your favorite games.

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What is Terminology?

In any video game, especially a multiplayer one, communication is key. Whether it’s coordinating strategy or simply sharing a mutual laugh, effective communication is essential to success. Here are some of the most common in-game terms you may come across and what they mean:

AoE: Area of Effect. This term refers to an attack or spells that affect a large area around its target.
CC: Crowd Control. This refers to abilities that can keep enemies from attacking or casting spells, such as stuns and silences.
DPS (Damage Per Second): This refers to the average damage dealt by a character over some time. A high DPS player can quickly take down an enemy target.
FPS (Frames Per Second): This measures how many images per second are displayed on your screen during gameplay. Higher FPS rates mean smoother gameplay, but can also require more powerful hardware.
K/D Ratio: Kill/Death ratio is a metric used to compare different players in online games based on kills made versus deaths inflicted. The higher the ratio, the better the player’s performance overall.

How to Use Terminology Effectively in-Game

Understanding game terminology can be essential to playing effectively. This guide will introduce you to some key terms and how they are used in video games.

Ammo: Bullets, shells, or any other ammunition used in a video game.

Arena: A location where players can fight each other to achieve victory or rank up.

Auto-attack: The act of automatically attacking targets in front of you with your weapon.

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The Different Types of Terminology

This blog article will provide a guide to the different types of the terminology used in the Valorant video game. Terms such as “stats,” “abilities,” and “classes” all have specific meanings within the context of Valorant, so it is important to be familiar with them if you want to maximize your chances of success on the battlefield.

Stat: A statistic is a measure of a character’s performance in-game. Stats can affect a character’s ability to survive and inflict damage, and can also determine which classes they can join. Stats are divided into four categories: Offense, Defense, Utility, and Movement.

Ability: Abilities are special abilities that characters can use to boost their combat power. They range from simple attacks that deal damage or heal allies, to more complex abilities that can summon weapons or summons powerful pets onto the battlefield. Abilities must be activated by clicking on them on the character’s toolbar, and usually cost energy points (EP) to use.

Class: Classes are specializations that characters can choose from when creating their character. Each class has unique strengths and weaknesses that make them uniquely suited for specific roles in battle. Classes also come with predetermined stat values, which influence how well they perform in combat.

Common In-Game Terms to Know

In many video games, players must negotiate passwords, chat with NPCs, and find hidden objects to advance. To communicate these tasks more effectively with one another, developers often develop their abbreviations and terms for common activities. This guide will introduce players to some of the most common in-game terms so that they can better understand what is happening onscreen.


Achievements: A collection of rewards given to players who complete specific goals or perform certain tasks in a game.

Acreage: The amount of land that a character controls in an RPG game.

Attack: The act of attacking an enemy with weapons or magic.
Berserk Button: Something that makes a player very angry or frustrated.
Boss Battle: A battle against a powerful opponent that is required to progress through the game.
Castle Siege: The process of taking over a castle by force while it is under the control of the enemy faction.
CG (Computer Graphics): Short for “Computer Generated.” Usually refers to graphical elements such as characters and scenes in video games, which are created using computer programs rather than hand drawings or models.

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What are the Valorant terms?

Valorant is a new digital collectible card game that launches on Aug. 25. The game features an expansive vocabulary and unique terminology, so we wanted to provide a guide to help you get started.

The following are some of the most common terms used in Valorant:

Hero: A character who takes on the role of protagonist in the story and battles against enemies. These characters are often decorated veterans with impressive backgrounds.

Battle: A contest between two or more Heroes where they use their abilities and cards to defeat their opponents. Battles take place across multiple stages, culminating in the ultimate showdown against the boss at the end of the adventure.

Cards: The main way players interact with Valorant – is by playing cards during battles or using them to power up their heroes before fights. Cards come in different colors and have different effects, such as healing your allies or damaging your enemies.

What does Dinked mean in Valorant?

Dinked means to have lost all of one’s Hit Points (HP). Dinking is a common occurrence in many MMOs and can be caused by a variety of factors, such as taking damage from an enemy or being afflicted by a harmful effect. When a player dinks, their character “tumbles” to the ground, often suffering from some form of damage or debuff.

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What do MB and NT mean in Valorant?

MB (megabyte) – The basic unit of data storage in the game. Approximately 1 million bytes.
NT (nano-second) – One-millionth of a second.

Why do Valorant players say NT?

Valiant’s in-game terminology can be a bit confusing for first-time players. NT, or “natured,” is a term used to describe an individual’s natural fighting style and temperament. Players who are NT are more likely to thrive in chaotic teamfights, while players with the opposite trait, EN, are better suited for more controlled fights.

Players who have high VALOR can also use it as leverage in negotiations or social interactions. Having greater VALOR than your opponent gives you a stronger negotiating position and may make them more amenable to requests or suggestions.

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In this article, I will be introducing you to some of the most commonly used in-game terms, and what they mean. By reading through this article, hopefully, you will become more familiar with some of the lingo that is often used when playing video games. After reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts on terminology in gaming – feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me at @TheGamingGuy101!