The Role of NFT in Game Development

Just imagine — you play your favorite game and happen to win an incredibly rare weapon. Now you face a curious dilemma. Should you keep the item or… Or what? Here’s when non-fungible tokens come into play and add that second part of the formula. Along with keeping the weapon inside your game account, you can sell it on an NFT marketplace.

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Since such games rely on blockchain technology, they store all the player data on distributed ledgers, verifying each transaction via smart contracts. Too many complicated terms? Let’s reveal what each implies and find out how almost every NFT game development company takes advantage of these technologies. Read on for more insights!

Secrets Behind NFTs

Standing for non-fungible tokens, NFTs are a means of how you can acquire or transfer ownership of digital assets like images, audio, or any other virtual items. Each transaction is possible thanks to smart contracts that approve and record all the information regarding the transfer of data on the latest block in the network of connected computers operating as blockchain. Still sounds complex? 

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Let’s suppose you are interested in purchasing a specific image, say, on OpenSea, which is one of the largest NFT marketplaces. You see a fascinating 3D scene rendered as if it were shot in space. You click to buy it. Given that you’ve already set up a crypto wallet like MetaMask, the procedure will likely be verified. The ownership of that image is now transferred to you, and all the data concerning this transaction is now rewritten. 

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The same goes for NFT game assets. You play a video game, acquire new items, be it a character, weapon, or land, and then you are free to either keep it or sell everything on an NFT marketplace. The thing is that everyone finds themselves in a win-win situation since someone obtains a valuable asset, which they can sell afterward as well, while another party makes a profit and can continue playing the game.

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How Are NFTs Used in Game Development?

Unlike traditional games, NFT games are built over the play-to-earn model (P2E) and GameFi philosophy. What does it all mean? Primarily, P2E enables players to earn financial profit while enjoying the gameplay in the way described above. Good examples of NFT games are Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Nomadland.

Game development studios like Game-Ace continue to build blockchain-based apps, inasmuch as they ensure maximum benefits for all parties involved. What are these benefits, after all, you may ask?

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  1. Attracting venture capital. Since external funding is a significant player for NFT game developers, they aim to draw venture capital to inflate their projects, which is an excellent business strategy.
  2. Transaction fees. The primary financial benefit of NFT game developers revolves around earning money from each transaction of in-game tokens.
  3. High level of cybersecurity. It’s no secret that blockchain-based apps are more secure to use than traditional ones because they rely on distributed ledgers, and nothing can be deleted from a single block in the network without recording this action.
  4. Interoperability & scalability. Compared to conventional gaming apps, the blockchain technology behind NFT games allows studios to store player data on distributed ledgers, ensuring that all the progress is safe no matter the circumstances. Moreover, such games are more scalable and adaptive. For example, you can expand your NFT game as much as you like and even convert it into a metaverse someday.
  5. New income prospects. With blockchain technology onboard, you can organize paid entrance for new players willing to check out your game or launch in-game NFT collections for people who are fond of collecting rare items. 
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How to Make it Right with NFT Games?

The most effective strategy to launch your successful NFT game is outsourcing its development to a professional studio that houses experienced artists, designers, and developers. They have finalized similar projects dozens of times, so you can be confident that your game will be polished, bug-free, captivating, and commercially successful.

Referring to NFT game development outsourcing companies, you maximize the odds of making a profit out of this initiative because what you get includes:

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  • high-quality NFT game;
  • cost-efficient cooperation;
  • elaborate monetization strategy;
  • coherent system architecture, clean code, and understandable documentation;
  • attractive gameplay.

Thus, consider addressing experienced game development studios specializing in making stunning NFT games. Get familiar with their official websites and portfolios, trying to match their possibilities with your project requirements. After all, contact them and make a game!