The Best Dota 2 Carry Heroes


When it comes to competitive video games, few titles are as popular and engaging as Dota 2. This MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game pits two teams of five players against each other in a fight to the death. As one of the Carry Heroes in this game, you’re responsible for carrying your team to victory. In order to do this, you’ll need to know which heroes are the best for carrying and dealing with damage in a fight. So what are some of the best Dota 2 carry heroes? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular choices and why they’re so effective.

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Anti-Mage is a versatile and potent carry hero in the Dota 2 game. He can handle himself against most enemies, and his abilities make him perfect for taking down enemy structures or protecting allies.

Anti-Mage’s favorite weapon is the Arcane Orb, which he can use to stun enemies or fire off powerful blasts of energy that damage all nearby units. His other abilities include a powerful Mana Shield that protects him from damage and slows nearby enemies, as well as a unique Blink ability that lets him instantly move through units and obstacles.

With careful use of his spells and abilities, Anti-Mage can easily take down enemy heroes or destroy key objects on the battlefield, making him one of the most important carries in any team fight.

Nature’s Prophet

Nature’s Prophet is the most versatile support hero in the game. He can play in multiple lanes, with a variety of items and skills that allow him to provide crucial buffs and healing for his allies. Nature’s Prophet also has a powerful ultimate ability that can turn the tide of a battle.

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Luna is a spell-casting Support hero with the ability to control the moon. This makes her extremely versatile in teamfights, able to buff allies or disable enemies. She can also use her Lunar Rush ability to teleport to her moon and cast powerful spells, or even summon a celestial creature to help in battle. Luna is a strong support character that can help carry your team to victory.


1. Puck is a versatile hero with a lot of crowd control abilities that can easily disrupt enemies and lock down key areas. His ultimate ability, Freezing Field, can keep enemies trapped in place for a long period.

2. Puck also has strong early-game gameplay thanks to his passive, which gives him increased movement speed and attack speed when near enemy units. He’s able to quickly take down enemy heroes or destroy key buildings, setting the stage for later carries to capitalize on his team’s success.

3. Puck is a good pick for teams that want to create chaos and disruption in the enemy team’s lineup. His abilities allow him to easily take out heroes or disable important structures, leaving opponents stranded and vulnerable.

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There are several heroes that can easily be classified as “carries.” These are heroes who are very effective at pushing the enemy back and eventually winning the game by themselves. This is thanks to their high damage output and ability to singlehandedly take down large chunks of the opposition.

Here are five of the best Dota carry heroes:

This hero is a flying tank. His weapon, the Gyrocompass, fires projectiles that slowly fly toward targets, dealing heavy damage over time. Gyrocopter’s key ability is his Rocket Barrage, which fires a continuous stream of rockets at all enemies in a targeted area. This makes him incredibly effective at clearing out objectives or taking down larger groups of enemies.

Vengeful Spirit
As one of the most popular carries in Dota 2, Vengeful Spirit is well-equipped to take down enemies singlehandedly. Her main weapon, the spectral blade, deals massive damage and has a range that covers almost the entire battlefield. Her secondary ability is Soul Catcher, which allows her to grab enemy souls and store them in her item ring for later use. This allows her to regenerate health quickly or summon reinforcements from the dead.
2. Phantom Lancer
Phantom Lancer is an extremely versatile hero with a large variety of spells that he can use to take down enemies. His primary weapon is called The Screamer, which fires a volley of arrows


1. Slark is a tricky character to play, but with some practice and knowledge of the game, he can be a powerful ally or opponent.
2. Slark is the best candidate for the “creep” role in Dota 2, as he can easily move around the map and disrupt enemy formations.
3. Slark’s early game aggression can set the tone for the rest of the match, and his ultimate ability, Slipstream, can quickly turn a battle in his favor.

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What are the carry heroes in Dota 2?

Many different heroes can be classified as carries in Dota 2, but the three main categories are supports, mid-lane heroes, and carry heroes. Supports typically provide crowd control abilities or auras that help their team fight more effectively, while mid-lane heroes focus on using their powerful attacks to quickly kill enemy players while taking less damage themselves, and carry heroes are the ones who do the most damage to enemies. While each of these roles has its strengths and weaknesses, a good carry hero can be the difference between winning and losing a match.

Some of the most popular carry heroes in Dota 2 include Morphling, Visage, Puck, Axe, Lifestealer, Phantom Assassin, Bounty Hunter, and Dark Seer. Each of these heroes has unique abilities that make them very effective at carrying games through brute force alone. Morphling can turn himself into a living bomb that deals massive amounts of damage over time, Visage can use his ultimate ability to create illusions that distract or even trap enemies for allies to kill them with impunity, and Puck can permanently transform into an air elemental that grants him heightened movement speed and immunity to all damage, Axe can chop through enemies like wood with his powerful attacks and Lifestealer can heal himself up infinitely so he never has to worry about running out of health in the middle of a fight.

While any hero can become a successful carry depending on how well they’re played and how their team utilizes them,

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Which Dota heroes can solo carry?

There are a few Dota heroes that can easily carry games on their own. These heroes tend to have high damage and survivability, making them very hard for enemies to take down. Some of the best solos carry in Dota include Shadow Demon, Axe, Lina, and Visage.

Shadow Demon is a versatile hero that can deal a lot of damage with his spells and weapon attacks. He also has an ability that makes him immune to any damage for a short period, which can help him survive against tough enemies.

Axe is another powerful character that can easily take down enemies by himself. He has high damage potential with his axe attacks and scepter abilities, as well as good survivability thanks to his armor and health regeneration.

Lina is one of the most popular solos carries in the game. She has strong spellcasting abilities that make her difficult to kill, as well as high mobility thanks to her Skadi magic staff. She can also quickly move around the map to pick off targets or escape dangerous situations.

Visage is another powerful character that can easily take down enemies single-handedly. He has a large amount of health and armor, as well as multiple area-of-effect attacks that make him difficult to fight against.

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How do you get the best carry in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, there is a big focus on carries. Carries are heroes who rely on their abilities to score kills and carry their team to victory. There are many different carry heroes in the game, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. To find the best carry hero for you, it’s important to understand what makes them so successful.

The first thing you need to consider is your team’s composition. Each Carry has different advantages and disadvantages against different types of teams. For example, Glaive is great against teams that have lots of melee heroes but weak against ranged attackers. It’s also important to consider your playing style when choosing a Carry. Do you prefer to play aggressively and take risks, or do you like to take more conservative routes? Once you’ve determined your team’s composition and playing style, it’s time to look at the specific Carry heroes in the game.

There are a lot of great Carry heroes in Dota 2, but here are five of the best:

Lina – Lina is a fast attacker who can deal massive damage with her auto attacks coupled with her powerful spells. She excels at fighting through enemy defenses quickly and attacking head-on with her allies.

Doom – Doom is an incredibly versatile support hero who can easily turn the tides of battle by buffing his allies or dealing massive damage himself. He’s capable of healing and debuffing enemies while also providing armor and magic resistance for his

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Who are the hardest carries in Dota 2?

There are a few heroes in Dota 2 who naturally fall into the “carry” role. These heroes are typically very powerful and versatile, able to dish out massive amounts of damage and carry their team to victory. While there are many different carry heroes, some of the strongest ones tend to be melee carries with high burst damage and long-range spells.

Some of the most infamous hard carries in Dota 2 include Dragon Knight, Kunkka, Lina, and Rubick. These heroes are incredibly difficult to kill and can single-handedly turn a game around if they manage to secure kills or disable enemy players. While they may not be the most popular picks, these heroes are definitely among the hardest carries in the game.

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