The Best CB Build in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise

You’ve seen him on the field; now it’s time to see him off of it. In this blog post, we take a look at the new CB to build in Madden 23 and how you can make the best use of him on your team. From coverage skills to tackling power and pass-rushing ability, read on to learn more about the best CB build in Madden 23 and how you can maximize his potential on your squad.

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Why choose a CB in Madden 23?

Madden NFL 23 is set to release on August 10th and with that comes a brand new CB class which players will need to take into account when creating their teams. While there are many good options available, we’ve compiled the best build for CBS for Madden 23 below.

1. Height and Weight: The first and most important factor to consider when building a CB is their height and weight. Most of the time, taller CBs are better because they can more easily see over the defense and make plays on the ball. On the other hand, smaller CBs can be very effective in man coverage because they can use their speed to get around receivers. When picking a build, always try to match your opponent’s biggest weapon (usually a receiving TE) with your player’s size/height so you can limit his effectiveness.

2. Speed: Another important factor to consider when building a cornerback is their speed. If you have a fast player playing then you want him on your team no matter what class he is in. However, having too much speed can be dangerous as well because it can give receivers too much space downfield. As with height and weight, find a balance between having too much or not enough speed so that you can match up with opposing players effectively without giving them an easy layup leading to turnovers or big plays.

3. Hit Power: One of the most important skills for any defensive back is

The Best CBs in the game

The best cornerback build in Madden NFL 18 is a No Fly Zone corner. This CB build allows you to focus on ending receivers with great physicality, while also having the ability to shut down the deep pass.

1. Start with a high-rated cornerback in the game, like Aqib Talib or Patrick Peterson.

2. Select the No Fly Zone coverage style for your CB. This will give you the ability to dominate receivers at the line of scrimmage and stop deep passes from being completed.

3. Prioritize stopping the run strongly, as this will take away one of your opponents’ main weapons on offense. Add some strong defensive tackles and linebackers to help out with this goal.

4. Add some Cover 2 zones into your playbook to mix it up and provide different challenges for your opponents. Be sure to use blitzes liberally to get pressure on the quarterback and create turnovers.

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How to build your CB team

To build a successful cornerback team in Madden NFL 18, it is important to have the correct players at the correct positions. To build the best CB team, you will need four cornerbacks and at least one safety. The following are some tips on how to build your CB team:

1. Start with the best players available. If you can afford it, aim to pick up top-tier cornerbacks like Aqib Talib or Patrick Peterson. However, don’t be afraid to fill out your roster with less expensive options if they are better suited for your specific playstyle.

2. Place a priority on stopping the run. Cornerbacks are key in limiting opposing offenses’ yards after contact, so make sure to select players who excel at defending the run game. Options like Jalen Ramsey or Vontae Davis provide exceptional coverage skills while also providing strength against the run.

3. Scheme your corners around your offense’s strengths. Understanding which offenses give your cornerback group the most trouble will help you scheme them up accordingly. For instance, if passing attacks are normally a weakness for your defense, try pairing a strong coverage corner (like Ramsey) with a physical safety (like Kam Chancellor) who can take away deep catches downfield. Conversely, if getting off of jams is one of your team’s strengths, then select an aggressive cover man like Chris Harris Jr. 

4. Get creative with the formation

Is the face of the franchise in Madden 23 good?

There are a few good cornerbacks builds in Madden 23. One of the most popular is the Cover 2 defense with Devin McCourty as the safety. This build has McCourty dropping back into coverage, which helps to protect the middle of the field and gives your team better coverage against deep passes. Another popular build focuses on strong zone coverage with Jalen Ramsey and Joe Haden. This build allows your team to lock down receivers one-on-one, making it difficult for opponents to gain yards through the air.

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How do you press as CB in Madden 23?

In Madden 23, the cornerback position has been completely revamped. Gone are the days of trash-talking receivers in your face and waiting until they make a mistake. Now, you need to be excellent in man coverage and have the ability to take away the entire field.

There are a few ways to press as CB in Madden 23. One way is to use your Jam technique. When you press CB, try to jam your receiver at the line of scrimmage as often as possible. This will help you disrupt their timing and rhythm and make them uncomfortable in their route running.

Another way to press is by playing physical ball coverage. Use your size and strength to intimidate receivers into making mistakes. If you can force them into being one-dimensional players, it’ll be much easier for you to defend against them.

Pressure is key when playing cornerback in Madden 23, so don’t give up on defending against wide receivers early on in the game. Get physical with them and force them into making poor decisions

Can you be a CB in Face of the Franchise?

Yes, you can be a CB in Madden NFL 16. There are a few key things you need to do to become one of the best defenders in the game.

First, make sure you’re playing at a high level in practice. This will help you learn the playbook faster and get used to all of the defensive Coverages. Second, focus on getting good cornerbacks against the run. This is typically where opposing teams attack most often, so being able to defend against it well will help your overall stats. Finally, make sure to use your cover skills to frustrate opposing receivers. If they can’t get open, they’re not going to be able to score points and help their team win games.

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What positions can you play in Madden 23 face of the franchise?

In Madden NFL 23, there are a variety of different positions that you can choose to play in the face of the franchise. One of the most popular positions is cornerback. Here are some of the best cornerbacks in Madden NFL 23:

1. Janoris Jenkins – Janoris Jenkins is one of the best corners in Madden NFL 23. He has great coverage skills and can make big plays on defense.

2. Richard Sherman – Richard Sherman is another great cornerback in Madden NFL 23. He is very fast and has excellent ball skills.

3. Brandon Marshall – Brandon Marshall is another great cornerback in Madden NFL 23. He has good coverage skills and can make big plays on defense.

4. Darius Slay – Darius Slay is one of the best cornerbacks in Madden NFL 23. He has great coverage skills and can make big plays on defense


While there is a variety of different CB builds that can work in Madden 23, the Face of the Franchise build is without question one of the most effective and versatile. With balanced coverage across the board, this build gives you the ability to shut down opposing offenses while also providing some solid pass rush. If you’re looking for a strong foundation on which to build your Madden career, look no further than this CB build from our Face of the Franchise player. Thanks for reading!

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