The Best Badges to Use in NBA 2K23

A badge is an important part of any NBA 2K game. It tells the player’s biography and offers a sense of identity within the game. And while badges are essential, they can also be quite confusing for players new to the series. In this blog post, we will take a look at the best badges to use in NBA 2K23. From players to teams, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on what to wear and when. So whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, make sure to check out this article for some helpful advice.

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NBA 2K badges

There are a lot of badges you can earn in NBA 2K16, but which ones are the best? Here are eight badges that will help you improve your game:

1. MVP: Win an MVP award in any mode.
2. All-Star: Play in all-star games.
3. Top 5%: Score at least 500 points in any mode.
4. Triple Double: Record a triple-double in any mode.
5. 50/40/90%: Finish with at least 50 percent shooting, 40 percent from three, and 90 percent from the free throw line.
6. Team Player: Play on a team with at least four other players who have earned a badge from this list.
7. Game-Winning Shot: Take a game-winning shot in any mode (online or offline).
8. Time Shot: Make an amazing one-time shot in any mode (online or offline).

How to get NBA 2K badges

There are a lot of different badges you can earn in NBA 2K16, and each one has its own set of benefits. Here are the best badges to use:

1. “The Slam Dunk King” badge: Earn this badge by completing all challenges related to dunks. This includes making at least 10 dunks in a single game, dunking on multiple players in a single game, and more. The benefits include increased dunk points, faster play speed, and more money earned when selling possessions during games.

2. “Team Player” badge: Earn this badge by playing like a true team player. This includes setting good screens, passing on key occasions, and holding your ground on defense. The benefits include increased team stats, bonus XP earned for winning games, and more money earned when selling possessions during games.

3.” One-Step Ahead” badge: Earn this badge by scoring 25 or more points in a single quarter or half (or 100 or more total points). The benefits include increased shooting accuracy and free throw percentage, as well as increased shot power ratings for both players and teams.

4.” In the Zone” badge: Earn this badge by scoring 50 or more points in a single game. The benefits include increased shot power ratings for both players and teams, as well as an increase in the amount of money earned when selling possessions during games.

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What are the best badges to have?

There are a few different types of badges that NBA players can wear to show their allegiance to a team. Some badges focus on the player’s stats, such as scoring or rebounding. Others commemorate an important game or event in the team’s history. However, the best badges to have are ones that celebrate the team’s culture and tradition.

Some of the best badges to use in NBA K include:
-The “Crazy 8” badge – This badge is awarded to players who score at least eight points in any game played during the regular season.
-The “Starter” badge – This badge is given to the first player off the bench in each game throughout the regular season and playoffs.
-The “I Believe” badge – This badge is given out to players who demonstrate dedication and commitment to their team through positive attitude and behavior.

What are the best finishing badges in 2K23?

There are many different types of badges you can use in your NBA 2K23 save the file. Some are essential for completing the game, while others just give you a little bit of extra flair. Here are the best finishing badges to use in your game:

Gold Badge – This is the most important badge and is necessary for unlocking all of the other achievements in the game.

Titles – Collect all 36 titles to unlock this badge. You will likely get this badge naturally while playing through the game, but if not, there are several ways to earn it.

Veteran – Earn 25 MVP awards or 10 All-Star appearances to earn this badge. These can be achieved by playing as a great player throughout the entire season or by achieving great stats during specific periods of games (e.g., points scored in a quarter).

All-Star – Win an All-Star game or participate in 10 during your career to unlock this badge. Participating in an All-Star game doesn’t have to mean leading your team to victory; sometimes being on the court is enough. Just make sure you play well enough to be selected as an All-Star starter (or reserve).

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Are Blinders or Deadeye better than 2K23?

Blinders or Deadeye might be the better 2K23 badges to use. Blinder is a defensive badge that reduces the accuracy of your shot, while Deadeye is an offensive badge that increases the accuracy of your shot. The stats for these badges are as follows: 

Blinders – Reduces accuracy by 20%
Deadeye – Increases accuracy by 20%

Does Deadeye work 2K23?

Deadeye is a new badge in NBA 2K23 that allows players to assassinate their opponents from long range. The badge has a high accuracy rating which can help players take down their opponents from distance. This badge is especially useful for players who like to shoot from outside the three-point line.

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What is the Bully Badge in 2K23?

The Bully Badge is new in NBA 2K23. It is unlocked by completing the “Badges of Honor” mini-game. The Bully Badge makes your player stronger, faster, and tougher. It also gives you a boost in stats for defense and rebounding.


NBA 2K23 is coming, and with it, comes the need to get your badges in shape. Whether you’re a newer player who’s just starting or an experienced vet looking to up your game, finding the right badges can be a challenge. This article provides a list of the best badges to use in NBA 2K23, based on both personal preference and overall effectiveness. Happy badge hunting!

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