The 12 Best Horse Games on Steam

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. If you’re a fan of horse racing, odds are you’ve played some form of horse game on Steam. From horseshoes to poker, these 12 games will have you entertained for hours on end. So saddle up and let’s explore the best horse games on Steam!

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Thoroughbred Racing

There are plenty of horse racing games on Steam, but which ones are the best? Here are five great horse racing games to try.

1. Risen 3: Titan Lords (Windows, Mac, Linux)
This is a beautifully designed and well-made open-world RPG game that features horse racing as one of its main features. You can choose from a variety of horses and races to compete in, and there’s a lot of depth to the gameplay. The graphics and sound are great, and the horse races themselves are very exciting to watch. This game is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of horse racing games.

2. Just Cause 3 (Windows, PS4, Xbox One)
Just Cause 3 is perhaps the most popular open-world action game on Steam right now, and for good reason. It features an amazing amount of freedom to do whatever you want–including taking part in thrilling horse races. The races themselves are very fun to play, with realistic graphics and physics that make for an exciting experience. If you’re looking for an action-packed adventure with some cool horse racing thrown in for good measure, look no further than Just Cause 3!
3. Forza Horizon 4 (Windows 10/Xbox One/PS4/PC)
If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience when it comes to horse racing games, then Forza Horizon 4 is your go-to option. Not only does it offer amazing graphics

Standardbred Racing

1. Standardbred Racing

Standardbred racing is a popular horse racing game on Steam that has amassed a large following. The game is set up in a season format where players can race their horses in multiple races, qualifying for the main event. There are also “challenge” races where players can earn rewards. Standardbred racing is easy to learn but hard to master, with fast-paced action and thrilling finishes.

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Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is a popular horse racing game on Steam. The game has multiple tracks to race on and allows players to bet on the races. Players can also customize their own horses.

Harness Racing

There are a lot of horse games on Steam, and it can be hard to know which ones to choose. Whether you’re a fan of traditional harness racing or want something new and unique, these are the best horse games on Steam.

1. Harness Racing: Enjoy some classic harness racing action with horses that react realistically to your every movement.

2. Equine Challenge: Take on a variety of challenges in this arcade-style game, from sprinting to jumping fences.

3. A Horse Named Midnight: This adventure game follows the journey of a young girl who must find her way home after being lost in the wild for many days. Along the way, she battles bandits, wild animals, and harsh weather conditions on her trusty steed, Midnight.

4. Wild West Runaway: Take control of a horse named Dusty as he speeds through an open-world environment filled with obstacles and villains attempting to stop him from reaching his destination safely.

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Quarter Horse Racing

There are a variety of horse games on Steam, but these five are the best. Each one offers unique gameplay and a captivating story to keep you hooked for hours on end.

Thoroughbred Breeding

Thoroughbred breeding can be a very rewarding experience, but it takes time and patience to get the results you want. Here are some of the best horse games on Steam that will help you develop your skills as a breeder.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is one of the oldest horse games on Steam and it still holds up today. You can race horses on both flat and steep tracks, and there are many different horse breeds to choose from. The game has a realistic racing engine that makes for exciting gameplay.

Horse Breeding Simulator

If you want to learn about horse breeding but don’t have time for a full game, try Horse Breeding Simulator. This simulation allows you to breed horses, care for them, and train them up until they’re ready to race. You can also customize your barn and track settings to create the perfect racing environment for your horses.

Jumping Games

Jumping games are perfect if you want to learn how to jump high fences or race over obstacles. There are many different jumping games available on Steam, including Old World Greetings’ Crossy Road and Playdead’s Limbo. Both games require skillful navigation through obstacle courses while avoiding deadly dangers along the way.

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Standardbred Breeding

Standardbred breeding is a sport that has been around for centuries and is still popular today. Many different competitions can be played and horse racing is the most well-known of them. There are also saddle horse races and hack races. Horse racing is a popular spectator sport and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Greyhound Breeding

Greyhound Breeding is a horse breeding mini-game on Steam that allows players to breed horses and train them for racing. The game has a heavy focus on genetics, allowing players to fine-tune their horses’ traits in order to produce the best racing horses possible. Greyhound Breeding is one of the newer horse games on Steam, and it has quickly become one of the most popular.

Players can breed horses using different combinations of pedigree horses, as well as greyhounds. The game has a total of 23 different genes that can be manipulated, including things like muscle mass, speed, and stamina. In order to improve your horses’ genetics even further, players can train them in different tracks and arenas. Training your horses properly will allow them to win races faster and gain more experience points.

If you’re looking for a challenging horse breeding mini-game with a high focus on genetics, then look no further than Greyhound Breeding on Steam.

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Harness Racing Histories and Facts

1. Harness racing is a form of horse racing that utilizes a saddle and bridle instead of reins. 2. Harness racing began in England in the early 1800s, and it became popular in North America during the mid-19th century. 3. Harness racing is currently most popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia, but it has been played in the United States since the 1830s. 4. There are several different types of harness races, including harness racing open championships, harness racing handicaps, penny stocks, allowance races, and sprint races. 5. The best horse games on Steam include titles such as American Gold Rush: The Lost Race (iOS), At The Races (Android), Horse Racing Manager 2017 (PC), and thoroughbred trainer (PC).

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Quarter Horse Breeding Histories and Facts

1. Quarter Horse Breeding Histories and Facts
2. Quarter Horse Games on Steam
3. The Origins of the Quarter Horse
4. The Quarter Horse in American Culture
5. The Quarter Horse Today

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Thoroughbred Horse Race Tracks in the U.S

1. The National Horse Racing Association (NHRA) oversees horse racing in the United States. There are fourteen tracks in operation today, with seven more under construction or in planning stages.

2. The majority of tracks are located in major metropolitan areas, with two located on Native American reservations and one on a military base. Thoroughbred horse racing is popular throughout the U.S., but the states with the most racetracks are California (5), New York (4), and Florida (3).

3. To participate in a race, you will need to purchase a ticket from the track’s box office. Most races are broadcast live on television, and many tracks offer online streaming services that allow spectators to watch races from anywhere in the world.

4. Thoroughbred horse racing is a complex sport that requires significant training and skill to participate in. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique form of entertainment, be sure to check out some of the available resources listed below:
-NHS website: This website provides information about all NHRA-sanctioned races, including start times, participating horses, past results, and race charts . 
-HorseGamesOnline: . This website offers comprehensive coverage of thoroughbred horse racing, including live broadcasts of all major races as well

Standardbred Horse Race Tracks in the U

There are a variety of horse race tracks available on Steam, each with its own unique features and gameplay. Here are the five best horse games on Steam:

1. Blood Horse Racing

Blood Horse Racing is a racing game that takes place in the Old West. You play as a sheriff trying to track down a serial killer who is targeting horses. The game has a lot of action and suspense, and it’s sure to give you a wild ride.

2. Kentucky Derby Dreams

Kentucky Derby Dreams is another racing game that takes place in the Old West. You play as a jockey competing in the Kentucky Derby race against other riders. The graphics are top-notch, and the gameplay is extremely realistic. This game will make you feel like you’re right there on the track!

3. Thoroughbred Legends

Thoroughbred Legends is another racing game that takes place in the Old West. You play as one of several gamblers trying to win big at horse races across America. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay feels very realistic. This is one game that you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself!

4. Grand Prix Race Simulator

Grand Prix Race Simulator is another racing game that takes place in various locations around the world, including motorsports circuits like Monaco and Suzuka Circuit from Japan. The graphics are top-notch, and the gameplay feels very realistic (you can even control your car with an Xbox controller!). This is

What is the number 1 horse game in the world?

The number one horse game in the world is called Carcassonne. It is a strategy board game that requires players to build and manage their medieval settlements, all while battling against other players for control of the region. There are several different versions of Carcassonne available, each with its own unique features and challenges. If you’re looking for a challenging game that will keep you engaged for hours on end, Carcassonne is certainly worth checking out.

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What game has the best horse?

There are many great horse games on Steam, but which is the best? Here are our top picks:

1. Horse Racing Simulators

Horse racing simulators are some of the most realistic and immersive gaming experiences available. They let you explore horse training and racing empires from all over the world. Some of the best horse racing simulators on Steam include Shining Rock Pro Sports, Forza Horizon 3, and Just Cause 3.

What is the Top 10 games on Steam?

Like any other avid gamer, you likely spend hours each day playing your favorite games on Steam. So what are the best horse games on Steam? Here are ten of the most popular and well-rated titles that allow you to experience the thrill of horse racing from a unique perspective.

1) My Horse 3D: This is an incredibly detailed and realistic horse game that allows players to experience everything from training their horses to competing in races. You can even customize your horses with different colors and patterns, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a detailed and immersive experience.

2) Equinox: Equinox is another top-rated horse game that offers a compelling and challenging gameplay experience. Players must work together as a team in order to race their horses across various courses while avoiding obstacles and dangers along the way. It’s an exciting, fast-paced game that will test your skills to the limit.

3) Run For Your Life!: Run For Your Life! is a fun and exhilarating game that puts you in control of a powerful horse racing mount. As you ride through challenging tracks, you must dodge obstacles and stay safe while attempting to achieve the fastest time possible. If you have a bit of speed and agility in you, this is one racing game sure to please.

4) Fields Of Glory II: Fields Of Glory II is an incredible title that allows players to battle it out in epic horse races across hundreds of miles of beautiful

What is the best horse game in 2022?

There are many horse games on Steam, but which is the best? Here are our top picks.

Horse Life is a simulation game where you manage your own stable of horses. You must feed them, brush them, and care for them in order to make sure they are healthy and productive. There are different breeds of horses to choose from, and you can even train them to do tricks!

Horse Racing Championships are another popular horse game. You can race against other players or bots in a variety of races, including sprints, mile races, and more. You can also customize your horse and ride it to victory!

For something a bit different, try Barnstorming! In this game, you must fly your plane around the barnyard collecting hay bales and other objects while avoiding obstacles. It’s a fun way to spend some time in the air!