The 10 Best Platformer Games on Steam

Platformer games are some of the most popular genres out there, and for good reason. They’re easy to learn but difficult to master. They can be played on your computer or console, making them perfect for all sorts of players. Here are ten of the best platformer games currently available on Steam. Get ready to jump, run and fight your way through some awesome levels!

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Stardew Valley

If you’re a fan of platformers, Stardew Valley might be the game for you. This RPG-style game takes place in a small farming village and features an incredibly well-developed world that’s full of secrets to uncover. Download it today and start exploring!

9. Undertale

Undertale is a game that takes the player on an interesting journey. It is a downloadable title that can be played on PC, Mac, and Xbox One. The game has been praised for its unique mechanics and art style. The story follows a young boy who falls into a hole and ends up in the world of Undertale. He meets some interesting characters along the way who help him out.

The gameplay in Undertale is unique. The player controls the character through dialogue choices that affect the course of the game. Several different endings can be achieved based on how the player chooses to act. The art style in Undertale is beautiful and well done. Fans of platformers will enjoy playing this game.

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8. Diablo III

One of the most popular genres on Steam is platformer games, and there are a lot of great ones to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of classic titles like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, or if you’re looking for something new and innovative, here are 10 great platformer games on Steam that you should check out!

10. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Shantae is a classic Metroidvania game with an Adventure Time flavor. In Half-Genie Hero, you play as Shantae, a half-genie who must save her friends from the evil queen and her cauldron full of monsters. The game features intense action sequences and extensive exploration, making it one of the most challenging platformers on Steam.

9. Don’t Starve
Don’t Starve is an atmospheric survival game set in an expansive world filled with deadly creatures and unforgiving environments. You play as Wilson, an intrepid character stranded in a wild and wacky world where anything can happen at any time. To survive, you must build shelters, scavenge for food, craft tools, and battle dangerous creatures in epic battles to become king or queen of the wilderness!

8. Shovel Knight
In Shovel Knight, you play as Plague Knight—a powerful villain who has been betrayed by his team of knights—and must journey through spectacular levels full of traps and enemies to rescue his

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7. Tales of Berseria

Berseria is a platformer that follows the story of Velvet, a young woman who must find her way in an all-encompassing world of darkness. Along the way, she’ll make new allies and battle ferocious beasts in search of salvation.

Berseria is unique in its level design, with each area offering a different challenge and environment. From towering mountains to sprawling forests, every stage provides something new to explore. This attention to detail extends even to the boss battles, which are substantial affairs with unique mechanics and interesting fights that can take several tries to perfect.

While it may not have the most fluid controls or stunning visual design, Berseria is an immensely enjoyable platformer that’s well worth your time.

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6. Rocket League

Rocket League is a unique platformer game that pits players against each other in races to score the most points. The game has been praised for its clever level design, high-quality graphics, and addictive gameplay. It can be played on PC or consoles, and there are numerous community servers available so that players can compete without waiting for matches to load.

Rocket League is one of the most popular games on Steam, with over 1 million active users. It’s also one of the cheapest games on the platform, with an average price of $10.

If you’re looking for a challenging platformer that will keep you entertained for hours on end, look no further than Rocket League.

5. Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is the latest installment in the popular Kingdom Hearts series of video games. The game follows Sora, Riku, and Kairi as they fight through a variety of different worlds in search of Destiny Islands’ Keyblade. Along the way, Sora encounters new characters and faces off against tough enemies.

Kingdom Hearts III offers a wide variety of gameplay options, including action-adventure, role-playing, and strategy modes. Players can control Sora or one of his allies in either mode and can swap between them at any time. The game features high-quality graphics that are sure to please fans of the series. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a more strategic challenge, Kingdom Hearts III has something for you.

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4. Metroid Prime: Samus Returns

If you’re looking for a platforming game that will take you on an incredible adventure, Metroid Prime: Samus Returns is the perfect game for you. This title features exhilarating action and exploration, and it’s packed full of secrets and hidden areas that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, the level design is top-notch, so you’ll never get lost or feel frustrated while playing.

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3. Sonic Mania

Since its release in 2017, Sonic Mania has been lauded as one of the best platformer games ever made. With a tight-level design and lightning-fast gameplay, Sonic Mania is a must-play for any Mega Man or Sonic fan. If you’re looking for a great platformer game to add to your Steam library, look no further than Sonic Mania!

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2. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is the latest entry in the popular platformer series and it does not disappoint. The game is set in a new world called New Donk City and it features an expansive world to explore with plenty of secrets to find. In addition to the traditional platforming gameplay, Super Mario Odyssey also includes elements of RPG mechanics, letting players collect power-ups and amass a large arsenal as they travel through the game. With great graphics and gameplay, Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best platformers on steam.

1. Owlboy

Owlboy is a 2D platformer game developed and published by D-Pad Studio. The game follows the story of Otus, an owl who is forced to leave his home after a gang of birds led by the bad king steals all of the food in town. Otus sets out on an adventure to save the town and restore order to the bird kingdom.

The game has been praised for its charming visuals and clever level design. It features several challenging boss fights as well as multiple endings based on player performance. Owlboy is currently available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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What are the Top 10 games on Steam?

Steam is one of the most popular platforms for gamers. It has a wide range of games that can be played on it. Here are the top 10 platformer games on Steam:

10. Super Mario 3D World
Mario is back in his third 3D world adventure! This game features new levels, new enemies, and more power-ups than ever before.

9. Sonic Generations
This game features classic Sonic gameplay with modern graphics and sounds. You can play as both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, each with its own unique abilities.

8. Rayman Legends
Rayman is back in an all-new adventure featuring stunning visuals and challenging platforming challenges. Play as either Rayman or his brother Globox, collecting coins to buy new abilities and explore lush worlds full of secrets.
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What is the best platformer game?

Steam is one of the most popular platforms for gamers, and it offers a wide variety of games to choose from. Here are the best platformer games on Steam:

Super Mario World (SNES) – This game is an icon of platforming and is one of the most well-known and loved games in history. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, and it features some of the most iconic levels in gaming history.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) – This game is arguably better than Super Mario World, and it has a more unique layout with more levels. It’s also more challenging, which makes it a great choice for those looking for a longer gaming experience.

Metroid Prime (N64) – This game set the standard for 3D platformers, and its atmosphere and exploration are classic examples of what makes video games so awesome. The controls are tight, making it an epic challenge even today.

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What is the best 3D platformer?

There’s no single definitive answer to this question, as different players will have different preferences when it comes to gaming genres and 3D platforms. That said, here are three of the best 3D platformer games available on Steam:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii)
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)
Sonic Mania (Sega Dreamcast)

What is the world’s hardest platformer?

The world’s hardest platformer games are the kind that will keep you on your toes for hours on end. These are the games that will make you scream in frustration, or jump out of your seat in excitement. Whether it’s a tightly-designed level or an unforgiving physics engine, these games will challenge even the most seasoned gamer. Here are 10 of the hardest platformers available on Steam!

10. Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club is a heart-wrenching story about friendship and loss set to dizzyingly beautiful music. You play as a club member who has to save their friends from a wicked school administrator. The game is brutally hard, but its beautiful visuals and haunting soundtrack make it well worth your time.

9. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is a tough-as-nails platformer that forces you to navigate through mind-numbing levels filled with lethal obstacles and monsters. Every step taken can be critical, meaning this game is not for the faint of heart. But if you can overcome its challenging gameplay and nail those tricky jumps, you’ll be one proud (and sick) meat boy!

8. Spelunky

Spelunky is an addicting cave exploration game that has been described as “the perfect blend of hardcore difficulty and cerebral puzzle solving.” Traverse treacherous caves filled with deadly traps and intricate puzzles to reach the treasure at

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