SpaceX Starlink Just Launched New Satellites This October 2022

Satellites play a massive role in the world we live in right now. From communication, GPS, the internet, and more, satellites still hold power that other technologies cannot have. In the United States alone, satellite internet providers are the only ones who have coverage for the entire country, setting them apart from their competitors, regardless of how fast, reliable, or stable the connection they can provide. 

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One of the new game-changers in the field is SpaceX’s Starlink. It is a relatively new brand that emerged last 2019. And, the biggest news of them all is that it gives strong competition to other satellite internet providers in the country. So, let’s understand what Starlink really is, what it can offer to the users, and what the recent launch means to us. Let’s begin!

What Is Starlink?

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Starlink is a satellite internet constellation system by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Its main goal was to deliver a global broadband network that’s fast and reliable. It utilizes a constellation of LEO or low Earth orbit satellites to deliver high-speed internet to its users. As of writing, Starlink is now available in 40 countries.  

SpaceX’s Starlink Launch

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On October 4, 2022, SpaceX’s Starlink will launch its first batch of satellites from California at 23:48 UTC to begin its month-long launch schedule. As part of the Starlink 4-29 mission, 52 new Starlink satellites were launched at the Vandenberg Space Force Center in California. 

Originally, the launch was set for October 3, but they have decided to postpone it for a day to give more time for pre-launch checkouts. However, more delays are anticipated for Starlink 4-29 if the Crew-5 launch remains scheduled for October 5. The good thing is you can watch the official live stream of the launch on SpaceX’s YouTube channel. 

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SpaceX October 2022 Launch Schedule

As mentioned earlier, the launch will happen to begin the launch schedule towards the end of the month. Here’s a quick overview of their schedule:

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Starlink 4-29Oct. 4, 2022 | Tues24:48 UTCVandenberg SFC, California
Starlink 4-31Oct. 31, 2022 | Mon00 UTCVandenberg SFC, California
Starlink 4-36Oct. 31, 2022 | Mon00 UTCVandenberg SFC, California
Starlink 4-37Oct. 31, 2022 | Mon00 UTCVandenberg SFC, California

Starlink Amidst the Controversies

Many internet companies have shared a fair number of controversies, and SpaceX’s Starlink is no exception. With its mission to provide fast satellite internet across the world, it is continuously launching satellite batches several times a year. The company states that it plans to build at least 30,000 eventually. 

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As much as it is exciting for many people, it began to stir a concern for many astronomers, especially with the continuously growing Starlink satellites. Some astronomers claim that Starlinks is photobombing astronomical photographs because they are so bright. As a result, they might obstruct the expert astronomical observations that have given us our current understanding of the universe. Although SpaceX has made efforts to resolve the problem, they continue to fall short of what astronomers deem acceptable.

Starlink Satellite Internet

There’s something about Starlink satellite internet that made everyone interested when they first launched their service. What is it? The unlimited high-speed data for every user. Satellite internet is notorious for having data caps, which left many households in remote areas no choice but to go with it, as it’s better than having no internet connection at all. It can also be expensive, especially if you opt for a higher data allowance. 

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With Starlink, you don’t have to worry about these things. A recent speed test report by Ookla states that Starlink’s average download speed in Lithuania for the first quarter of 2022 was 160 Mbps. 

Furthermore, Starlink recorded speeds of 91 Mbps in the US, 97 Mbps in Canada, and 124 Mbps in Australia. With an average download speed of 105.91 Mbps, Starlink in Mexico had the fastest satellite internet in North America. According to the speed test, upload speeds have decreased by at least 33% in the United States, from 16.29 Mbps in the first quarter of 2021 to 9.33 Mbps in the second.

With this data, Starlink remains undeniably one of the best satellite internet providers worldwide. The company is continuously improving its services to cater to more countries and, of course, to deliver high-speed internet to areas where it is scarce, unreliable, and expensive.

Starlink Plans and Costs

Starlink is currently offering three satellite internet plans, Starlink Internet, Starlink Business, and Starlink RV. Here’s a quick overview of their plans and costs:

  • Starlink Internet

This plan is specifically intended for residential use, costing $110 monthly and a one-time fee of $599 for the equipment.

  • Starlink RV

This plan is developed for moving vehicles, such as ships, trucks, airplanes, and recreation vehicles. It costs $135 per month with a one-time equipment fee of $599.

  • Starlink Business

Along with better internet speeds, the business plan offers double the antenna capability of the Starlink Internet plan. It will cost you $500 per month with a one-time equipment fee of $2,500.

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Final Thoughts

Starlink has four launches scheduled for October 2022. This month is an exciting one for many Starlink users. If you want to witness the launch live, just go to Starlink’s official YouTube account. We’ll keep this page updated for any date and schedule changes, so stay tuned!