Best 8 Screensaver Apps for Android Devices

Did you know that the original purpose of the screensaver was to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and Plasma computer monitors.

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Nowadays the purpose has changed. In this article, you will find the Best 8 screensaver Apps for Android Devices. Now if you have to move away from the computer screen for some time, installing any of the app given below will prevent others from knowing what you are doing. The screensaver app will fill your screen with a slideshow of beautiful images or digital clock, date, and time. some apps are for Android TV and some may work on your tablet as well as a mobile phone. Choose from the app provided below and install that app directly through the button provided after each app.

1. Lucid – DayDream Screensaver

Lucid – DayDream screensaver is one of the interesting apps among screensaver apps. All you have to do is make few changes in your android setting and you are all set to use this app. The app is very customizable. Check the app feature and details in the list provided below

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  • Shows present time and date
  • Shows battery level
  • DashClock extension
  • RSS View
  • Image slideshow view
  • In-app purchases available

The Photo Gallery and Screensaver App are very easy to operate and comes with a lot of features. This app is optimized for TV and may not work on a touch device. If you want you can set your own photos on daydreaming even videos. Check out the features and app details in the list given below

  • Supports online photo apps including Google Photos, Facebook, etc
  • Browse your Photos and Videos easily
  • Navigate between photos
  • Customizable app
  • Choose to show or hide
  • In-app purchases available

3. Screensaver Clock

The Screensaver Clock lets you customize the app your way. It is rated as a 4.1 stars app by users on the google play store. when the screen is left undisturbed this app will show the digital clock on the screen, no status bar or title bar. Check the app features and details given below in the list

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  • Customize every detail
  • Don’t worry about burning the screen
  • Set the color and brightness
  • The app is free to use
  • Contains Ads

4. Matrix Screensaver with battery and time

The Matrix Screensaver is a very simple app and easy to understand. You can decide the brightness and the falling speed of matrix codes. The app is free and does not require any additional purchases. Check out the app features and details in the list given below

  • Color Options Available
  • Time Display
  • Shows Battery Level
  • Adjust Size
  • Choose night time hours
  • The app contains ads

5. Screensaver – Dreamy for Unsplash

The Screensaver – Dreamy for Unsplash is for Android tv. It is developed by Samabox Labs and is rated 3.9 stars on the google play store. The app is simple and beautiful. It fills your tv screen with a beautiful slideshow of pictures. Check out the app features and the availability details in the list below

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  • Customizable app
  • Adjust the time interval between photos
  • Choose from photo categories
  • The is very easy to use
  • The app is free

6. Photo Bubble Screensaver

The Photo Bubble Screensaver – Live Wallpaper App is developed by DS Software and it is rated 4.5 stars by users on the google play store. This app animates your photos in fun-to-pop bubbles. The app is very fun to use. Check out the app features and availability details below

  • Pop the bubbles with your fingers
  • There are different shapes of bubble
  • Photo tools available
  • Set your own photo as background
  • Authentic bubble explosion
  • The app is free
  • Contains Ads

7. Widget Screensaver

The Widget Screensaver app is a unique app that displays widgets on the screen when activated. The app is developed by Jolan Rensen and is rated 4.0 stars app by users on the google play store. Check out the features of the app in the list provided below

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  • Shows calendar
  • The latest news
  • Supports multiple widgets
  • Burn-in protection
  • Tasker plugin
  • The app is free to install
  • In-app purchases available

8. 4K Screensaver Nature

The 4K Screensaver Nature app is definitely for the ones who are nature lovers. The app provides you hundreds of nature images. With the help of this app, you can have a calm nature vibe. Check out the app features and details in the list below

  • Stunning 4K nature images
  • Option to choose from provided categories
  • Seamless background update
  • Requires internet connection for image download
  • Set the frequency
  • If you want, add clock and date on the display
  • The app is free to use

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These were the 8 screensaver app that you can check for your Android devices. Hope you find the one that suits your needs the best. Thank you for visiting the page!

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