Scouting Tips for Madden 23 Franchise Mode

Introduction to Madden 23 Franchise Mode

Madden 23 is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about your Franchise Mode! This year’s game promises to be the most realistic yet, with new features and improvements across the board.

One of the most important aspects of any successful Franchise Mode is scouting. You need to be able to identify the talent on the field and then make the right decisions when it comes to signing and drafting players.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your scouting in Madden 23:

1. Use the Coaching Carousel wisely – The Coaching Carousel feature allows you to scout multiple players at once, but it’s important to use it wisely. Make sure you focus on positions that you need to fill and don’t waste time scouting players that you’re not interested in.

2. Take advantage of Pro Days – Pro Days are a great way to get an up-close look at potential prospects. Make sure you attend as many as possible and take note of everything you see.

3. Get to know your scouts – Your scouts are there to help you make the best decisions possible, so get to know them and their strengths/weaknesses. This will allow you to better utilize their skills when it comes time to make key personnel decisions.

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Tips for Scouting Players

1. Get to know the player pool – This can be done by playing through a season or two of Franchise Mode, or by studying up on NFL rosters and player ratings in Madden Ultimate Team. Knowing which players are available and what their strengths and weaknesses are will help you make informed decisions when it comes time to scout new talent.

2. Make use of the Scouting Department – As the General Manager of your Franchise, you’ll have access to a team of scouts who can do all the legwork for you. Utilize them wisely by sending them to regions of the country that best fit your needs.

3. Pay attention to workout results – During the NFL Combine, players will go through a series of workouts that tests their physical abilities. These results can give you a good indication of how a player might perform on the field.

4. Meet with prospects in person – You’ll have an opportunity to meet with prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine and during campus visits. Use these meetings to get a feel for a player’s personality and see if they would be a good fit for your team’s culture.

5. Trust your gut – In the end, it’s important to trust your gut when making decisions about which players to draft. There’s no perfect science to scouting, so go with your gut and select the players you think will help lead your franchise to success.

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How to Draft Players in Madden 23 Franchise Mode

To have success in any Madden Franchise Mode, you must learn how to draft players. The NFL Draft is the most important part of any off-season, as it allows you to restock your team with young talent. If you want to win in Madden Franchise Mode, you need to know how to draft well.

Here are some tips for drafting players in Madden 23 Franchise Mode:

1. Know the needs of your team. Before the draft even begins, you should have a good idea of what positions your team needs to improve at. This will help you focus on drafting players who can come in and make an immediate impact.

2. Do your homework. You must research all the prospects before making your selections. Watch game tapes, read scouting reports, and talk to people who know more about football than you do. The more information you have, the better decisions you’ll be able to make on draft day.

3. Stay true to your board. Once you’ve done your homework and have a good feel for all the prospects, it’s time to create your big board. This is a list of all the players ranked in order from best to worst. Once the draft starts, you must stick to your board as closely as possible. Don’t get swayed by other teams’ picks or reach for a player just because he’s

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How to Manage Your Team in Madden 23 Franchise Mode

To manage your team in Madden 23 Franchise Mode, you will need to utilize the Scouting feature to find talented players that fit your team’s scheme.

When you are scouting for players, you will want to pay attention to their ratings in the following areas:

– Overall Rating: This is the most important rating to look at as it gives you an idea of how good a player is overall.

– Potential Rating: This rating tells you how much better a player can get and is important for younger players.

– Scheme Fit: This rating lets you know how well a player fits into your team’s scheme.

– Position Flexibility: This rating is important for finding players who can play multiple positions which can be valuable when trying to fill out a depth chart.

Once you have found some players that you are interested in, be sure to scout them thoroughly before making any decisions. Keep in mind all of the factors that we discussed above and make sure that the player is someone that you would be happy with on your team.

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How do you scout in Madden 23 franchise mode?

As the general manager of your Madden 23 franchise, it is important to know how to scout properly to find hidden gems in the draft. The first step is to create a scouting board. This can be done by going to the “Roster” tab and selecting “Scouting” from the drop-down menu.

Once you have created your scouting board, you can begin adding players to it. To do this, go to the “Players” tab and search for prospects that fit your criteria. When you find a player that you like, simply click on their name and then select “Add to Scouting Board.”

Once you have added a few players to your scouting board, it’s time to start sending out scouts. To do this, go back to the “Roster” tab and select “Scouts” from the drop-down menu. Here you will see a list of all the scouts in your organization, as well as their ratings.

To assign a scout to a player, simply click on their name and then select “Assign Scout.” A popup window will appear asking you which scout you want to assign and what type of report you want them to generate. Make sure to choose wisely, as different scouts are better at different things.

After you have assigned a few scouts, it’s time to wait for their reports to come in. These will appear in the “Reports” tab under the “Scouting” heading. Read through these

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How do I get better at Madden 23?

If you’re like most Madden fans, you’re always looking for ways to improve your game. Whether you’re trying to take your game to the next level or just want to be more competitive against friends, here are some tips to help you get better at Madden 23:

1. Understand the scoring system.

The first step to getting better at any game is understanding how it’s played and what the objective is. In Madden, the goal is to score more points than your opponent. To do this, you’ll need to understand how touchdowns, field goals, and extra points work. Familiarize yourself with the different types of plays and how they can lead to points on the board.

2. Learn the controls.

Madden can be a complex game, but once you learn the basic controls, you’ll be well on your way to success. Take some time to experiment with different button combinations and play around with all of the features in the game. The more comfortable you are with the controls, the better you’ll be able to execute on-field strategy.

3. Study up on teams and players.

One of the best ways to get better at Madden is by studying real-life NFL teams and players. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of each team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as which players are best suited for which positions. Pay attention to player ratings when setting your lineup so that you can put

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How do you fire scouts in Madden 23?

If you’re not happy with the performance of your scouts in Madden 23, there are a few steps you can take to fire them.

First, go to the “Roster” tab and click on the “Scouts” sub-tab. From here, you can view all of your scouts and their ratings for different attributes. If you hover over a scout’s name, you’ll also see their contact information.

To fire a scout, simply click on the “Release” button next to their name. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision, and then the scout will be released from your franchise.

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How do you increase owner funds in Madden 23?

If you’re looking to increase the number of owner funds available to you in Madden 23, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the revenue streams available to you. This means making sure you’re getting the most out of ticket sales, concessions, and merchandise sales.

Second, try to keep your expenses as low as possible. This means cutting back on things like travel and scouting expenses. Every little bit helps when it comes to freeing up funds for other uses.

Finally, consider using some of the game’s dynamic pricing options to help increase your revenues. For example, if your team is playing well and generating a lot of interest from fans, you can raise ticket prices to maximize your earnings. Just be careful not to price yourself out of the market and lose potential fans in the process!


Although the game has changed a bit since last year, the scouting tips for Madden 23 franchise mode are still largely the same. Use these tips to get the most out of your scouting and improve your team’s chances of success. As always, remember to have fun, and good luck!

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