Pokemon heartgold how to delete save file

There are many reasons why you might want to delete your Pokemon Heartgold save file. Maybe you want to start over from the beginning, or maybe you’ve been playing for so long that you’ve just gotten too attached to your current team and want to try something new. Whatever the reason, it’s actually pretty easy to do!

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How do you delete Pokemon save file?

There are a couple different ways that you can delete your Pokemon save file. The first way is to simply delete the game from your system. This will remove all data associated with the game, including your save file.

If you want to keep the game but just start over from scratch, you can also delete your save file by going into the game’s settings menu. From there, you should be able to find an option to delete your save file. Keep in mind that this will also delete any progress you’ve made in the game, so be sure you really want to start over before doing this.

How do you delete a Pokemon save file SoulSilver?

There are a few ways that you can delete your save file in Pokemon SoulSilver. One way is to simply select the “New Game” option from the main menu. This will overwrite your existing save file and start you from the beginning of the game.

If you want to keep your existing game but just start over with a new file, then you’ll need to delete your old save file manually. To do this, go to the “Data Management” section of the game’s menu and select the “Erase Save Data” option. Choose “Yes” when prompted and your old save file will be deleted.

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How do you soft reset Heartgold?

If you want to soft reset Heartgold, there are a few things you need to do. First, make sure that your game is saved. Then, go to the main menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start. This will bring you to the game’s title screen. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, Start again and your game will reset.

How do I restart my SoulSilver game?

There are a few ways to restart your game if you’re not happy with your progress. If you want to keep your game data, but start from the beginning of the game, you can delete your save file and then start a new game. To do this, go to the main menu and select “New Game.” When prompted, choose “Erase Save Data” and then confirm your selection. This will delete your save file and allow you to start a new game from the beginning.

If you want to completely reset your game and start from scratch, you can delete both your save file and the extra data that’s stored on your Nintendo DS cartridge. To do this, remove the cartridge from your console and use a soft cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris that may be on it. Next, insert the cartridge into your computer’s SD card slot and format the SD card. Once the SD card has been formatted, reinsert it into your Nintendo DS console and start a new game.

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Can soft resetting damage your game?

When you soft reset your game, you’re essentially restarting it from the beginning. This can result in some data becoming corrupted, which can lead to damage to your game. If you’re having problems with your game, it’s best to try another method of fixing it before resorting to a soft reset.

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What does a soft reset do?

A soft reset is when you hold down the L and R shoulder buttons simultaneously, then press Start. This will take you back to the main menu without saving your game.

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How many gyms are in HeartGold?

There are eight gyms in the HeartGold version of Pokemon. They are located in the following cities:

-Celadon City
-Fuchsia City
-Saffron City
-Vermilion City
-Cinnabar Island
– Indigo Plateau

To delete your save file, you need to go to the main menu and select the “New Game” option. When prompted, choose the “Delete Save File” option.

Who is the best starter Pokemon in soul silver?

There are a lot of great starter Pokemon in soul silver, but the best one depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a well-rounded starter that can hold its own against most challengers, then Typhlosion is a great choice. For those looking for a powerful water type to take on the Elite Four, Blastoise is the way to go. And if you want a little bit of everything, then Meganium is a solid pick. No matter which starter you choose, you’re sure to have a blast playing through soul silver!

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Who is Lyra in Pokemon?

Lyra is a recurring character in the Pokemon anime and games. She is a close friend of Ash Ketchum and also his main love interest. In the anime, Lyra is a traveling companion of Ash and helps him on his journey to become a Pokemon Master. She also has a strong bond with her Pokemon, particularly her Marill.

In the games, Lyra is the female protagonist of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. She lives in New Bark Town with her grandfather, Professor Elm. Lyra sets out on a journey to become Johto’s new Champion, with the help of her starter Pokemon, Cyndaquil. Along the way, she meets and befriends many different kinds of Pokemon, as well as some interesting people.

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you’re sure to enjoy learning more about Lyra!

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Deleting your Pokemon HeartGold save file is a pretty easy process, but it’s important to make sure you have a backup before you do anything. Once you’ve got that, simply head into the game’s settings and look for the option to delete your save file. After that, confirm the deletion and you’re all set!

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