Matter’s Web Highlighter Is Everything; Quick Notes Isn’t!

 Do you people use written notes or become advanced with the time? Everyone is using quick notes, matter’s web highlighter and also on saving things. Have you used matter’s web highlighter? It’s so fantastic and so are quick notes but matter holds so many features in comparison to quick notes. Are you aware of that?  People have experienced that Matter’s Web Highlighter Is Everything Quick Notes Isn’t. Let us discuss it more. 

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What is Matter’s Web Highlighter?

If you have used matter then your experience will be amazing. It is a read-later app and browser extension with the help of which you can highlight and save web pages. 

There are various ways to save a web page to read later, from Safari’s reading list, which takes the whole page and saves it offline, to Instapaper or Pocket, which turn pages into beautifully laid-out articles. Matter somehow manages to be better than all of these while remaining superficial. And now it has achieved the endearing goal, with its web-highlighting extension.

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                                     FEW KEY FEATURES
Matter’s Web Highlighter app is wonderful.The app’s reader mode is stunning.The ability to add articles with highlights is fantastic.The human-sounding text-to-audio conversion engine is great. 

What are Quick Notes?

A quick note is a feature in your ipadOS which is the electronic equivalent of little yellow notes. Whenever you create any note, it immediately gets saved to your notebook as a section. OneNote uses both the Quick Notes and <your name> Notebook to sync your notes to OneDrive. This is a new feature that is similar to the macOS notes app. 

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How to create a Quick Note?

So do you know how to create a quick note? If not, you will come to know here with the help of following points:

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  • Step 1- Send a OneNote icon in the Windows System tray.
    [A menu opens, with a few options. You can create a new quick note, open OneNote, or save a screen clipping to OneNote].
  • Step 2- From there, select a Quick note.
  • Step 3- Type a note as per your convenience.
  • Step 4- Click on the Close button.

This is the way you can easily create a quick note. But if you find this difficult, we can jump onto another way,i.e; matter’s web highlighter.

How to use a Matter’s Web Highlighter? 

This feature works with a mouse or a keyboard. Let’s discuss how to highlight the page that you are focused on in detail:

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  • Step 1- Open your computer.
  • Step 2- Open chrome on your computer.
  • Step 3- From the top right, click on more three dots Settings.
  • Step 4- Click on Advanced and then on Accessibility.
  • Step 5- Now, Turn on ‘Show a quick highlight on the focused object’.

This is the easiest way of creating a matter’s web Highlighter. It is simple as compared to Quick Notes. Matter is best for a few reasons: the app’s reader mode is enchanting, the knowledge to add articles with highlights is great, and, more notably, it has the most satisfactory, most mortal-sounding text-to-audio conversion engine. 

Matter vs other Web Browsers

Matter suggests the text and images and lets you efficiently select and highlight text. You can even use the Apple Pencil as a highlighter pen if you do it in the iPad application. You can export those highlights and view the highlights from the current page, all in an easy-to-read overview.

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While on the other hand both Safari and Chrome have built-in versions of this functionality. Chrome’s Highlight Links lets you spotlight text and then link to that piece of text, not just the page it’s in.

While Safari’s integration with the Mac and iOS Quick Notes can also highlight parts of the page and save them as snippets, you have to open the corresponding note in the Notes app to see those highlights. It is really so easy and obvious that anyone can think why they didnt use it before. It is rather pleasing to say matter is fantastic. 

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