Is TikTok For Business Already Part of Your Marketing Plan?

More than 1.6 billion videos are viewed daily on TikTok’s social media platform. The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed since it was founded in 2016. Several factors prevent many businesses from embracing emerging social media platforms. There is concern that the platform will soon fade into obscurity as a passing trend. The activity of some businesses on the platform is unclear to them.

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If your business does not generate much image-based content, you might not want to create an Instagram profile because it is an image-based platform. Insurance companies, for example, may find it difficult to grow their Instagram accounts. Most of the time, these concerns are unfounded. To grow a following and to let your customers into your world, you can simply post images of your employees and workplace events.

For even the most seasoned marketers, it can be challenging to know when, how, and if to create content for a new platform. The repercussions of getting it wrong could be more disastrous than not engaging with the platform at all. Getting it right can mean breaking into new markets and increasing revenues significantly. Our goal today is to examine why TikTok is a worthwhile marketing tool.

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What is marketing on TikTok?

Utilizing TikTok for marketing a brand, product, or service is called TikTok marketing. Content that goes viral organically can be created through organic marketing strategies such as influencer marketing, TikTok advertisements, and TikTok advertising.

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The following benefits can be gained by businesses through TikTok marketing:

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  • Aiming to increase brand awareness
  • Develop communities that are engaged
  • Product and service sales
  • Customer and audience feedback is critical
  • Servicing customers
  • Reach out to target audiences with advertising

1. TikTok is where your audience is

TikTok is mostly used by 16-24-year-olds. Your business can benefit from TikTok video editor to create TikTok videos if you want to attract young customers.

By refusing to engage with the spaces that your target demographic hangs out in, you’re essentially proving that you don’t understand what they want. Using Facebook solely for marketing will not allow you to reach more 16 to 24-year-olds. The number of teens using YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok is growing yearly. Teenagers in the United States use Facebook 51% of the time, but only 10% report using it most often.

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2. You can become viral easily

Even though the algorithm of TikTok is unknown, it seems easier to become viral on TikTok than on other social media platforms. Ads are displayed on TikTok and other content, which may explain why users do not see ads. Likewise, the fact that the videos on TikTok are short and people are comfortable sharing a few seconds of their time may have something to do with it. Videos on TikTok are usually based on what you liked in the past or what’s popular.

Unlike other video platforms, YouTube tends to attract people to watch videos by people they do not know rather than browsing and discovering unbiased ones. People are less likely to watch YouTube videos without being convinced they will enjoy them first since they are often longer than TikTok videos. Innovative content has a higher barrier to entry. Unlike Facebook, TikTok’s barrier is much lower since you will only lose 30 seconds if you don’t like the video.

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You have a higher chance of going viral if more people watch your videos. You need to create a video with viral content to make it truly popular, but that’s not the case. Knowing where and how to post is key to connecting with your audience.

3.  Put Yourself Out There

Professionalism and corporations are no longer the defining characteristics of companies. In the past, a professional company was often regarded as more prestigious. ‘Cold’ corporate-style marketing doesn’t appeal to people today. Customers want to feel that the businesses they purchase from are run by real people. A company’s values and culture are significant to them. Their curiosity is piqued.

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Using TikTok, you can give consumers a glimpse into your company’s culture. Employees can make fun videos if they are having a good time. Your company can show off its strengths. The more consumers are positive about the work environment at your company, the more likely they will support the company.

4.  Make sure your advertising is diverse

Your brand of products can be advertised on TikTok in several ways:

  • Native Ads – Native ads appear alongside user content and are video advertisements. Many users watch them instead of scrolling past them.
  • Brand takeovers – These ads are shown to users before they see any content from other users.
  • Hashtag challenges and sponsored hashtags – Hashtags are a big part of TikTok, as they are on most social media platforms. The Discover tab includes hashtag challenges started by companies. Taking part in the hashtag challenge may prompt users to create related content.
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Experimentation is a key aspect of advertising. Various things will work better for you than for others. Only experimentation will reveal the truth.

5.  An engaged audience

User engagement on TikTok is high. When watching videos, they enjoy leaving comments and paying full attention to what they see. The key to using TikTok is to have both video and sound turned on. The app won’t work without both video and audio. In contrast, YouTube has been compared to a podcast by some users. Rather than playing the video, they will only listen to the audio. The situation can also be reversed. They may watch gameplay footage, or sports videos with the sound turned off. In a viewing environment where one element is removed, engagement naturally decreases.

Bottom line

The importance of TikTok in marketing plans cannot be overstated. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer many opportunities for brand building and engagement. Creating and sharing content takes time, but you may be surprised by how quickly it takes off, like any new campaign. Use outro video templates to enhance your TikTok videos with creative videos.