How to Use Breach – Valorant Agent Guide

The breach is a new agent in the game Valorant with a unique set of abilities. In this blog post, we will be discussing how to use Breach to create strategies and ultimately win the game. We will go over each of Breach’s abilities and how they can be used both offensively and defensively. We will also provide tips on when to use each ability and what situations you should avoid.

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What is Breach?

A Breach is an ability that allows an Agent to create a small explosion on a surface, damaging any player within the blast radius. The explosion can be used to damage or kill enemies, destroy environmental objects, and even breach walls.

Breach’s Abilities

Breach’s abilities allow him to control the battlefield and support his team. He can use his Flashpoint ability to create a flashbang that blinds and deafens enemies, allowing his team to attack. His Aftershock ability lets him fire a concussive blast that knocks enemies back and deals damage. Breach’s Rolling Thunder ability allows him to create a seismic shockwave that travels through walls and stuns enemies. Finally, his Signature Ability: Fault Line lets him create a powerful earthquake that damages and disorients enemies.

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Tips and Tricks for Playing Breach

If you’re looking to dominate in Breach, here are a few tips and tricks to help you up your game:

1. Use your Ballistic Shield wisely
Breach’s Ballistic Shield is a powerful tool that can be used to great effect if used correctly. Use it to block the enemy’s lines of sight and create a cover for yourself and your teammates. It can also be used to push enemies back and Peek around corners safely.

2. Time your Flash Points correctly
Flash Points are one of Breach’s signature abilities. They allow you to briefly blind and disorient your opponents, giving you and your team the upper hand in a firefight. Timing them correctly is key – use them when enemies are clustered together or when they’re about to engage you.

3. Make use of Aftershock’s unique mechanics
Aftershock is a unique ability in that it allows you to damage enemies through walls. Use this to your advantage by placing it in strategic locations where it can catch enemies off-guard. Remember that it has a very short range though, so place it wisely!

4. Communicate with your teammates
Communication is key in any team-based game, but it’s especially important in Breach due to her ultimate ability, Forged Spirit. This allows you to take control of an enemy player for a short period, so coordinating with your teammates is crucial if you want to make the most out of it.

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Other Agents that Work Well with Breach

There are a few other agents in Valorant that work well with Breach. Jett is a great choice, as she can use her Smoke Screen to cover Breach’s entry into the site. She can also use her Updraft to get Breach into position quickly. Reyna is another good option, as she can use her Leer to blind enemies and allow Breach to get the jump on them. Lastly, Omen is a good pick, as his Shrouded Step can help him get into position to flank the enemy team.

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How do you use Breach Valiant?

The breach is one of the most unique and interesting agents in Valiant. He can create “aftershocks” that can disrupt enemy movement and line of sight. In this guide, we will go over how to use Breach’s abilities to your advantage and take control of the battlefield.

Breach’s Signature Ability is called Aftershock. When activated, Breach charges up a powerful explosion that can be released at any time. This explosion will damage and disorient enemies caught in its radius. Aftershock can be used to clear out tight spaces or break through enemy lines.

Breach’s Ultimate Ability is called Flashpoint. Flashpoint allows Breach to place a charged orb on the ground that will detonate after a short delay. This detonation will create a large flashbang effect, stunning and blinding all enemies caught in its radius. Flashpoints can be used to gain an advantage in a firefight or to quickly escape from danger.

To use Breach effectively, you need to understand how his abilities work and how they can be used to your advantage. Aftershock is best used to clear out small spaces or break through enemy lines. It can also be used to disorient enemies and set up kills for your teammates. Flashpoint is best used when you need to gain an advantage in a firefight or quickly escape from danger.

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Is Breach a good Valorant agent?

The breach is a great Valorant agent for a few reasons. For one, he has some of the best abilities in the game when it comes to breaching walls and getting information on the enemy team. He also has a very strong ultimate ability that can turn the tide of a match if used correctly. Overall, Breach is a well-rounded agent that is great for both offensive and defensive play.

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How do you use Breach aftershock?

Breach’s Aftershock is a unique ability that allows him to create an earthquake at a specific location. This can be used to disrupt enemies, and even damage and kill them if they’re caught in the right spot. Here’s how to use Breach’s Aftershock:

1. Select Aftershock from your skills menu.
2. Aim at the ground where you want the earthquake to happen.
3. Hold down the fire button to charge up the ability, then release it to create the earthquake.
4. Enemies caught in the earthquake will be stunned, and may even take damage or be killed if they’re in the right spot.
5. Use this opportunity to move in and take out your enemies while they’re vulnerable!

How do you use Breach flash?

Assuming you already have Breached in your hands, there are a few ways to go about using him effectively. For starters, his flash can be used both offensively and defensively. Oftentimes, Breach will be one of the first people to breach a site, so his teammates can use that opportunity to follow up and take down enemies. Alternatively, if you’re being flanked and need an escape, Breach’s flash can also provide cover so you can get away safely.

In terms of offensive usage, it’s important to note that Breach’s flash has two charges. This means that you can use it twice in quick succession if needed. Additionally, his flash does not have any sort of travel time – as soon as you fire it off, it’ll hit its target instantaneously. This makes it great for taking out enemies who are camping around corners or otherwise hiding behind cover.

Finally, Breach’s ultimate ability is called Rolling Thunder. When activated, this sends out a large shockwave that briefly stuns all enemies caught in its radius. This can be incredibly useful for setting up kills or simply disorienting the enemy team long enough for your team to take them down.

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How to Counter Breach

If you’re up against a Breach in Valorant, there are a couple of ways you can go about countering them. For one, you can try to outsmart them by using your knowledge of the map to your advantage. If you know where they’re likely to breach, then you can position yourself accordingly and ambush them.

Alternatively, you can try to nullify their ability entirely by using items like the Ghost Vault or Phantom’s Banner. These will prevent Breach from being able to use their ultimate ability, giving you a big advantage in the fight.

Finally, remember that Breach is just another player on the map. They’re not invincible and they can be taken down just like any other opponent. So don’t be afraid to engage them head-on and take them down!

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