How to turn off proxy

Proxy is a way to conceal your real IP address and make it look like you are accessing the internet from a different location. While it can be helpful in some cases, there are times when you may want to disable it on your Android device. In this article, we will show you how to do that.

Where is proxy settings on Android?

Proxy settings on Android can be found in the Settings app. To access this app, open the main menu and select “Settings.” Within the Settings app, tap on “Network and Internet.” Next, tap on “Connections.” Finally, tap on “Proxy.” Here, you will find all of your proxy settings.

How do I disable my proxy?

If you are using an android device, there is a way to disable your proxy. Follow these steps:
1. Open your phone’s Settings menu.
2. Scroll down to the “Network & Internet” section and tap it.
3. Under “Connections,” select “Wi-Fi.”
4. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Wi-Fi network that you want to use and select “Properties.”
5. In the “General” tab, scroll down to the “Proxy” section and uncheck the box next to the proxy server address. (For example, if your proxy is located at, you would enter in this field.)
6. Tap OK two times to save your changes and return to the main Wi-Fi screen.
7. Try connecting to the web site or app that you want to use via Wi-Fi; if it works now, congratulations! If not, try again after restarting your phone or restarting your Wi-Fi network.[/content]

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How do I turn off proxy or VPN on my phone?

Proxy and VPN are tools that can be used to bypass blocked websites and protect your online privacy. To turn off proxy on your phone:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
2. Under “General,” tap “Network.”
3. Under “Settings for networks,” tap the network you want to adjust settings for.
4. Tap the “Advanced” button, then under “Proxy & VPN,” tap the switch next to “On.”

What is proxy in Android?

Proxy is a virtual private network (VPN) that creates an encrypted tunnel between your Android device and the proxy server. When you use a proxy, all of your web traffic goes through the proxy server before it reaches the Internet. This can help you avoid being tracked or monitored online, and it can also make accessing blocked websites easier.
To turn on the proxy server on your Android device:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Scroll down to the Networking section and tap on it.

3. Under the Networking menu, tap on Proxy settings.

4. On the Proxy settings page, you will need to enter your proxy server address and port number. You can also set up a secure connection using TLS (HTTPS). Tap on OK to save the changes and close the Settings app.
To use the proxy:

1. Launch the Web browser on your Android device and enter the URL of the website you want to access through the proxy.

2. Tap on the three-dotted line in the top-right corner of the browser window and select Use this proxy server (if available). If not, tap on Get started with a

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How do I change proxy settings in Chrome Android?

If you’re using Chrome on your Android device and you’re having trouble connecting to the internet because your device is using a proxy, you can easily change the proxy settings in Chrome.

To change the proxy settings in Chrome on an Android device:

1. Open Chrome on your Android device.

2. In the top right corner of the screen, click the three lines in a row that form theGoogle chrome logo.

3. From the menu that appears, select “Settings.”

4. Under “Advanced settings,” click “Network.”

5. In the “Proxy” section, click “Change proxy settings.”

6. Enter the IP address or host name of the proxy server you want to use and click “OK.”

7. Click “Close.”

Where do I find proxy settings?

Proxy settings can be found on your phone’s settings menu. You will need to enter the following:

Proxy Settings:

Proxy Server:

Should proxy be on or off?

Proxy should be turned off on Android if you are using a VPN. If you are not using a VPN, then proxy should be left on.

Do Android proxy settings apply to all apps on the device?

Last Updated: 11/13/2018

Android proxy settings can be a bit confusing. Do proxy settings apply to all apps on the device? The answer is yes and no. Proxy settings do apply to some apps, but not all. To find out which apps are affected, and how to turn off proxy for each one, read on.


If you want to disable proxy on your android device, here is how you can do it.
First, open the Settings app on your device.
Second, tap on the Wireless & Networks section.
Third, tap on the Proxy setting.
Fourth, uncheck the Enable proxy for this network box.
That’s all! Your android device should now be using a direct connection without any proxy insuring your privacy and security.

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