How to set up an Instagram shop for your brand?

The world is no more limited to normal shops and hand-to-hand shopping. The world is rapidly moving towards modernization and in this modernizing world, businesses all around the globe are going online to grow. Now you can sell your products not only on online shopping apps but also on different social media websites. You just need to set up a shop on your preferred social media platform. 

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When we talk about the preferred social media platforms then the first name that comes to mind of maximum people is Instagram. Instagram has always been preferred by brands and Influencers because Instagram provides you with the best opportunities to grow. Setting up an Instagram shop is not very difficult. There are several different ways by which you can set up your shop on Instagram and spread your business all around the world.

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Mention below is some simple and easy steps that will help you create an Instagram Shop for your brand.

Lay the Groundwork and meet the Requirements.

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Instagram is open to everyone, any user who wants to establish a shop for their brand on Instagram is allowed to do so, but before you can effectively start the shop for your brand, you need to meet some requirements of Instagram. You can’t just start selling services on your brand page, you need to start selling physical goods and your business must meet the commerce policies of Instagram. The Instagram shop feature is available only in the updated version of the app. Before starting the shop, you need to make sure that Instagram’s shop feature is available in your country. Just like Instagram Stories, certain features take time to arrive in certain locations.

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Add the Catalog of your products.

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To make sure that your Instagram shop attracts more and more people, you first need to make your products visible to the maximum number of people. The best way of doing so is by linking your Instagram shop page with Facebook. Instagram shops pull information about products from facebook shops. After you’ve done linking your Instagram shop with Facebook then you should make a catalog. Your catalog should have all the information about your products along with their pictures. After you’ve done making a catalog, you should make sure to sync your product catalog with your Facebook shop page. This will help you to attract more and more new people to your Instagram shop.

Create your Instagram sales Channel.

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Every individual or group who wants to start an online shop for their brand on a different social media platform should know about Shopify. Shopify is originally a Canadian e-commerce company. Shopify allows and helps every individual or group to set up their online business and sell products to customers all over the internet. 

Shopify is a well-trusted company, entrepreneurs from 175+ countries work with Shopify and are happily growing their businesses. So if you also want to grow your business and attract more and more people to your Instagram shop then you should consider creating a sales channel for your brand. It’s an easy process, all you need to do is, visit Shopify’s website, tap on the plus icon and then tap to add Instagram. After completing this process, your sales Channel will be added successfully to the Shopify dashboard.

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Another strategy to promote your Instagram shop is to engage your audiences through content. Several brands posts Instagram videos and reels on a regular basis to communicate with potential customers. Most Instagram video downloader are used to download Reels and Videos that showcases branded items.

Account Approval.

You can start a shop for your brand on Instagram only after it’s approved by Instagram. After you’ve converted your normal profile to an Instagram shop profile and connected it with Facebook, Instagram will automatically look for your page and decide whether to approve it or not. Usually, the Instagram process does not take long enough, just a few days but Instagram makes it note that it can take much more time. Instagram takes its own time for every business page, it can be short for some pages and much longer for others. Instagram will send you the notification on updates regarding your approval. If you have followed the steps mentioned above then it’s more likely for your account to be approved.

Publicity of your products.

After your account has been approved as a business profile, you can start selling products of your brand. To make people know about your products and your brand, you need to make sure that they first visit your business profile. To make people watch and know more about your products and brand you should start tagging your products catalog and your brand’s profile in your stories and your post. This will increase the chances of people visiting your brand’s page and engaging with it. 

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The Instagram shop is not hard to establish. Anyone with the right eligibility and will to open their shop on Instagram can easily do so. If Instagram approves your business profile then you should face no problem in any further process. If you follow the steps mentioned above then you should face no problem in successfully establishing your Instagram shop for your brand.

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