How to send all calls to 

If you want to keep your voicemail message inbox free of unimportant messages, you can use Android’s voicemail system. Here’s how to do it.

How do I make calls go to voicemail on Android?

Android allows you to easily send calls to voicemail. To do this, open the Phone app on your Android device and select the call you want to send to voicemail. Next, tap the Voicemail Dialer icon at the bottom of the screen. Enter your voicemail password and then tap Send.

How do I forward all calls to voicemail?

If you want to be able to answer all your phone calls without ever having to take them, you’ll need to forward your calls to voicemail. Voicemail is a convenient way to keep track of important calls without having to listen to them all. Here’s how to forward all your calls to voicemail:

1. From your phone’s main screen, tap the “Phone” app icon.

2. Tap the “Menu” button in the upper right corner of the app screen.

3. Tap “Settings” in the Settings menu that appears.

4. Under “Call forwarding,” tap “Forward calls.”

5. Enter your desired forwarding number in the “Forwarding number” field and then tap “Save.”

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6. Tap the “Close” button in the upper right corner of the call forwarding settings screen and then tap “OK.”

7. In order for your forwarding numbers to work, make sure they’re fully subscribed to Verizon Wireless service.

Does Do Not Disturb send calls to voicemail Android?

Do Not Disturb is a great feature for keeping your phone from ringing constantly, but it might not be sending all of your calls to voicemail. If you’re having trouble getting calls to go to voicemail, make sure that Do Not Disturb is enabled and that your phone is connected to the internet.

How do I forward calls to voicemail on Samsung?

Forwarding a call to voicemail on Samsung is easy. Open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to Call Management. On the left side of the screen, tap Voicemail. You’ll see a list of all your active calls. Tap Forward Calls and choose the number you want to forward the call to. Then, tap Confirm.

Is there a way to make a call go straight to voicemail?

Yes, there is a way to make a call go straight to voicemail on your Android device.
To do this, you will need to follow these steps:
1. On your Android device, open the Phone app.
2. Tap the Call button at the bottom of the screen.
3. Enter your phone number and tap Dial.
4. When the person you are calling answers, press the VoiceMail key on your phone and then press Speakerphone.
5. Hang up and then dial your voicemail number from Step 3 again.
6. When you reach voicemail, just leave a message and hang up.
7. The call will now go straight to voicemail!

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How do I turn on call forwarding?

If you have a landline and want to be able to receive calls on your phone, you need to turn on call forwarding. To do this, open your phone’s settings and look for the “Call Forwarding” option. Tap on it and set the forwarding number to your landline.

Does Android have Do Not Disturb feature?

Android does have a do not disturb feature, but it’s not as robust as the iOS version. To activate the feature, go to your device’s settings and scroll down to “Do Not Disturb.” You can add individual contacts or groups of contacts to the list, and they’ll be able to contact you even if your device is asleep.

Does Do Not Disturb send directly to voicemail?

Do not disturb can be a great tool for managing your phone’s notifications, but it can also be frustrating when you accidentally miss a call. If you’re using Do not disturb and your phone is configured to send calls directly to voicemail, here’s how to make sure they get there:

1. Open the “Do not disturb” settings menu.

2. Under “Call forwarding,” select “Voicemail.”

3. If you want to disable voicemail altogether, uncheck the box next to “Voicemail.”


If you’re frequently receiving calls and don’t want them to go to voicemail, there are a few things you can do.

Firstly, make sure your phone’s voicemail is enabled. Voicemail can be found in the phone’s settings or under the “Messages” menu.

Secondly, you can dictate a message for voicemail recipients. To do this, simply press and hold the voicemail button until it starts to flash, then release it and speak your message.

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Finally, you can disable call forwarding on your mobile phone. This will stop all incoming calls from going to voicemail, regardless of whether they’re unanswered or not. To do this, open your phone’s settings and search for “Call Forwarding.” Disable it if you want, then save your changes.


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