How to see someones deleted instagram stories

If you’re looking to see if someone deleted their Instagram Stories, here’s how you can do it.

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Can others see your archived photos on Instagram?

If you’ve deleted an Instagram story, there’s a chance that others can still see it. Depending on the settings you used when you deleted the story, others may be able to see it for a limited amount of time or permanently. Here’s how to see archived stories on Instagram::

1. Open Instagram.
2. On the left side of the screen, under “Account,” select “Profile.”
3. Under “Archived Stories,” select the story you want to view.
4. If the story has been deleted but not archived, it will say “Deleted.” If it’s been archived, it will say “Archived.”
5. Click on the story to view its full contents.

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Are Instagram archives public?

If you’re asking if Instagram archives are accessible to the public, the answer is somewhat complicated. Generally speaking, Instagram archives are available to anyone who registers for an account on the site. However, depending on how long ago a story was deleted, it might not be publicly viewable. In some cases, stories that have been deleted recently may still be visible to followers of the user who deleted them, but Stories that were deleted several months or years ago may no longer be viewable at all.

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How do you see someones deleted Instagram stories?

If someone has deleted their stories on Instagram, there is no way to view them directly. However, you can still view their stories if they have been archived or if someone else has shared them. To archive a story, just click on the three lines in the top left corner of the story and select “Archive this Story.”

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How can I see deleted Instagram photos?

Deleted Instagram Stories can be seen by going to your profile and selecting the “stories” tab. From here, you can view all of your stories, as well as stories that have been deleted but still exist in the public feed.

How long do Instagram archives last?

Instagram archives last for a maximum of 30 days.

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Is it bad to archive Instagram posts?

Deciding to archive an Instagram post can be a difficult decision, but it’s one that often needs to be made in order to protect your privacy. If someone you know is going through a tough time, it may not be appropriate to share their posts with the world.

On the other hand, if you’re no longer friends or contacts with the person who posted the story, archiving the post may be the wrong move. It’s important to consider the context of each situation before making a decision.

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Do Unarchived posts show up on feed?

If you archived a post on Instagram, it will not show up in your feed. However, if you unfollowed or blocked the person who posted it, the post might still appear in their Stories section.

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Where can I find archive posts?

If you’re looking for archived posts from a user’s Instagram story, you can find them by going to the user’s profile and clicking on the “Archives” tab. From here, you can select a date range and see all of the posts that were made within that time period.

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Does deleting old Instagram posts hurt you?

There is some debate about whether or not deleting old Instagram posts hurts your social media platform account.
Some people believe that deleting old posts can actually impact your visibility on the site and make it harder for you to be discovered by potential followers or customers.
Others feel that deleting older posts doesn’t have a big impact on your account and can actually help you reclaim some space on the platform.
We recommend that you weigh the pros and cons of deleting old Instagram posts before making a decision.


If you want to see someone’s deleted Instagram stories, there is a way to do so. You can either go to their profile and look through their stories one by one or use a third-party app like Deleted Stories.

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