How to Retrain Player Position in FIFA 21 Career Mode


In FIFA 21, like in most other video games, your player’s position is determined by their skills and how well they perform on the pitch. However, if you want to make a change to your player’s position, you first need to retrain them. Here are four steps to help you do just that.

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What are FIFA Career Mode Positions?

FIFA Career Mode Positions

If you’re wondering what career mode positions your club or international team stars are playing in, then this guide is for you. In FIFA 18, the game’s career mode, there are now 11 different positions on the pitch – three at each outfield position and two in the center of midfield. The following is a breakdown of each position:

As always, goalkeepers play between the sticks and will be your first point of defense. You need to be strong in shot stopping and distribution as well as possess good reflexes to stay on your line. Make sure to train hard if you want to become one of the best goalkeepers out there!

Defenders form a crucial part of any team and should be versatile enough to play in most situations. They need good stamina and physical strength as well as excellent positional sense to win balls back and clear danger. Train regularly so that you can develop into a world-class defender!

The midfielders are responsible for setting up attacks and controlling the tempo of play. They need great passing skills as well as plenty of agility and pace on the ball. Make sure you invest in training so that you can become an influential player on the pitch!


Forwards are usually considered the focal point of any team, and they’re expected to score goals. They need top-class dribbling

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How to Retrain Player Position in FIFA 21 Career Mode

If you’re looking to retrain your player’s position in FIFA 21 Career Mode, there are a few different ways to go about it.
The first option is to use the ‘Create New Player’ option on the main menu and then select ‘Position’. Here, you can choose between playing as a striker, midfielder, defender, or winger.
The second option is to use the ‘Edit Player’ tool on the career mode main menu. Here, you can change your player’s position at any time during a match – even if they’re already on the pitch!
If you want to retrain your player’s position midway through a game, though, be sure to take note of their current position before changing it. If you change your player’s position while they’re still in action, they may end up getting injured or sent off – which could ruin your chances of winning the match!

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Can you change position in Career Mode FIFA 21?

In FIFA Career Mode, you can change position by using the “change position” button on the player’s profile. This will take you to a new screen where you can select your new position.

You can also change position by editing your team’s formation in the “Team Management” section of the game. Select your team and click on “Formation”. You’ll then be able to change your player’s position.

How do you change your player’s position in FIFA Career Mode?

In FIFA Career Mode, you can change your player’s position by editing their attributes in the Player Profile. To edit a player’s attribute, open their Player Profile and click on the Attribute tab. On the Attribute tab, under Position, choose the position you want to change the player to.

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How do you edit players in Career Mode FIFA 21?

In FIFA 21, all players are automatically placed in their default position when you start the game. However, you can retrain the player’s position by editing the player’s attributes in Career Mode.

To edit a player’s position:
1) Open the Player Info screen by pressing R3/RB on your controller.
2) Look for the “Position” heading and select it.
3) Scroll down to the “Attributes” section and select “Position.”
4) Change the player’s position by selecting one of the five options below:
5) Click “Save Changes” to save your changes.

How do you improve your player in Career Mode FIFA 21?

In FIFA 21, you can retrain players in their player position. This can help improve your player’s overall performance and give them a better chance of fulfilling your goals in Career Mode.

To retrain a player in their player position:
1) Select the player you want to retrain from the Player List.
2) Click on the icon next to their name that looks like a white gear wheel.
3) On the “Attributes” tab, click on “Position.”
4) Select their desired position from the drop-down menu and click on “OK.”
5) The player will now be retrained in that position and their attributes will reflect that change.

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In this article, we are going to show you how to retrain player positions in FIFA 21 career mode. This is an important step if you want to improve your team’s performance on the pitch. By altering the positions of your players, you can create a more balanced side that can flourish under different tactical setups and playing environments. We hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of retraining player positions and gives you the confidence to take it one step further in your career mode experience.

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