How to record longer videos on snapchat android

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Snapchat videos and make them a little more interesting, then you should check out the new ‘Record Long Video’ feature. This lets you record up to 60 seconds of video footage and add it to your story without having to worry about speed limits or timeliness restrictions. Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature!

How do you put longer videos on Snapchat?

One way to record a longer video on Snapchat is to use the “Video Length” setting. Tap the Camera icon (in the top left corner of the app) and then tap the “Video Length” option. You can choose from 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 3 minutes.

How do you record on Snapchat without holding it on android?’

There are a few different ways to record longer videos on Snapchat without having to hold the phone. The first way is to open the Camera app and use the traditional camera mode. To do this, open the Camera app and press the button on the bottom left corner that looks like a camera. You will then be able to use the standard camera features to take a picture or video. To record a long video, simply press and hold on the screen until the red recording button pops up. Once you have recorded your desired length of time, release the button and your video will be saved to your account.

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Another way to record longer videos on Snapchat is to use the voice recorder option. When you are in any text or story mode, press and hold on the microphone icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will open up a menu where you can select the voice recorder option. After you have selected it, you will be able to start recording by speaking into the microphone. When you are done recording, release the button and your video will be saved to your account.

whichever method you choose, remember to keep your phone steady while recording so that your videos are clear and accurate

How do you make Snapchat videos longer than 10 seconds?

If you want to make Snapchat videos that are longer than seconds, you can use a few simple tricks. First, open the Snapchat app and tap on the camera button. Next, drag the slider to the left to make the video longer. Finally, tap on the screen to save your new video.

How do you post a video longer than 60 seconds on Snapchat?

If you want to post a video that’s longer than the limit of seconds that snapchat allows, there are a few steps you need to follow.

First, open the snapchat app and go to the camera button at the bottom of the screen. Next, swipe left to reveal the video recorder button.

To record a longer video, tap on the button and start recording. When you’re done, hit the stop button to finish your video.

What is the video limit on Snapchat?

A Snapchat user’s video limit is 60 seconds. However, some users have reported that their video limit has been increased to 90 seconds. If you’re feeling creative, you can record a longer video by using the “record” button more than once.

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Why does my Snapchat video stops early?

There are a few reasons why your Snapchat video might stop before its supposed to – and sometimes, you can fix it yourself. If your video keeps stopping early, here are some tips on how to make sure it lasts longer:

1. Make sure your phone is fully charged. Your phone’s battery can affect your phone’s ability to record and store videos for a long time.

2. Adjust the brightness of your screen. Dimmer screens tend to conserve energy, which can also affect your phone’s ability to record and store videos for a long time.

3. Use a stable Wi-Fi connection. If you’re having trouble streaming or recording videos due to an unstable Wi-Fi connection, try switching to a different network or using Wi-Fi tethering.

4. Make sure that the camera is facing the right direction. If your phone is tilted or positioned in an awkward way, it could cause problems with video recording and streaming. Try adjusting the camera angle before you start recording or streaming if you’re having trouble keeping your videos going longterm.

How do you keep a video going on Snapchat without holding the button?

There are a few ways to keep a video going on Snapchat without having to hold the button.

The first way is to use the “Snapchat Lenses” feature. When you open up the “Lenses” menu, you will see an option to “Keep filming.” tapping this will keep the camera running and recording videos indefinitely.

Another way to keep a video going is to use the “Voice memos” feature. When you take a Snapchat video, you can add a voice memo by pressing and holding down on the screen until you see the option to add a voice memo. This will allow you to record a lengthy audio clip that will play when you send the video.

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How do you Snapchat video without hands?

Snapchat is a great app for sharing short videos with friends, but if you want to record a longer video, you’re out of luck. Unless you want to use your hands! Here’s how to do it without them:

1. On Snapchat, open the app and go to the camera.
2. Tap on the white circle in the top-left corner of the camera screen.
3. Select ‘Record Video’.
4. You’ll now see a black bar at the bottom of the screen. Drag this up until it covers most of the screen, then press down on it to start recording.
5. To stop recording, just lift your finger off the screen.


Recording longer videos on Snapchat can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. If you’re looking to make your videos last longer, here are a few tips to help you out. First and foremost, make sure that your phone is properly equipped for recording video. Second, use good lighting when filming; too much light will cause your footage to look grainy, while too little light will result in dark videos that aren’t particularly appealing to watch. And finally, use filters and effects sparingly; overuse can quickly take away from the quality of your video. Have fun with Snapchat recording!

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