How to play story mode on mortal kombat xl ps4

If you’re a fan of the Mortal Kombat series, you might be wondering how to access the story mode on the latest game in the franchise. Luckily, it’s not too complicated – just follow the steps in this article and you’ll be playing in no time.

How do I unlock story mode on Mortal Kombat XL?

In order to unlock story mode on Mortal Kombat XL, you must first complete the tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, you will be able to access story mode from the main menu.

How do I get story mode on Mortal Kombat?

1. story mode is not available on Mortal Kombat XL for the PS4.

How long is MK XL story mode?

The story mode in MK XL is around 8 hours long. This mode follows the story of the game’s characters, as they fight their way through the game’s various arenas. In story mode, players will be able to learn about the game’s characters and their motivations for fighting. They will also be able to unlock new weapons and abilities that can be used in other modes of the game.

Players will start story mode by choosing one of the game’s many characters. Each character has their own unique storyline, so players will want to choose a character that they are interested in. Once a character is chosen, players will be taken through a series of fights against other characters in the game. These fights will take place in a variety of different arenas, each with its own hazards and challenges.

As players progress through story mode, they will unlock new abilities and weapons for their chosen character. They will also be able to choose different paths through the story, which can lead to different endings. Ultimately, it is up to the player to determine how they want to play through story mode.

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Can Mortal Kombat XL be played offline?

Mortal Kombat XL can be played offline, but only in the story mode. In order to play in the story mode, you will need to have a saved game file from the previous Mortal Kombat game. You can then load this file into Mortal Kombat XL and pick up where you left off in the story.

The story mode in Mortal Kombat XL is significantly longer than the one in the previous game. It features new cutscenes and dialogue, as well as new gameplay sections. There are also new endings to discover, depending on your choices throughout the game.

If you want to play Mortal Kombat XL online, you will need to purchase the online pass. This pass allows you to access the online multiplayer modes, as well as the tower mode. The online pass can be bought separately or bundled with the game itself.

Why can’t I do story on Mortal Kombat XL?

There are a couple reasons why you can’t do story mode on Mortal Kombat XL.

The first reason is that you need to have the base game, Mortal Kombat X. The story mode is not included in the XL version, you must have the original game to access it.

The second reason is that you must have all the DLC (downloadable content) packs installed. If you don’t have all the DLC, there will be some characters missing from the story mode.

So, to sum it up, you need Mortal Kombat X and all the DLC packs to play story mode on Mortal Kombat XL.

Why can’t I play story on Mortal Kombat?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to play story mode on Mortal Kombat XL.

First, make sure that you have the most recent update for the game installed. You can check for updates by going to the PlayStation Store and looking for updates for Mortal Kombat XL under “My Add-ons.”

If there are no updates available, or if you have already installed the most recent update, then the problem may be with your game data. To fix this, try deleting your game data and then redownloading it. You can do this by going to the PlayStation Home menu, selecting “Settings,” and then choosing “Storage.” From here, select “Mortal Kombat XL” and choose “Delete.” Once the game data is deleted, restart your PlayStation and then redownload Mortal Kombat XL from the PlayStation Store.

If you are still having trouble playing story mode after trying these steps, please contact customer support for assistance.

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Does Mortal Kombat 11 have a story mode?

Mortal Kombat 11 does have a story mode, and it is actually quite good. The story picks up after the events of Mortal Kombat X, and it follows the journey of Kung Lao as he tries to stop the evil Shang Tsung from taking over the world.

The story mode is fairly long, and it will take you a while to get through it. However, it is definitely worth playing through, as it is packed with action and some great cutscenes.

If you want to play through the story mode, you can do so by selecting it from the main menu. You will then be able to choose your difficulty level, which will determine how hard the fights are.

Once you have selected your difficulty, you will be able to play through the story mode at your own pace. You can also replay any of the fights if you want to try and improve your score.

How do you play Mortal Kombat online ps4?

Mortal Kombat X is the latest installment in the Mortal Kombat series. The game features a new story mode that follows the events of the previous game.

There are two ways to play Mortal Kombat online. The first is through the game’s story mode. In this mode, you’ll be able to play through the game’s story and unlock new characters as you go.

The second way to play Mortal Kombat online is through the game’s online multiplayer mode. In this mode, you’ll be able to compete against other players from around the world in a variety of different modes.

If you’re looking for a challenge, you can try your hand at the game’s competitive ladder. Here, you’ll be matched up against players of similar skill level in order to earn points and move up the ladder.

No matter how you choose to play Mortal Kombat online, you’re sure to have a blast!

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Will there be a Mortal Kombat 12?

There is no word on whether or not there will be a Mortal Kombat 12, but fans are certainly hoping for one. The most recent Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat X, was released in 2015, so it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new installment in the franchise.

Mortal Kombat X did well critically and commercially, so there’s definitely potential for another game. However, it’s also worth noting that the developers of Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm Studios, are currently working on Injustice 2. So it remains to be seen if they will have the time and resources to work on another Mortal Kombat game anytime soon.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, fans can keep hope alive by playing story mode on Mortal Kombat Xl PS4.


So, there you have it — a quick guide on how to play story mode on Mortal Kombat XL for PS4. We hope you found this helpful and that you enjoy the game! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips or tricks for playing Mortal Kombat XL.

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