How to play madden 17 ps4

Madden NFL 17 is finally available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re a fan of the game, you might be wondering how to get started. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play Madden 17 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Can I still play Madden 17?

Madden 17 is set to release this coming week and many fans are looking forward to playing the new game. However, there is a bit of bad news for those that are hoping to play the game online – EA has announced that they will be removing dedicated servers for Madden 17. This means that players will no longer be able to interact with each other in a competitive environment.

This decision was made in order to improve the overall quality of the game. EA believes that this change will make the game more enjoyable for all players.

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While this change may upset some fans, others may be happy to know that they won’t have to spend hours on end trying to find a partner for a game of Madden. If you are one of those people, then you should definitely consider purchasing the game digital instead of physical. This way, you can still enjoy the experience without having to worry about lag or other problems.

How do you throw in Madden 17?

In Madden 17, the throwing mechanic has been completely revamped. You need to throw the football in a specific way in order to make sure you are successful.

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In this article, we will show you how to throw in Madden 17 using the proper throwing mechanics.

First, you need to aim your pass by looking at where your receiver is located on the field. Then, use your arm and shoulder to send the ball towards your receiver. Make sure you follow through with your throw by keeping your arm extended until the ball is released.

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Remember these basic throwing mechanics in order to be successful in Madden 17!

How do you celebrate in Madden 17 ps4?

Madden 17 is one of the most popular and realistic football video games in the world. It has been released in many different versions, including the PlayStation 4 version. Here are some tips on how to celebrate in Madden 17 ps4.

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To celebrate a touchdown, you can do the “Tie-Break” celebration. To do this, simply hold down the “X” button and then press the “Square” button. This will make your player jump up and give you a big hug.

If you score a touchdown, you can do the “Touchback” celebration. To do this, simply hold down the “Triangle” button and then press the “Square” button. This will make your player run back to his original spot on the field.

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You can also celebrate by running into the end zone or kicking a field goal. If you have trouble getting into the end zone, try kicking a field goal from outside of the ten-yard line.

There are many other celebrations that you can do in Madden 17 ps4. Be creative and have fun!

Are Madden 17 servers shut down?

Madden 17 servers may be shut down soon according to some reports. EA has not released an official statement confirming or denying the report, but it’s possible that the popular football video game is nearing its end.

A number of Madden 17 players are reporting that their online accounts have been closed without warning. Apparently, this is a common tactic by EA in order to get players to purchase new versions of the game.

If you’re one of the many people who are still playing Madden 17, make sure to save your data and avoid any expensive purchases. EA has not given any indication that they will continue to support the game after September 2017.

How do you play defense in Madden 17?

In Madden 17, the defense has undergone a major overhaul. To help you play better defense, we have put together a guide on how to play defense in Madden 17.

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One of the most important aspects of playing good defense in Madden 17 is understanding where your opponents are going to go with the ball. You need to be able to read the offensive formation and anticipate where the ball will be attack.

You also need to know what type of coverage your team is in. Are they in man-to-man coverage? Are they in zone coverage? Knowing this information will help you play better defense and make more interceptions.

If you want to be a great defensive player in Madden 17, then start by studying our guide on how to play defense in Madden 17.

How do you flip in Madden 17?

In Madden NFL 17, you can flip the field in order to create mismatches on defense. This is especially important when playing against tight ends and running backs who are typically left unguarded in the middle of the field. Here are a few steps to flipping the field in Madden 17:

1. Go to your team’s playbook and select the “Field” icon on the lower right corner of your screen.
2. Select “Flip Field.”
3. To Flip Left, move the crosshair over the left end of the offensive line and press LB (or LT) + Left Controller Stick (L3 or R3 on Xbox One). To Flip Right, move the crosshair over the right end of the offensive line and press LB (or LT) + Right Controller Stick (R3 or L3 on Xbox One).
4. If you want to revert back to your original field configuration, select “Reset Field” from within “Field” mode.

Which Madden servers are still up?

Madden NFL 19 is still available to play on many servers, but there are some that have been discontinued. If you’re wondering which servers are still up, the official Madden website has a list of all the servers that are currently available. You can also check out our guide on how to find the best madden ps servers if you want to play on a server that’s not on the list.

Can I play Madden 17 on PS5?

Madden 17 is coming out soon and many people are wondering if they can play it on their Playstation5. The short answer is yes, you can play Madden 17 on your Playstation5. However, there are a few things you will need in order to do so.

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First, you will need a copy of Madden 17. If you already have a copy of Madden 17, then you can just pop the disc in your Playstation5 and start playing. If you do not have a copy yet, then you will need to purchase it.

Second, you will need a Playstation Plus subscription. Without a Playstation Plus subscription, you will not be able to play online games on your Playstation5. However, Madden 17 does not require an online connection in order to play.

Finally, you will need an internet connection in order to play Madden 17. If you do not have an internet connection at home or work, then you may want to consider buying an Uncharted 4 Season Pass or a PSN Plus subscription that includes access to online gaming.


Madden 17 is one of the most popular sports games in the world, and with good reason. It’s not only an incredibly realistic experience, but it also has a ton of features that make it fun and easy to play. In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about playing madden 17 on PS4. From learning the controls to mastering your techniques, we’ll have you playing like a pro in no time!

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